Dragon Blood

Chapter 35 Part 1

Shen Changze sat beside Shan Ming, eating ice cream one after another, watching Shan Ming turn one million US dollars into seven million in just two hours, and then lose it all in less than an hour.

By the end of it, the child’s eyes were almost bulging, not even realizing that his chocolate ball had melted and fallen to the ground.

After losing all his money, Shan Ming looked satisfied and stretched lazily. He gave the child a pat and said, “Let’s go.”

The child pulled on him and said, “Dad, your money’s all gone.”

Shan Ming seemed accustomed to it and said, “Yeah, my luck’s pretty bad today.”


“Then didn’t you do this job for nothing? And you’ve been hurt for nothing.”

“Money is meant to be spent. What do I do with it if I don’t spend it? To give birth? Besides, I have no attachments, who do I leave my money to? Who knows, a meteorite might fall from the sky and kill me in a moment.”

No attachments? The child was deeply pierced by the phrase “no attachments”, it meant that even if he died, he would have no attachment to this world because he didn’t care about anyone else.

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“Eblal lzpl yal usw tskdt? Zsw esd’v byhl ydu xsdlu zlqv.”

Shan Ming grinned, “But didn’t you bring your card with you?”


The child tightly held onto his pocket and looked at him guardedly.

Shen Changze naively thought that Shan Ming wanted to use his money to continue gambling, but it was even worse than he thought. Shan Ming was planning to use his money to hire a prostitute…

Bringing a ten-year-old child to visit a prostitute was too much, even for the experienced ladies at the brothel. They looked at the child’s bewildered expression with sympathy.

Shan Ming opened two bottles of wine, sat in a corner of the sofa, and flirted with the busty girl sitting on his lap who was rubbing her chest against his chin. The child, on the other hand, shrank into another corner, glaring at Shan Ming with anger in his eyes.

He didn’t understand what was so good about these women. None of them were as beautiful as Pelle. Although he was still naive when it came to sex, seeing two people hugging him made him feel sick, and he really wanted to kick the woman off his dad!

One woman of uncertain age thought Shen Changze was so adorable and couldn’t help teasing him, so she gave him cola to drink.

Shen Changze turned his head and gave her a fierce glare, his gaze was both fierce and sharp. The woman was so frightened that her hand trembled, and the cola nearly fell to the ground. She couldn’t imagine a child having such a look in his eyes.

Shan Ming was in a good mood and had no time to look at the child’s gloomy face. He was recklessly enjoying his life.

Shen Changze watched as Shan Ming used the same arm that was holding him to embrace an unfamiliar woman, showing even more affection towards her than towards him. His anger surged like a broken dam, quickly rising and growing inside him.

He felt that Shan Ming was too much, using his money for prostitution and getting so intimate with an unfamiliar woman while telling him that he had no attachments.

Even though he was not his biological father, he had called Shan Ming “Dad” for so many years. How could he say that he had no attachments? In his eyes, was he just a dog that Shan Ming raised? No attachments!

The more the child thought about it, the more upset he felt. He was about to start resenting Shan Ming.


He had called him “Dad” for so many years, but where was the fatherly figure in Shan Ming? A real dad would not train him like like he wasn’t human, would not withhold affection from him, and certainly would not bring him to a brothel!

The child stood up suddenly and rushed over to push the woman on Shan Ming to the ground.

Shan Ming frowned and, having had too much to drink, was a bit rough with his movements. He immediately slapped Shen Changze in the face. “The hell you doing? Are you crazy?”

Shen Changze touched his face and shouted with red eyes, “Go die, jerk! One day, I will make you beg for mercy!” After saying that, he fiercely kicked Shan Ming’s shin, then turned around and rushed out.

After running out, he walked aimlessly in the brightly lit and lively streets of Las Vegas. He didn’t know where to go, had no money on him, and was also full of anger.

He could only stay like this until tomorrow when a helicopter would come pick them up from the designated location and take them back to New York, and then to Columbia. But right now, he didn’t want to go back one bit. Just thinking about facing Shan Ming made him feel upset.

Shan Ming was not his real dad, and he should have realized that, but he kept forgetting.

Where was his real dad? The child looked up at the pitch-black sky, wondering where his tall and serious but always generous dad, who used to bring him lots of toys and treats, was. He couldn’t even remember what he looked like anymore.

He couldn’t help but associate the concept of “dad” with Shan Ming.

But how could there be such a dad in the world? Shan Ming probably had never treated him like a son. He could be gentle and kind to an unfamiliar woman, but would only make him eat worms and drink muddy water without hesitation. Even if he did nothing wrong and tried his best to please him, he had never been praised.

What kind of dad is this?

But… he would also risk his own life to save him.


The child sniffled and felt both aggrieved and conflicted. Why couldn’t his dad be nicer to him, even if it was just a gentle hug?

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