Dragon Blood

Chapter 9

Shan Ming’s original accommodation plan for the child was as simple as keeping a pet dog, which was to throw him a blanket on the ground. But ever since he discovered that the boy had a natural ability to repel mosquitoes, Shan Ming had placed him beside himself every night. Since then, he had never been harassed by mosquitoes again at night.

What’s different from before was that the child stopped crawling on top of Shan Ming’s body before going to sleep. Although sometimes he would half-consciously crawl into Shan Ming’s arms during his sleep.

Little Shen Changze’s hellish life officially began after Shan Ming recovered from his injury.

The valley they were in became an excellent training ground, and Shan Ming began training the five-year-old child using methods typically reserved for training new soldiers, showing no mercy.

In addition to the overloaded physical training every day, the child also needed to learn all kinds of knowledge, such as combat techniques, firearms, and ammunition knowledge, human anatomy, and physiology, as well as common knowledge about animals and plants. In short, Shan Ming was determined to teach the child how to kill his enemies without hesitation.


That aside, the child was required to memorize 200 English vocabularies every day. He wouldn’t be allowed to eat unless he memorized them.

Shan Ming discovered that this child’s brain was exceptionally smart. It only took two weeks for him to have basic conversations in English with him. Under his intense training, the child’s vocabulary skyrocketed and he was able to start talking with people around him.

A month later, Shan Ming delegated his task of educating the child to several people. These mercenaries had nothing to do while waiting for the next instructions from their employer, so they began to assist Shan Ming in training the child.

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Bangladesh was a poor and underdeveloped country where various criminal activities are rampant. Each year, large quantities of drugs and smuggled goods were transported by sea from this place to various parts of the world.


Transporting goods wasn’t a big problem for them, as they have plenty of ways to avoid government forces, but the transaction this time involved infighting between drug lords of the Golden Triangle, making this trip extremely dangerous. In order to absorb other forces, their employer used some shady tactics to snatch this big client from another drug dealer, so this trip was bound to face retaliation.

A few months ago, they lost three people due to a transaction with this employer. After the mission, Ayer considered withdrawing, as losing three people was not a small matter, especially considering that their mercenary group only had around fifty people in total.

The number of people in a mercenary group can usually improve its reputation. Several well-reputed mercenary groups in the world seek quality, not quantity. They are one of them. The client base for mercenary groups with several hundred people versus several dozen people is different. For example, Ayer will never take on jobs that involve large-scale confrontation with a national government. On the other hand, mercenary groups with several hundred people usually operate within a fixed scope, and their business scope is certainly not as wide as that of smaller groups. Therefore, the number of people in a group does not always equate to the strength of a group. However, for a compact mercenary group, losing even a few people is a significant loss.

When the employer heard that they wanted to leave, he immediately raised the price and provided them with a lot of advanced equipment. When Ayer saw a box of AK47s and Desert Eagles, he compromised and decided to stay.

During the meeting, Ayer discussed maps and battle plans with the main members of the group. There was almost no chance that they would be attacked where there was a road. However, near the border, there was a mountain range that covered an area of about thirty kilometers, sparsely populated and accessible only by dirt roads. Recently, it had been raining a lot in Myanmar, and if it rained heavily that day and made the roads impassable, they might have to trek through the forest on foot. This would be the perfect location for the enemy to strike.

After the road, they planned to divide into three groups and move forward in an equilateral triangle formation, with each side no more than three kilometers apart. They would each carry an equal amount of meth. If one group was attacked, the other two could surround the enemy within five minutes for attack and rescue.

After delivering the goods to the border, their mission will be completed, and they planned to return to their base. Therefore, they would not be returning to this location again after leaving.

After the meeting was over, Ayer asked Shan Ming to stay behind alone.

Shan Ming held a cigarette in his mouth and gestured at the map with his fingers. “I know what you’re going to say. Bringing a child along is inconvenient, right?”

“Of course, we’re about to go on a mission. This isn’t his running training, and nobody has the energy to take care of him.”

“Just let him stay with Pelle then. Don’t worry. I will look after him if necessary. I won’t let him drag the team back.”

Ayer shook his head. “If he can make it back to headquarters alive, I will give him the status of an official member.”


Shan Ming laughed, “Then he will be the youngest mercenary in history.”

Ayer also laughed, “Yeah, breaking your record of eight years old.”

