EBPW Chapter 20.2

Chapter 20.2 Wen Ren is unwilling  (2)

The evildoer’s breathing gradually became heavier. When he seemed like he was about to touch the boundary of exploding, at this moment, Feng Lan seemed to have thought of something and spoke up. “I know a person who could perhaps break the array.”

Wen Renshi’s gaze froze lightly. The evildoer suddenly looked towards Feng Lan. “Quickly say it! Who is it!”

Feng Lan endured the pressure and hardened his skin. “The Elder Young Master of the He Family.”

Zhao Ke couldn’t help but roll his eyes. A lot of seniors who were adept at arrays couldn’t even break this but He Zhou, that silk trousers could? Feng Lan Captain must be joking right?

Wen Renshi restrained his brows. “Contact him.”

He Zhou was about to return to the mall with Wen Renyi to collect their clothes when he received Feng Lan’s call. He heard Feng Lan’s request and exchanged a glance with Wen Renyi.

Wen Renyi naturally also heard it and there weren’t any changes to his expression. “You don’t need to care about the Wen Ren Family matters.”

In reality, He Zhou couldn’t care less about this but it was a bit of an itch that was hard to resist. He wanted to see what kind of array was unbreakable and at the same time, he would be owed a favor by the Zhao Family AND the Wen Ren Family. No matter which aspect you looked at it, he wouldn’t be losing anything at all. Even if he was unable to dispel it in the end, it wouldn’t even matter to him.

“I’ll go over and take a look. Do you want to come with?”

Wen Renyi had never refused He Zhou’s words.

Le Zeming quickly caught up to them as well. “I also want to go in for a look.”

The road the three people walked was smooth. When they arrived, they finally saw the scene of confrontation taking place in front of the safe with different groups of people. Li Zeming’s gaze came into contact with Zhao Ke’s as he gave him a comforting look.

Feng Lan saw He Zhou and Wen Renyi and couldn’t help but be relieved. “Thank you, Young Master He, for your help.”

“It’s no problem.”

Wen Renshi looked at Wen Renyi, his gaze a bit complicated. “Ah Yi, how come you’re also here as well?”

“Ah Yi?” The evildoer suddenly looked towards Wen Renyi. His gaze carefully measure him once. “You are Wen Renshu’s son?”

Wen Renyi acted like he didn’t hear it as he only answered Wen Renshi. “Family head.”

The evildoer seemed to be have been provoked as he looked towards Wen Renshi. “Is he or is he not Wen Renshu’s son?”

“Are we here to talk about former times or are we here to break the array?” Wen Renyi ‘s white cataracts seemed cold and unfeeling. 

Feng Lan laughed dryly. “Senior Wen Ren, breaking the array is more important.” He said while looking at the evildoer at the same time.

The evildoer’s gaze lingered on Wen Renyi and Wen Renshi. It was unknown why he suddenly laughed in ridicule, dragging Zhao Ke a few steps back to the wall and leaving the site to He Zhou.

Wen Renshi, Feng Lan and the others also took a few steps back.

He Zhou looked at the array surrounding the safe and was slightly amazed. The person who set the array had impressive skills and elaborate thoughts. When breaking the array, if you made one mistake then a barrage of mistakes would follow as well. A moment of inattention would cause the object inside the array to be devoured. From this, you could tell that whoever made the array was willing to let the object disappear rather than let it fall into someone else’s hands.

If it was a day before, then He Zhou would have been unable to break the array by himself. However, now that his cultivation base had reached Sky Rank, breaking the array was not a difficult matter.

He Zhou had a demeanor when he was dispelling arrays. His hands would move very quickly, leaving behind only shadows of his hands along with the wind, making everyone who was watching, feel dazzled. They were, after all, amateurs. Even though they couldn’t clearly see what He Zhou was doing, they only felt him mysterious while they watched him.

Li Zeming’s pair of eyes were glistening as he looked on.

Wen Renyi couldn’t help but knit his brows. His godly sense was keen so he could naturally feel the faint admiring gazes of everyone. It was only him who was unable to see He Zhou’s appearance. He couldn’t help but feel a bit unwilling——Up until now, he still didn’t know what He Zhou looked like.

Before he became blind, the both of them had never intersected before. One was a genius while the other was a waste. Wen Renyi would therefore pay no absolute attention to He Zhou so he simply didn’t know what He Zhou grew up looking like.

But what he was certain about was that Ah Zhou was definitely good-looking.

After a period of time with the complicated process of dispelling the array, He Zhou finally stopped and turned to look at Wen Renyi.

Wen Renyi seemed to have felt this and stepped forward to him. “You’ve worked hard.”

The evildoer was about to say something when he heard He Zhou say. “First, release Zhao Ke.”

Zhao Ke was completely ashamed at this point. He previously looked down on He Zhou but now, the one who was rescuing him was precisely He Zhou himself.

The evildoer wasn’t stupid. “If I let go of him, against all of you people, I wouldn’t even know how I would die.”

“Then what about letting me go with you while I hold the object inside.” He Zhou smiled. “After all, I only know a bit of arrays.”

The evildoer shook his head. “No.” Who knew if the array master had any tricks up his sleeves.

Wen Renyi suddenly spoke. “I’ll go in exchange.”

Wen Renyi becoming a waste wasn’t already a secret. The evildoer indeed couldn’t see through the cultivation base of his body and was reassured that he definitely hadn’t recovered so he nodded his head.

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