Don’t Tell Me You Believe Cinderella’s Story Happens in Real Life?!

Chapter 28

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“Princess Dahlia.”

Studying in another country is no easy task. While studying, you have to interact with the nobility of other countries. You have to learn about the situation in other countries by actually interacting with them. However, I’m leaving that job to Curtis.

I’ve been focusing on interacting with Woodria’s nobles by attending tea parties and soirées.

This time, the people who approached me were familiar.


“Long time no see, Duke Stewart.”

The Duke laughed at the way I spoke. Somehow, I felt some loneliness mixed with it. But I have no idea why there should be, when I’m only a child of a woman he didn’t love. He would never have been interested in me.

Next to the duke was Andrea, wearing a flashy and revealing dress.

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“Haven’t you heard of the circumstances that led to this, Duchess Stewart?”


“It was only a small misunderstanding.”

“Yes, I was accused of being an illegitimate child and was mistaken as a member, still, of a ducal family. You’re right, it was only a small misunderstanding.”

The crease between Andrea’s eyebrows deepened. The duke next to her asked her to stop.

“My daughter’s a fine lady with good manners. She has a habit of judging people by their dignity and behavior. It’s a bad habit of hers that I’m trying to fix.”

In other words, she’s saying that my demeanor and dignity do not look like that of a princess’. Me, who was the role model of ladies in Estoria.

“Then it can’t be helped. It’s hard to find someone who fits the standard of your daughter.

If it’s a behavior that meets her standard, no sensible aristocrat would be able to show it.

“Speaking of which, is the daughter of Duchess Stewart not here today? I would have loved to see her impeccable manners.”

A crisp sound was heard as soon as these words left my mouth. The fan that Andrea was holding broke because she had gripped it too tightly. As expected of a former commoner, she has the toughness that a noblewoman doesn’t have.

“Yes, she’s not feeling well.”

Betty was ordered to stay home because of the incident. She was refrained from attending parties.

“I see. I hope she feels better soon.”


“P-Princess Dahlia, we’ll excuse ourselves for now.”


Not wanting to cause any more trouble, the Duke forced Andrea to go with him.

“Dahlia, are you okay?”

Curtis, who was watching nearby, stood ready to help at any moment. I’m sure he would have liked to be beside me as soon as they approached, but he respected my wishes.

I was going to be Curtis’s wife, his queen. I should be able to triumph over this fight easily without his support. That’s why I wanted to do it alone, without his help.

Curtis gently took my hands. They were trembling slightly. He must have noticed.

“Pathetic, isn’t it? I can only do that much.”

“It can’t be helped. Your wounds are deeper than you think.”

I didn’t think it was a big deal. It had been four years. It had been four years since I had seen Andrea, and yet the scars on my back ached. My body tensed up, afraid that she would hit me again.

Even so, I was able to face her instead of running away because Curtis was there.

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