EBPW Chapter 20.1

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Chapter 20.1 Wen Ren is unwilling (1)

The might of Wen Renshi’s Xiantian Realm charged towards the evildoer. The evildoer only had an Earth Ranked cultivation base. If it wasn’t for his strong will, perhaps, he would have collapsed to the floor from the attack. 

“Wen Renshi. You purposely placed the thing inside, was it not to lure me out here?” He looked at Wen Renshi with a gaze dripping with poison, he couldn’t wait to tear him apart, limb to limb.

“Since you’re not here for money, let them go.” Wen Renshi referred to the hostages. After all, they were all ordinary civilians, they shouldn’t have been pulled into this mess in the first place.

The evildoer also felt that having Zhao Ke on hand was enough. He dragged Zhao Ke to the inside of the bank and exposed all of the ordinary robbers and hostages but still left a staff member of the bank behind

“Lead the way.”

The bank manager’s legs were quivering, he was shaking all the way walking to the inside. Zhao Ke was also towed along with the evildoer’s hands placed on his vital parts. He couldn’t even take a single step nor could he the slightest bit of resistance.

Wen Renshi brought several Wen Ren Family members along inside. Feng Lan also brought several operation team members to follow along.

Outside the bank, He Zhou asked the calm-faced Wen Renyi. “What does he want?”

Li Zeming was also flabbergasted. “He’s an Earth Rank Cultivator. Why can’t he break the safe box himself open?” Furthermore, for the Wen Ren family to actually place something inside a bank’s safe box, this move was indeed too odd.

To Gu Wu cultivators, a bank’s safe box isn’t entirely safe at all so they would often place their valuable items inside their own homes or hide it in a place unknown to anyone so Li Zeming was very curious towards what was hidden inside that box.

He Zhou couldn’t help but ask him. “Aren’t you worried about Zhao Ke?” This little kid didn’t even have a worried expression on his face.

Li Zeming widened his eyes. “Even if I worry, there’s no use. Besides, that evildoer didn’t have any murderous intentions towards Zhao Ke. You’ve seen him lock Zhao Ke up tightly yet he still didn’t deal him a heavy hand. Wen Renyi, what is it really that your family hid inside that bank?”

Wen Renyi shook his head. “The Wen Ren Family indeed kept something in the safe and even set up an array on it. It was precisely because of this that he was able to force the family head to come over here. However, even I have no knowledge of what thing was kept inside.”

“Hmm.” Li Zeming nodded, his head of soft hair sweeping along with his movements, looking very adorable. “I somehow feel that the evildoer isn’t really a bad person.”

He Zhou heard this and became a little interested. “You feel so?”

Li Zeming seemed to apparently have an indescribable good impression of him. His eyes curved as he smiled brightly. “En. I also feel that you are a very good person.”

It was still the first time for He Zhou to hear such frank innocent words. He couldn’t help but look at Wen Renyi by his side and ask him. “Then what about Ah Yi?”

Ah Yi was so behaved and gentle, he must also be an extremely good person.

Li Zeming looked at the lightly smiling Wen Renyi and came into contact with his white pair of cataracts before softly humming. “Let’s assume I also said the same for him.”

He Zhou shook his head and broke into a laugh, apparently not taking his words seriously.

Inside the bank, the manager led them to a safe. The evildoer gripped Zhao Ke’s neck tightly, telling Wen Renshi in a hoarse voice. “Undo it.”

Feng Lan made someone knock out the manager in the next second and stood behind Wen Renshi. He threw a glance at the safe. The fluctuations coming from there definitely didn’t seem normal. Someone must’ve put an array on it.

Wen Renshi sighed. “I am also powerless against this array.” If they made one wrong move, the thing inside could be easily destroyed in a puff of smoke.

“Wasn’t this array set up by the members of your Wen Ren family? What do you mean you’re powerless!” The evildoer’s eyes turned red from anxiousness and was almost roaring.

Zhao Ke’s back was stuck close to the evildoer’s chest. He could feel the pain and grief this person was feeling which somehow made him unable to endure so he gently comforted him. “Don’t worry. We’ll think of another way. There’s always another way.”

The evildoer heard his words of comfort and was seemingly stunned for a moment before quickly resuming his spirit. He turned his eyes towards Wen Renshi. “You better stop stalling for time. Since you didn’t let her enter your Wen Ren family’s graves, why can’t you return it to me?”

Wen Renshi shook his head and sighed. “It’s not that I don’t want to return it to you. The problem is, the elder who set up the array had passed away more than 10 years ago. Now, there’s nobody who can undo it.” It’s not that he didn’t want to give it back, it was that he had no way to.

The evildoer’s eyes looked like they were almost about to bleed. “So you let her wait here by herself for more than 20 years? Wen Renshi, why did you even do something like this from the beginning?”

There was no explanation to this question. Whoever wronged the other wasn’t important anymore today. What was more important was that the array couldn’t be broken so the ashes inside couldn’t be taken out. If it couldn’t be taken out then the owner of those ashes would never rest in peace. 

The situation was entering the stage of deadlock. Nobody would dare break the array carelessly and nobody was willing to take responsibility.

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