Dragon Blood

Chapter 33

After the helicopter dropped off O’Reilly, it came back to pick up Shan Ming and the others, bringing ample medicine and equipment with it. Pelle performed surgery on Shan Ming on the helicopter, removing most of the shrapnel. After they returned to the hotel, Shan Ming was placed in a guest room to rest.

At around 3 am, Ayer came back with everyone. It was said that they followed the bus to the port and the rebels on the bus were already preparing to unload the cargo. The special police were still discussing what method to use to rescue the hostages in the car when Ayer directly ordered to Kali to shoot shock grenades into the bus.

The special police were unable to stop it in time. Two shock grenades were fired into the bus, emitting a bright light and high-intensity shock waves that instantly paralyzed everyone inside. The glass of all the surrounding buildings shattered in response, and the bus was covered in flying glass fragments.

Ayer was only responsible for following the company’s requirements to ensure the safety of the guests and the weapons. He didn’t promise that they would be completely unharmed. Those unlucky people on the bus may not be able to see or hear for at least two to three months, and they may have been pierced by broken glass like a hedgehog. However, at least their lives were saved.

The special police almost clashed with Ayer’s group, but fortunately, the Jason Otley Company had a pretty significant political influence, and these police officers couldn’t do anything to them.


Ayer and the special police took decisive action and successfully eliminated the Nigerian anti-government rebels. Those who needed to be killed were killed, and those who needed to be arrested were arrested. Not only was the hostage incident resolved beautifully, but the rebels also suffered a significant blow. Now, the rebels were no longer a force in the United States, and they were unable to cause trouble when the company and the Nigerian government sign their military contracts. The Peregrine Falcons have permanently solved a big problem for them this time.

While the company was under intense scrutiny from all sides, the Peregrine Falcons were at the hotel protecting O’Reilly and helping him recover from his injuries.

Fortunately, their injuries weren’t severe this time. The most seriously injured were Habaji, who was hit in the shoulder by a stray bullet, and Shan Ming, who was wounded by shrapnel.

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“I mean it.” The child looked at Shan Ming seriously, with a determined look in their eyes. “I will protect Dad in the future.”


Shan Ming teased, “Looks like I didn’t raise you for nothing. Alright, after this mission is over, I’ll let you relax for a few days and take you out to see the world. I’ll let you experience the life of a man.”

The child didn’t know what he meant, but his intuition told him it wasn’t anything good. Just as he was about to ask, there was a knock on the door.

Shen Changze opened the door and saw Big Rock, who said that the special police captain came to the hotel and wants to meet Ayer and Shan Ming. Since Shan Ming was injured and unable to move around easily, Ayer plans to bring the captain to his room.

Shan Ming nodded and said, “Okay, you guys go out first. I’ll change my clothes.”

So Big Rock and Shen Changze both went out.

The child didn’t leave, he stood at the corner of the hallway near Shan Ming’s room, wanting to wait for everyone to leave before going in to help wipe Shan Ming’s body.

After waiting for about twenty minutes, the child heard the sound of the door opening. Soon, Ayer and another person came out of Shan Ming’s room, they were walking towards Shen Changze’s direction, apparently heading to the elevator to go downstairs. The two of them were discussing the matter of the rebels and happened to bump into Shen Changze.

The moment the captain saw Shen Changze, the captain’s gaze, no, perhaps it was his senses, his intuition, and his nerves, all forced him to focus on this young Asian boy.

The captain looked at the young boy and suddenly felt his blood boiling abnormally within his body.

As their eyes met, Shen Changze felt a strange restlessness within him, as if something was calling out to him, urging him to approach the captain. However, he couldn’t tell if the feeling was friend or foe. Nonetheless, he was certain that something was pulling him in the direction of this tall captain of the special police.

They locked eyes and probed each other. This special police captain, who had been through many battles and was always fearless, felt trembling all over. An indescribable chill climbed up his spine from the soles of his feet.

He began to realize that it was an animal intuition, for the perception of its own kind and the awe of a creature more powerful than itself!


He couldn’t believe that he was actually afraid of a little boy who appeared to be only seven or eight years old. However, his trembling hands, slightly weakened legs, and the cold sweat constantly appearing on his forehead all indicated his inner fear.

He had only encountered such an unbelievable situation once before, and the only explanation for this feeling was that his genetic instincts were telling him that the little boy in front of him had purer Dragon Blood flowing through his body than he did.

What frightened the captain the most was that this was the only underaged Dragon Blood Kin he had ever seen in his life. A person with inadequate physical fitness could never withstand the pain brought by the invasion of Dragon Blood genes into their body. It was impossible to successfully conduct an experiment on a child, unless… unless he was conceived in a mother’s womb.

That would be such a terrifying thing! Before Dr. Panky passed away, he proposed the idea that only natural mothers could conceive a perfect and pure Dragon Blood Kin. In order to prove this idea, trillions of dollars were invested and countless experimenters sacrificed their lives, but they never succeeded. If the little boy in front of him was the legendary perfect and pure Dragon Blood Kin that Dr. Panky spoke of, then it would not be an exaggeration to say that his existence would change the pattern of the entire world!

Ayer noticed his peculiarity and called out to him a few times.

The captain finally came to his senses and tried to conceal his emotions, making every effort to restrain himself from showing any abnormalities. He pointed to Shen Changze and asked, “Why is there a child here?”

“He’s Shan’s son.”

“Shan? He looks quite young, would he have such a big child?”

Ayer furrowed his brows and did not answer.

The captain knew he had asked too many questions, they didn’t even have a proper working relationship, at most, they just had to cooperate with each other. Ayer didn’t need to answer any of his questions, even for the sake of politeness. The captain secretly put his clenched fist into his pocket, suppressing the waves of emotion in his heart, and walked into the elevator as calmly as possible.

The child’s eyes watched him leave until he disappeared from his sight. Only then did he break free from the suffocating feeling. He didn’t know why he had a very special intuition toward that person, but that person made him very uncomfortable.

Ayer was a bit puzzled and asked, “Do you know him?”


The child shook his head.

Ayer shrugged, not thinking too much about it, and walked over to pat the child’s head. “You did a great job completing the mission this time.”

The child widened his eyes in surprise. Ayer, who had always treated him as if he were invisible, actually praised him. “G-Great? I-I stepped on a bomb and even got my dad injured.”

“You participated in the battle and came back alive, which is already the biggest victory for a new recruit, and you have successfully protected our employer twice. Once this mission is successfully completed, I will give you your share of the commission.”

The child showed an undisguised joy on his face.

Ayer, who only had money in his eyes and had treated him as if he were invisible for the past five years, was actually going to give him a commission! He didn’t know how to describe his excitement! With money, he could customize his own weapons and equipment. He needed to save a lot of money. Since Shan Ming was a spendthrift, maybe one day Shan Ming would have to rely on him to make a living. And perhaps one day, he would have the opportunity to return to China and see his parents, wherever they were.

“Ayer, thank you!” The child smiled happily.

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