Don’t Tell Me You Believe Cinderella’s Story Happens in Real Life?!

Chapter 27

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“Curtis, what’s wrong?”


Curtis was a bit absentminded but his expression was quite cute. I looked at his clasped hand.

“Your hands are bleeding.”



Curtis opened his hands and saw that his palms were clearly marked with fingernails. I asked a maidservant to fetch a first aid kit then I pulled him to sit on the couch.

“It’s unusual for you to get hurt. You even had Garusia with you. What happened to you?”

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“My fiancée is so brave.”


Chu chu chu.

Curtis kissed my cheek, my forehead, and my ears. Then he lightly bit my lip at the end and hugged me tightly once again.

“Dahlia, don’t leave the room too often.”

“I don’t really unless I have to. Prince Cody’s in here too in the royal palace, that’s why. I don’t want to make a fuss.”

“I just met Duchess Stewart’s daughter.”

“Betty? She was at the palace?”

“She’ll be banned from here soon. I’m sure that Duke will also hear some admonishment from the King himself.”

King Byron may not be a great ruler, but he’s not a fool.

Something must’ve made Curtis so angry to hurt his hand like that. If that’s the case, then there’s only one reason for that: Betty. She’s always been good at getting on people’s nerves.

“What did she say to you?”

“She said you were an illegitimate child.”



That’s what she told me before. But at that time, the teacher had rushed in and those words had been forgotten.

“Why is she even saying that?”

“You see…”

I was stunned by what Curtis had told me about the story of why she called me an illegitimate child.

“By her logic, all the children of noblemen who look like their mothers would all be illegitimate children born out of  their mother’s infidelity.”

Curtis chuckled at my words.

“And my mother is your father’s sister. A daughter of a duke who speaks about the infidelity of another kingdom’s royalty. I don’t think she knows the consequences of her actions. She…”

I felt dizzy. How much easier it would have been if I had just lost consciousness.

“Curtis, the Duke of Stewart—”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not going to let this pass.”

Curtis’ large, sword-scraped hands gently scooped up my hair and kissed it.

“Estoria will not tolerate anyone who hurts you. Besides, I’ve already let them off the hook twice. There won’t be a next time.”


Curtis smiled at me. I’m sure it’s just my imagination, but somehow, I saw a dark shadow behind him. 

Let’s just assume I’m hallucinating.

˖:✧ ⑅•.⋅༻♔༺•⑅ ✧:˖

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