Dragon Blood

Chapter 34

Shen Changze pushed the door open and saw Shan Ming watching TV. He asked, “Dad, who was that person just now? What did he come here for?” For some reason, the child felt uneasy about that person’s appearance, but he really didn’t know who that person was.

Shan Ming casually said, “An army captain, he’s the captain of the special police from that day, he asked us to assist with the investigation. It turns out that the attacker who ambushed O’Reilly in the emergency passage and the one who planted the bomb was the political opponents of the candidate supported by the company, but they have no evidence at the moment.”

The child was still thinking about the strange look from that special police captain. Just then, he snapped out of it and went over to lift the covers off Shan Ming. “Dad, let’s change the dressing.”

Shan Ming was watching the news and responded with an “Oh”.

Because he injured one side of his thigh and waist, he has been going commando these past few days for convenience. When the covers were lifted, he was bare naked.


Although he had been with Pelle many times, Shan Ming still doesn’t want to lie down like a disabled person and have a woman change his dressing for him. So he asked the child to do it instead.

This time, his injuries weren’t super severe in terms of degree, but there were many wounds with varying depths. Some only cut a small opening in the skin, while others had shrapnel that penetrated several centimeters into the flesh. There were about a dozen wounds on the left side of his body, some of which were extremely painful while others were itchy and unbearable. Although Shan Ming didn’t say anything, only he knew how uncomfortable he had been these past few days.

The child carefully removed the gauze from his dad’s wounds and looked at the various bloodstains on his slender thigh. The child couldn’t help but feel frustrated and his eyes were stinging with tears.

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Shan Ming had no experience in raising children, and he didn’t know how to provide proper guidance on his son’s sexual enlightenment as a father. He could only smack the child’s head and say, “What you looking at?”


Shen Changze’s face turned red in an instant, and he looked up at Shan Ming with a hint of panic in his eyes. He felt a sense of shame, although he might not be able to explain why he felt that way.

Shan Ming raised an eyebrow and asked, “Have you reached puberty yet?”


“Probably have, right?” Shan Ming said, and he was about to pull down the child’s pants to check.

The child quickly jumped away and looked at him, feeling at a loss.

“Why are you hiding? Let me take a look. If you reached puberty, I’ll have Pelle give you a lesson on health education.”

The child shook his head, and his face turned even redder.

“Stop overreacting, you think Pelle wants to see your little carrot? When you reach a certain age, you should learn about these things to avoid making mistakes in the future,” Shan Ming said. “It’ll be trouble if you end up just pouncing on any lady you see.”

Although Shen Changze didn’t fully understand what Shan Ming was saying, he subconsciously didn’t want Shan Ming to take off his pants.

Shan Ming didn’t expect the boy to be so troublesome. When he just reached puberty, that bastard Ayer would stimulate him every day by comparing his huge Western-sized bird with him, and would always compete to see who could pee farther. Even then, he didn’t feel particularly embarrassed.

He tried two more times, but the child kept shrinking back and didn’t come forward. In the end, Shan Ming became angry and said, “Come here!”

Shen Changze was afraid of him from the bottom of his heart, and had become accustomed to obeying him, so he came over trembling.


Shan Ming pulled down his pants and looked at his lower half, naked and limp. He couldn’t help but laugh.

The child was a little embarrassed and wanted to put his pants back on.

“Hey, don’t move,” Shan Ming examined it carefully and said, “Not bad, the shape is pretty good. Let Pelle give you some advice on food and eat more often. You’ll enjoy it in the future if it’s bigger.”

Shen Changze pointed at Shan Ming’s and asked, “Will mine be as big as that?”

Shan Ming looked at his own and felt a little proud, “It’s hard to say.”

The child stared at the white and tender flesh on Shan Ming’s inner thigh and felt his face burning with embarrassment.

Shan Ming rested for more than a week and was finally able to walk on the ground.

A few more days passed, and the mission ended successfully. On the day of the contract signing, Shan Ming and Habaji, who were injured, did not attend the event, but the whole process went smoothly and the military supplies were successfully shipped out to sea.

The company quickly transferred the payment.

Ayer transferred the funds to each team member’s Swiss bank account, and he even opened an account for the child. The child looked at the one million dollars in his account and couldn’t help but feel overjoyed.

Shan Ming rested for more than half a month, and his injuries have basically healed. He’s started to bounce back to his usual lively self. He weighed the card in his hand and patted Shen Changze’s head, saying, “You don’t know how to spend this money, right? C’mon, let’s take you out to play.”

The child gave him a seemingly understanding glance, “I just ordered a modified M14 online.”


“What’s the rush? The mission’s over, it’s time to relax and have fun.” Shan Ming and the others shared a knowing smile.

As a way of thanking them, the company specially arranged a helicopter to take the group who wanted to “play” to Las Vegas.

After arriving at their destination, everyone dispersed and went their separate ways since they all had different interests.

Ayer dove straight into the casino, Jobb went straight to the red light district, while Shan Ming found joy in exploring with the child who found everything novel and fascinating. They weren’t in a hurry since the night was young, so they wandered around aimlessly.

Shen Changze rarely left home since he was little. Before meeting Shan Ming, his entire world seemed to be limited to the villa built on the mountain and occasional visits from his parents. After being adopted by Shan Ming, he was constantly surrounded by weapons and had never experienced the outside world beyond the base. The prosperity of New York and the extravagance of Las Vegas fascinated him.

“Dad, Dad, look at this, look at this, it’s like clouds hanging from the ceiling.”

“Dad, Dad, this, this, what are they performing?”

“Dad, that person asking us to go over. Why is he holding a spoon? Oh no, the spoon is bent.”

Shen Changze pulled Shan Ming’s hand excitedly and chattered away as they walked, completely forgetting his usual little adult demeanor. Unconsciously, he revealed the innocence and curiosity belonging to a child.

After finishing a bottle of cola that was bigger than his face, the child became even more energetic and wanted to continue wandering aimlessly.

However, Shan Ming’s eyes were fixated on the casinos. He was itching to go and didn’t want to wander anymore, “Let’s wander around next time, I’ll take you to the casino to play.”

He walked up to a casino with the child. The security guard at the entrance thought he was a tourist who wasn’t familiar with the rules and politely told him, “Sir, children are not allowed inside.”


Shan Ming lifted the bag in his hand and opened it in front of the security guard.

The security guard glanced at the bag full of money and said to him, “Sir, please come with me to the VIP room.”

Shan Ming led the child and swaggered in after him.

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