Shan Ming blew a smoke ring and his gaze became somewhat unfocused as he recalled, “Eight years old… When I was adopted by Father, I was around the same age as him, but by then, I had already killed someone.”

Ayer ruffled his hair, “This is your destiny, but it may not necessarily be a bad thing.”

Shan Ming paused for a moment, then burst out laughing. “Of course it’s a good thing! I’m glad I killed that bastard.”

Ayer looked at him with a gentle smile.

When Shan Ming returned to his tent, the child was sound asleep with a bulging belly.

Their strategy meeting was equivalent to giving the child a half day off. When else would he have the chance to eat, drink, and sleep soundly if not now?

The child’s chubby little leg dangled off the bed, and his hand still rubbing his belly, sleeping very soundly.

Shan Ming walked over and squatted by the bed, looking at the child with interest.

Although he hasn’t seen many little boys, Shen Changze was definitely a rare beauty. His features are as delicate as a doll’s, with big eyes that almost take up half his face, fair and tender skin, and soft black hair. No wonder Jim salivates as if he lost his soul every time he sees him.

Thinking about Jim’s intentions towards the child, Shan Ming felt disgusted again. Although he knew about Jim’s misconduct before, he had never witnessed it firsthand. In addition, there were strict regulations within the mercenary group, and even if Shan Ming despised Jim, he never openly confronted him. However, now that he thought about the way Jim looked at Shen Changze, Shan Ming began to seriously consider eliminating Jim during this operation without leaving behind any traces.


Shan Ming couldn’t stand the lecherous way Jim looked at the child. If Jim dared to touch the child, Shan Ming would definitely castrate him on the spot.

Thinking of leaving here tomorrow and embarking on a dangerous journey, Shan Ming was rarely merciful enough to let the child sleep.

He lifted the child’s short legs and placed them on the bed, then turned over and lay down next to the child.

In the middle of the night, Shan Ming felt that there was someone outside the tent and suddenly opened his eyes.

The next second, Pelle’s deliberately lowered voice sounded outside the tent, “Shan, are you asleep?”

Shan Ming climbed over the child and off the bed, he responded quietly, “Coming.”

The child moved a bit, but didn’t seem to wake up.

Shan Ming walked out of the tent and saw Pelle standing in front of him wearing only a thin silk nightgown. Her big bosoms were partially visible under the gown.

Shan Ming got the hint, he held her waist and said, “Babe, can’t sleep?”

Pelle held onto his shoulder and said softly, “We’re leaving here tomorrow. You’ve been back for more than two months, but we couldn’t even find one moment for us alone. You have given all your time to the other beauty in your bed.”

Shan Ming laughed and said, “I sleep very well with him. Do you know, he can drive away mosquitoes.”

Pelle kissed him gently on the corner of his lips, “I don’t believe it…” She used her body to rub against Shan Ming, “I miss you so much.”


Shan Ming reached into her nightgown and caressed her smooth skin, “You could’ve gone to Ayer.”

Pelle chuckled softly and said, “Ayer is Ayer, and you are you. The pleasure you both give me is different.”

Shan Ming pushed her down onto the grass, and his breathing began to grow heavy, “How is it different?”

“You’ll know once you show me…”

The child was awakened by strange noises, he felt a sense of nervousness when he didn’t see anyone beside him. He jumped out of bed and wanted to check if Shan Ming was outside. However, as he got closer to the tent’s door, the strange noises became clearer, and sounded like someone was breathing heavily. He carefully lifted a slit and saw Shan Ming on top of Pelle on the grass outside the tent. Both of them were naked, passionately kissing and their bodies tightly intertwined together.

The child widened his eyes, even though he didn’t quite understand what they were doing, he still felt a sense of inexplicable shame.

His eyes were fixed on Shan Ming’s long and slender thighs and his powerful thin waist that kept moving.

The child was too young to have a clear sense of beauty, but he still thought that Shan Ming’s body was very attractive. His long and powerful limbs, and smooth and firm muscles, all exuded vitality and indescribable beauty.

The child gradually felt his heart beating faster. He knew he was doing something shameful that wasn’t allowed, but he couldn’t take his eyes off his foster father’s body. He only felt that it was beautiful and was curious about what they were doing.

Shan Ming’s beautiful profile, with sweat beads trickling down, left an indelible memory in the child’s mind.

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