Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 67 There will come a day

“Very good.” Shi Qi said with a calm face.

He turned around and left, his shadow stretching longer due to the light cast but also curtailing again.

Ning Meng stared blankly at Shi Qi who left without saying goodbye, feeling that her future did not look bright.

If he had gotten angry this easily, how could she afford to provoke him again next time?

She always felt that Shi Qi sometimes acted a bit strange.

One other aspect she found weird was that every time she transmigrated into another body, it would always somehow be related to Shi Qi.

Even though they weren’t closely related, in such a big capital, to be able to bump into each other several times was truly nothing short of miraculous.

Ning Meng stood in place thinking for a while.

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The appearance of the ghost infant had become even sharper, its mouth curling upon seeing her but remaining motionless.

Ning Meng calmly shifted her away and minded her own matters.

She didn’t dare go on the forums again, upon remembering that Shi Qi had seen all the praises she heaped onto him, she felt embarrassment creep up.

The feeling of shame from being caught in the act was simply about to make her explode.

However, it shouldn’t be a problem if she were to just take a peek…

Ning Meng secretly went to the forum again and this time, registered for another new account before pressing open the thread.

The thread had gained several more replies, many of which naturally contained curses.

She looked at them for a while, nearly turning into a pufferfish from anger, but also didn’t dare to scold them and could only scroll down to the rest of the thread with a bitter face.

A few minutes later, she couldn’t scroll down anymore for new content.

Ning Meng’s dispirited face immediately sobered up. When she refreshed the page again, she confirmed that the thread really had been deleted and now, another person had started a new thread, complaining about this matter.

She looked for a few seconds and really couldn’t hold herself back, leaving behind words of scolding. Then, she decisively logged out and sporting a hot face, she fanned herself with her hand.

‘How irritating’, Ning Meng thought.

Suddenly, a small voice rang out from behind.

Yu Xiaolian who was tidying up her stuff, felt a little panicked. She looked next to her before nervously asking, “Meng Ning, did you hear something just now?”

Ning Meng turned her head and glanced at her, not replying.

She naturally had heard it. Just now, the ghost infant had cried out but she didn’t think Yu Xiaolian had actually heard it.

The system said, “The ghost infant’s current strength is stronger than before, able to affect the mother’s body to a certain extent. That was how she was able to hear it cry.”

And the saying that ‘mother and son were connected by heart’ was truly not something that was said for fun.

In the past few days, the ghost infant had been stuck together with the mom, using her as nourishment for its growth. However, after a certain period of time, the mother will come to realize that something is off.

Seeing that Meng Ning remained silent, Yu Xiaolian bit her lip and entered the washroom.

Upon pushing the doors and coming face to face with the big mirror in the vanity counter, she became stunned.

The mirror reflected a child laying on her back, its hands were tightly wrapped around her shoulders and its slightly deformed face had a weird expression on.

Yu Xiaolian looked blankly at the mirror and only reacted after a while, screaming and running out of the washroom then hiding next to it, “Go away….go away!”

What the heck was that, and why was it on her shoulder?

Could that have been the source of cold air she had been feeling all this time?

At the thought of this, Yu Xialian’s body started to produce cold sweat, goosebumps quickly arising on her body, her scalp turning numb.

Ning Meng watched her and only felt rueful.

“Meng Ning…can you take a look….whether I’ve got anything on my back?” Yu Xiaolian suddenly turned to Ning Meng and asked in a small voice, “Is there any dirty thing?”

The ghost infant looked at her Ning Meng’s way.

It lightly cracked a smile and even though it looked unsightly, it was still the same as before, harborning no sinister intentions.

Ning Meng’s gaze fixated on Yu Xiaolian’s pale face, “Shouldn’t you be the most clear about what you’ve done?”

After being taken aback for a while, Yu Xiaolian finally understood her meaning.

She didn’t think that Meng Ning would know about the matter of her induced abortion…She had only mentioned this matter to Li Jiao so how did she know of this?

When Yu Xianlian turned to look at her again, Ning Meng had already turned around.

It was at this time that she finally seemed to hear something beside her ear, and it sounded extremely clear this time.


The voice sounded as if it came from behind, called out by that child’s mouth.

Yu Xiaolian’s scalp turned numb, her back soaked in cold sweat. She wanted to say something but after mouthing for a long time, she wasn’t able to say anything.

However, upon recalling Meng Ning’s earlier words, she paused again.

After a long time had passed, she entered the washroom once again and through that mirror, she saw the infant on her back, lying right next to her head, its mouth opening and closing.

It looked extremely terrifying.

Yu Xiaoliang reached out a hand to touch it and when it made contact with the infant, it felt a little cold and chilly. It was a very odd feeling.

