Dragon Blood

Chapter 8 Part 2

As Shan Ming had expected, he got a good night’s sleep and woke up to a new day without any mosquito bites, even with the mosquito net wide open. He finally believed that the child’s blood was special and acted as a natural mosquito repellent.

After he woke up, the child was still sleeping soundly. He took out one of his own short-sleeved t-shirts from the box and dragged the child out of bed, saying, “Don’t sleep anymore, put on these clothes.”

The child drowsily put on his clothes and was lifted off the bed by him.

Shan Ming took him out of the tent and ordered, “Put on your shoes.”

The child stooped down to put on his shoes.


“Now I’m going to supervise you running. I don’t care about your speed, but you must stick to it until the end, otherwise, you won’t get any food today either,” Shan Ming stretched his body, then using his cane as support, he walked to sit on a stool outside the tent.

The child looked at him with a mournful face.

Shan Ming said, “Lap around this camp. If I haven’t said stop, you’re not allowed to stop.”

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Shan Ming didn’t show a trace of hesitation on his face, “When he can dominate the life and death of others, he will thank me.”


The moment Shan Ming shouted to stop, the child fell to the ground and did not move for a long time. Shan Ming went to the kitchen and brought back a hamburger, then picked up the child from the ground, and said, “Eat.”

The child stared at the hamburger for half a second, then grabbed it and gobbled it up.

Shan Ming tugged at the clothes the child was wearing and said, “You’ve dirtied my clothes… I’ll give you half an hour to rest, next I’ll be teaching you how to use a knife.”

While the child rested, Shan Ming found Jobb and asked him for a favor.

Jobb’s face twisted with disgust after hearing Shan Ming’s request, “What do you need those things for?”

Shan Ming raised his eyebrows and said, “To train his courage.”

Jobb shook his head, “You’ll go to hell sooner or later.”

Shan Ming snorted and said, “You already know all of you will be accompanying me.”

In the afternoon, the first thing Shan Ming taught the child was how to hold the knife tightly. He made the child use the knife to chop a piece of wood. Even if his arms were numb and painful from the vibration, he wasn’t allowed to stop. If the knife fell from the vibration, he’ll have to pick up another piece of wood to restart. After two hours, the child could hardly feel his arm.

As dinner time approached, Shan Ming finally let him go. He took him to the edge of the camp to show him some “interesting” things.

After a day of torture, the child was exhausted and didn’t want to look at anything. He just wanted to go to sleep.

After Shan Ming led him over, Jobb was waiting there. He nodded when he saw them, indicating that everything was ready. Then he left, giving the child a sympathetic look before he went.


From far away, the child could already see a one-meter-wide pit on the ground, and he had a bad feeling about it.

Shan Ming bent down and tucked the child under his armpit, then started walking towards the pit.

As they got closer, the child grew more afraid, sensing danger in the pit, almost as if it were instinctual for him to feel threatened by whatever was inside.

As expected, when they got near, there were about twenty black bugs crawling back and forth in the pit. The bugs had hard shells and undeveloped wings, making them look extremely disgusting and terrifying. The child screamed in terror after just one glance.

Shan Ming looked thoughtfully at the bugs and said softly, “Don’t worry, they’re not poisonous.” Then he threw the child into the pit.

The child’s screams pierced the sky. When his bottoms landed on the ground, he felt something under his body that got squished by him, and he knew what that meant. He cried out frantically, begging to be let out, but Shan Ming raised his foot and stopped him by stepping on his shoulder.

Shan Ming didn’t pay attention to the crying child, but rather watched as the insects scattered and fled in all directions as soon as the child entered the pit. If the child had the courage to look back, he would have seen the bugs running away from him, very clearly afraid of him.

These kinds of insects are not afraid of humans, or anything at all, really. They usually appear in hundreds of thousands, and can suck the blood and flesh of large animals. Although having only ten or twenty of them posed no threat, it was their instinct to attack any fresh meat they could find. They have no reason to be afraid of a child.

Shan Ming finally believed that Shen Changze could actually catch any random bug to eat in the forest. There must be something special about his body, so special that mosquitos and bugs only wanted to stay away from him when they saw him.

The child’s cries grew louder and louder, he screamed, “Dad! Dad! Let me up! Please let me go up!”

Shan Ming was brought back to his senses when he called him “Dad.” He lowered his head and asked, “What did you call me?”

The child stretched out his hand towards him and cried pitifully, “Dad, save me.”


Shan Ming grinned, seemingly very pleased. He squatted down, picked up the child, and even patted the child’s back with compassion, “Don’t cry, act like a man.”

The child hunched over on his shoulder, crying and convulsing all over. He was scared real bad this time.

Shan Ming held him and planned to go back, suddenly he felt pain in his shoulder. He knew without looking that the child was biting him.

The child clenched his teeth as he cried. He pounded Shan Ming’s back with his weak little fists and kicked his legs wildly in Shan Ming’s arms.

This was the first time that the child dared to resist him. Shan Ming finally felt that he was making some progress.

He inserted his finger into the child’s mouth and forcefully pried open his teeth. Then he grinned and said, “I’ll teach you a lesson. If you must bite, bite the neck. It’s useless to bite the shoulder. When biting the neck, only bite the flesh, not the clothes. Otherwise, if I resist even just a bit, your teeth will all be torn off. After you bit down, you must keep biting. No matter what kind of attack you’re facing, you can’t let go. Shake your head as hard as possible to increase the wound and bleeding. As long as you survive to the end, you will win. Even if you die, you’ll drag someone down with you.” Shan Ming wore a proud smile on his face, “Grind your teeth well, that’s my boy.”

The child listened attentively with his clear eyes enveloped in raging anger.

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