EBPW Chapter 19.2

Chapter 19.2 Bank Safe Box (2)

At this moment, Wen Renyi spoke up. “Zhao Fourth Master, the safety of the hostages is in your hands then.” He had only been quietly standing by He Zhou’s side and in this time of confusion, Zhao Ke hadn’t noticed him. Now that he was hearing him speak, he couldn’t help but glance at him and realized that Wen Renyi seemed to be extremely serene. When he spoke to him, his face even carried an encouraging little smile.

Zhao Ke was only 20 years old and previously had a time where Wen Renyi was his role model. Even if the feeling faded afterwards, there was still a trace of it left. When Wen Renyi said these words, the fire in his heart was ignited and burned with large flames. His blood boiled for action.

Zhao Ke took advantage of the groups of people, using them as a cover. He wanted to exploit the evildoers’ attention on the police, wanting to secretly knock them down. In the end, without having made a move, he felt a shapeless hand grab onto his neck, rendering him unable to move. Under the scorching sun, he could actually feel a cold chill in the depths of his heart. 

The development of the situation cut off Zhao Ke’s sudden arrival. An evildoer among them dragged Zhao Ke to the front. His face was covered with a black cloth, exposing only the two ruthless pair of eyes filled with bloodlust.

“There’s actually an Earth Rank cultivator here. Who are you?” The evildoer’s hand slowly tightened.

Zhao Ke shut his mouth and refused to speak.

The evildoer signalled to another accomplice and the accomplice immediately opened fire and shot a bullet between a hostage’s legs. The hostage screamed in fear but was prevented by a person blocking his mouth so he painfully sobbed instead.

“Who are you?” The evildoer asked again.

Zhao Ke’s thick brows furrowed as he guiltily cast a glance towards the hostage, replying. “I am a member of the Zhao family.”

The evildoer was apparently stunned before letting out a low laugh. “In other words, you are a cash cow. I’m pretty sure that the Zhao Family’s family property is sufficiently… stocked…..Heh.”

Zhao Ke didn’t have enough time to consider why He Zhou knew that an Earth Rank Cultivator was present. He was currently regretting his impulsiveness. He thought that his own cultivation base wasn’t bad so he had thoughtlessly rushed in.

The evildoer dragged him directly to the doors of the bank and voiced in a low husky tone. “I have the Zhao Family’s young master in my hands. If you are willing to, then I’ll beat him to death, I don’t mind.”

Zhao Li saw Zhao Ke, her brows furrowed even more tightly. Zhao Ke saw her look over and his gaze wandered afar, not daring to have eye contact with her.

“What conditions do you have?” Zhao Li realized that the only person that could kill Zhao Ke must be a cultivator that was ranked with a cultivation base at Earth Rank or above. Ordinary bullets simply wouldn’t be able to cause any harm to him and the people on site were all ordinary people. They were simply unable to hold him off.

He was even standing here without any intentions of running. He definitely has to have a demand.

The evildoer gave a cold snort. “I don’t know if Young Master Zhao’s life is worth 5 billion dollars.”

Zhao Ke’s came to a decision in her heart. The amount of 5 billion was still acceptable to the Zhao Family but she was astonished by the evildoer’s following words. “Also, the thing inside the bank’s safe box.”

What thing?

The evildoer knew that they were clueless from their expressions yet he didn’t get anxious and only said. “I want to see Wen Renshi.”

When his words fell, everyone was surprised.

He Zhou couldn’t help but look towards Wen Renyi. Wen Renyi’s brows moved slightly. “So it’s because of this.”

Li Zeming walked towards the two, “What thing inside the safety deposit box? Since they are Earth Ranked Cultivators, why don’t they retrieve it by themselves?

Wen Renyi faced towards the bank and said “They did it on purpose to see the family head.”

Zhao Ke’s life naturally couldn’t be taken lightly. Zhao Li immediately ordered people to contact the head operation team as well as the Wen Ren Family. The operations team members arrived quickly but Wen Renshi only arrived after some time.

At this time, the ordinary police had already left. Feng Lan brought the operations team to surround the bank. Wen Renshi got off the car, his gaze carrying deep might, as he shot a glare towards the evildoer and said. “You actually dare to come to Jing City!” 

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