Dragon Blood

Chapter 8 Part 1

Shan Ming slept until dusk. Recently, he had been eating, sleeping, and resting well. Although he had injuries, he still felt full of energy, and his whole body felt alive.

After sleeping his fill, he was a little hungry. He got up and wanted to find something to eat. As soon as he walked out of the tent, he saw Shen Changze slumped over by a washbasin, nodding off.

Shan Ming was taken aback for a moment, but then remembered that he had asked Shen Changze to wash his clothes. He frowned and looked at the clothes still soaking in the basin, then raised his feet and kicked the child.

The child fell to the ground, then slowly got up, rubbing his bleary eyes and looking up at Shan Ming.

Shan Ming looked at him with a dark expression.


The child seemed to suddenly wake up and looked at the clothes in the basin with a face full of grievances. “I don’t know how to wash clothes,” he said.

“When you know how to wash clothes is when you get to eat, you can just starve today, so useless.” Shan Ming stopped paying attention to him and limped to the logistics tent to find food.

He took half a roast goose and a case of beer from the kitchen, then limped back to his own tent. He sat cross-legged at the entrance of the tent to eat in front of the child.

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The child wiped away his tears and took out the heavy jacket from the basin. However, he didn’t have enough strength to wring out such a big piece of clothing. Not to mention that he ended up getting himself all wet, he even dirtied the jacket again as he dragged it on the ground.


Shan Ming impatiently snatched the jacket away and rinsed it inside and out with the water hose before wringing it dry and hanging it on the clothesline. Afterward, he kicked his boots off in front of Shen Changze and said, “Scrub it.” Then he went inside the tent by himself.

The sun was soon setting. Shan Ming turned on the small lamp in his tent and sat on the bed, polishing his gun. Soon, he heard quiet sobs coming from outside.

Shan Ming couldn’t be bothered to deal with him and continued to polish his beloved gun. He also pondered where to start training him. Physical training was a must, but it was equally important to teach him English as soon as possible, otherwise he’ll just be like a mute here. There was no internet in this place, so he had to wait for the purchasing agent sent by the employer to come the next week and ask for teaching materials.

After finishing polishing his gun, Shan Ming put it away and took off his clothes before crawling inside the mosquito net to sleep.

Their temporary base was stationed in a valley, and after the sun went down, it was a feast for mosquitoes. In addition, Shan Ming’s blood type was particularly attractive to mosquitoes. Although it wouldn’t kill him, the feeling of getting the itch all over was even more uncomfortable than being shot by a gun. So as long as nothing was going on at night, he mostly stayed hiding inside the mosquito net.

After lying down, the crying outside still didn’t stop. Although it wasn’t loud, the continuous weeping was very annoying, to the point that Shan Ming found it impossible to sleep.

He tossed and turned in bed for half an hour without being able to sleep, and he was so angry that he jumped out of bed to find the child and teach him a lesson.

As soon as he stepped out of the tent, he saw the child squatting at the door, crying while wiping his shoes with a rag. His little face was covered in tears, and his voice was hoarse from crying, looking extremely pitiful.

Shan Ming angrily asked, “Have you fucking cried enough? All you know is to cry.”

The child glanced at him, then continued to sob.

Shan Ming pulled him up, then violently took off his clothes.

Even if it wasn’t cold on midsummer nights, Shan Ming still intended on making the boy stand outside the tent naked. Wait for when he gets bitten to hell, let’s see if he still dares to cry.


The child cried so much that he started to hiccup. He didn’t understand why Shan Ming took off his clothes. Growing up in a privileged environment, he had an instinctive sense of shame about being naked. He stood on tiptoe and tried to take his clothes back.

Shan Ming let go and his clothes fell directly into the water basin, instantly becoming soaked. He snorted, “If you have the guts, keep crying and stand outside for the night.” With that, he wrapped himself tightly in his clothes and ran back into the tent. In just a while, he already felt mosquito bites on his arms.

He dashed inside the mosquito net and lay down, trying to sleep.

Except, after a short period of quietness, the crying resumed, resembling a fly buzzing over his head. It was really annoying, it made him want to slap Shen Changze to death.

After the two faced each other like this for half an hour, Shan Ming finally couldn’t bear it anymore. He had never encountered any creature in the world more annoying than a child.

He wrapped himself in his jacket tightly and got off the bed, intending to take some other measures. After leaving the tent, he borrowed the light from the bonfire in the center of the camp to look at the child’s body. He couldn’t help but be surprised.

With this glance, he did not find a single mosquito bite on the child.

Shan Ming crouched down and checked the child back and forth, but he did not find any trace of a bite.

This kid stood outside naked for half an hour, yet not a single mosquito bit him? Shan Ming recalled when they had stayed in the forest for many days, and at that time, the child was in rags. Back then, they were in such a mess of a situation that he didn’t pay attention to these things. Thinking about it now, the child’s skin was perfectly intact, he actually hadn’t gotten any insect bites in the forest?

How could someone be naturally mosquito-proof? What was his blood made of? This wasn’t scientific at all.

Shan Ming stared at Shen Changze suspiciously. The child was frightened by his serious expression and stopped crying.

He picked up the child and went into the tent. He used the small lamp in the tent to examine him carefully again, only then was he sure that this child was really a natural mosquito repellent.


The child’s big eyes stared at Shan Ming nervously, not knowing what he was doing.

Shan Ming made up his mind, he opened the mosquito net and threw the child on his bed.

The moment the child fell on the bed, he immediately curled up inside and covered his body with the blanket.

Shan Ming pulled him over by his leg, “Behave yourself.” Then he lay down on the bed, “Don’t move, just lie next to me.”

The child hesitated for a moment, then lay down next to him and whispered, “Uncle, I’m so hungry.”

“Who you calling?”


“Hold it in, you didn’t finish your task.”

“Can I finish it tomorrow?”

“Then can you eat tomorrow?”

“But I’m so hungry.”

“If you don’t want to go hungry, you have to strive for it. Now shut up and sleep.”


The child pursed his mouth and finally didn’t dare to speak again. He lay still for a while, then he couldn’t help but crawl into Shan Ming’s arms. During their days in the forest, he had always slept in Shan Ming’s arms. Although they had now escaped danger, for a five-year-old child, his heart was not liberated, and he instinctively sought a place to make himself feel safe.

The child’s soft and slippery body pressed tightly against Shan Ming, and he found the sensation interesting, it even made him want to laugh a little. Although he felt a little hot, he did not push the child away. He didn’t want to fall asleep to the sound of crying for the rest of the night.

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