Dragon Blood

Chapter 32

“Don’t come over.”

The people who had just stepped onto the rooftop stopped in their tracks.

Shan Ming realized what was going on with just one glance and broke out in cold sweat. He shouted, “Everyone stay where you are and don’t move!”

If someone had set up a bomb, or even multiple bombs, near the helimat without being detected, it could have been a disaster with unimaginable consequences. It was fortunate that Shen Changze was aware of the bomb’s presence and prevented any reckless guests from stepping on it.

The guests who were running around in panic all stopped and nervously looked at Shan Ming.


Slingshot and a few others started tapping on the tiles with their gun barrels to check for bombs. They then escorted the guests out one by one, reassuring them that it was safe to go downstairs now that the police had secured the hotel.

Shan Ming said to Pelle, “Let O’Reilly go first. I’ll handle the rest.”

O’Reilly sat anxiously on the helicopter, waiting to leave. He really didn’t want to stay in this place for another second. He was scared out of his mind.

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Shan Ming crouched down and took out a small flashlight from his bulletproof vest. He shone the light through the crack and finally confirmed that Shen Changze was standing on a carefully disguised pressure sensor. Although the 8×8 pressure sensor looked like a normal floor tile on the surface, the slightly sunken gap and the complex lines of red, green, blue, and yellow exposed in the light revealed that it would not be a trigger switch for a musical fountain, even an ordinary person who often watched police movies could tell.


Shan Ming took out a pair of pliers from his vest and carefully inserted the endoscope attached to the pliers through the gap in the pressure sensor. He could see that it was a K209 low-yield bomb, which was an advanced and precise explosive device currently in use internationally.

This was an extremely poisonous and lethal explosive device. Although its explosive power wasn’t considered lethal itself, the hundreds of diamond-shaped pre-fabricated fragments attached to the periphery of the explosive can slowly slide through the muscle tissue of the victim, causing immense pain and suffering.

Imagine this, being hit by a bullet in the arm, but ultimately discovering that fragments of the bullet were lodged in the crevice of the scapula, a type of injury that can leave even the most experienced surgeon helpless.

Shan Ming took a deep breath and radioed to Slingshot, “Prepare the expanding coagulant for me, quick!”

The child looked down at the four complex colored wires and asked as calmly as he could, “Are you going to cut the wires? Like choosing between the red one or the blue one.”

Shan Ming cursed, “Stop watching those stupid movies in the future. How am I supposed to know which wire to cut? I’m not a bomb disposal expert.”

“Then what are you going to do? And what should I do?”

“What you need to do is shut your mouth and control that leg of yours.”

After maintaining the same position for more than ten minutes, he knew that the child’s leg must have gone numb, but he had to persist.

The child fell silent for a moment and said, “Dad, I don’t think this bomb was left by those Nigerians.”

“You’re right. Those people are poorly equipped and don’t seem to have been trained systematically. The person who planted this bomb was definitely an expert. They were able to set up the pressure sensor so exquisitely and perfectly. I think they are at least a qualified bomb expert.”

“Could it be the same group as the Caucasian man who tried to kill O’Reilly in the staircase?”


Shan Ming thought for a moment, after he combined some of the background information about Jason Otley that Neo had told them before they arrived, he determined, “It’s very possible. Maybe it’s a political opponent of the New York State Governor candidate supported by the company.”

Jason Otley supported a candidate who was a staunch advocate of war, and for a military-industrial company, the world’s instability and the government’s interference present profit opportunities. Naturally, their political opponents held opposing views. The company had invested a large amount of money in this election, and the opposition likely did the same. Therefore, the opponent colluded with Nigerian anti-government rebels to prevent this arms deal. They can shift the blame for the hostage incident onto the company, which will undoubtedly deal a significant blow to the candidate they supported in the early stages of the election.

However, this was just Shan Ming’s speculation and the truth of the matter requires more evidence. But Shan Ming felt that his guess was almost certainly true. If it’s true, these politicians are really not good people. One was constantly selling deadly weapons all over the world for the sake of profit, and the other was willing to sacrifice the safety of their own compatriots for profit. The human heart is far more treacherous than the battlefield.

Ten minutes later, Slingshot brought the coagulant that Shan Ming needed. After handing over the item, he quickly hid downstairs. Before leaving, he informed Shan Ming that the ambulance was downstairs and Pelle was waiting at the elevator.

Ayer led a team to ambush the bus carrying the weapons, cash, 13 rebels, and 10 guests. He couldn’t do much alone and their identities were too awkward to ask the government’s dismantling team for help. They had to deal with the crisis on their own.

Shan Ming slowly exhaled a breath, gripping the small can of expanding coagulant. He gently inserted the crane-shaped nozzle into the gap of the pressure sensing plate, “Listen carefully, the expanding coagulant can temporarily solidify the pressure sensing plate under your feet. When you hear my command, immediately lean back and roll to the left.”

Shen Changze looked at Shan Ming’s sweaty forehead and shook his head with pursed lips. “Then what about you? The expanding coagulate can only hold up for two or three seconds at most, and this type of pressure sensing plate probably has additional countermeasures.”

Shan Ming lowered his head and touched the nozzle with his finger, saying in a low voice, “You talk too much.” Without hesitation, he squeezed the entire can of expanding solidifier into the gap of the pressure-sensitive plate! When he saw the grayish-brown expanding coagulate turn pure black upon contact with air, Shan Ming yelled, “Run!”

To Shan Ming’s surprise, Shen Changze didn’t act according to his words, but instead grabbed his shoulder in a futile effort and used all his strength to push both of them towards the outdoor swimming pool on the left.

Without time to curse or even adjust his posture, Shan Ming instinctively shielded the child’s body and plunged headfirst into the swimming pool.

The shrapnel from explosives typically scatters at a 35-degree angle from the horizon. In such an almost unobstructed environment, the only place that could reduce the damage was the outdoor swimming pool that wasn’t exactly close to them.

The bomb exploded with a loud bang, and heat waves mixed with tongues of fire chased after them. Shan Ming felt the pain of shrapnel piercing his flesh. He held Shen Changze tightly in his arms and rolled desperately. Finally, the two of them fell into the swimming pool together.


Splashes of water flew as they both sank together.

Luckily, they fell into the children’s pool, which was shallower than Shan Ming’s knees. Shen Changze struggled to climb out of the water and coughed while shouting to Shan Ming, “Dad! Are you okay?!”

Shan Ming knew that his thigh and waist had been pierced by shrapnel. He glanced at the water that had been dyed red by blood. He propped himself up but dared not move his lower body. He tried to keep his waist and legs in the position they were in when he fell, afraid that the shrapnel might move around and cause more damage.

Pelle and Slingshot had already run over. Slingshot and Shen Changze lifted Shan Ming out of the pool. Pelle cut open his pants and shirt, gave him an anesthetic, and was removing the shrapnel. Although Pelle looked focused, calm, and didn’t seem overly worried, Shen Changze’s heart was in knots.

He was too useless. Whether it was five years ago or now, his foster father had saved him multiple times from the brink of death, but he couldn’t do anything for him in return.

The child stared at the shocking number of shrapnel wounds on Shan Ming’s legs, his eyes were stained blood red.

Too weak… he is really too weak. He hates himself for being so weak and useless. When will he be able to protect this man instead of always needing his protection?!

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