“….Are you really my child?” She continued to speak, suppressing her fear as she asked hesitantly.

The infant suddenly sucked in a breath and called out, “Ma…..ma….”

Yu Xiaolian gulped, lifting it off from her back. When she carried it in her arms, it didn’t seem to have any weight as if she was just holding air.

Its features were a little deformed, looking extremely strange and it also had a sinister feeling.

Yu Xiaolian did not dare to speak, feeling afraid yet distressed.

“It’s a ghost infant right now.” A voice suddenly came from the door of the washroom. Ning Meng stood there and mentioned, “It’s your child.”

Yu Xiaolian’s gaze turned blank.

She didn’t deliberately get an abortion. She was still just a university student so if she got pregnant, there was definitely going to be a lot of troubles. Her family didn’t have a lot of money and the child’s father had no sense of responsibility, she was also completely powerless.

Seeing her like this, Ning Meng couldn’t abandon her, “It didn’t have any awareness before and is now gaining nutrition from you, that’s why it’s able to grow to its current appearance.”

It thrived on resentful energy and vitality as food.

Yu Xian quickly burst into tears. Upon seeing the ghost infant’s face, she wanted to rub her face against it but she didn’t think an unforeseen event would happen right at this very moment.

The ghost infant’s features suddenly turned twisted, its limbs pulling on Yu Xiaolian’s hair and its mouth producing a mournful giggle, sounding extremely strange.

Yu Xianlian was caught off guard, her hair had been pulled out strongly causing blood to drip down her forehead and landing into the ghost infant’s mouth.

Its little tongue stretched out and licked it and after feeling extremely satisfied, it put on a comfortable face.

Ning Meng walked forward and pushed her, “Quickly throw it away!”

Yu Xiaolian reacted and threw it away but in the next moment, she found that the ghost infant had returned to her back, giggling mischievously.

Meng Ning asked the system, “What’s going on? What should we do?”

The system said, “If the ghost infant’s resentful energy disappears, it’ll also disappear.”

She immediately thought of a way to deal with it and told Yu Xiaolian, “This is all because of you. You have to make it dispel its resentment towards you.”

Yu Xiaolian was stupefied. Soon after, she started crying, “Baby…I didn’t do it deliberately…I’m so sorry…it’s all my fault…”

Ning Meng evidently saw that the black air surrounding the ghost infant turned dense in an instant.

It’s immature features also became more twisted and paired with its slightly monstrous face, it looked like a sinister ghost.

Yu Xiaolian faced the mirror and looked at the child on her back, “It’s all my fault…”

The ghost infant struggled and called out, “Ma…ma….”

Yu Xiaolian seemed to have lost all fear, carrying it into her arms again and slowly swaying them, “It’s all mother’s fault…”

The black air around the ghost infant dissipated a bit.

Countless tears landed on the ghost infant’s body and at some point in time, the black air had already scattered. Yu Xiaolian choked with sobs, seemingly not realizing what was happening.

Ning Meng keenly saw that the ghost infant had already calmed down and heaved a breath of relief on the inside, thinking that the resentful energy must’ve already been appeased.

The ghost infant whose resentment had vanished, became a little cute, its hands holding Xiao Yulian’s clothes tightly, its mouth opening and closing.

As time ticked by with minutes and seconds passing, its body gradually seemed to turn transparent before finally disappearing mid-air.

Yu Xialian stared blankly at her empty arms, unable to recover her senses from what had just happened. She immediately became downcast, like a walking corpse.

Ning Meng spoke out, “This was a result of your own choice.”

Yu Xiaolian raised her head and looked at her then lowered her head again.

That’s right. This was a result of her own choice. From the moment she signed that paper, this outcome had been set in stone.

She then gained much more clarity and looked at herself in the mirror once again, the figure of the ghost infant on her back completely gone.

That child had really disappeared.

Yu Xiaolian slumped down on the floor and broke down in tears.


The next day, after Ning Meng got out of bed, she realized that Yu Xiaolian had gone back to her normal attitude, apart from her eyes being a bit red.

Seeing her like this, Li Jiao, who didn’t know anything, asked, “Why the long face?”

Yu Xiaolian’s face stiffened and she shook her head, “It’s nothing. I didn’t get a good sleep last night so…”

How could she have gone to sleep? Once she shut her eyes, everything that happened that night would replay in her head, including the small smile the child revealed before disappearing.

It had left an extremely big impact on her…

Yu Xiaolian couldn’t help but think again. If she hadn’t dispelled it, would it have become a chubby child after a few months and not the terrifying appearance she saw?

Seeing her go off in a daze, putting on a sluggish look, Li Jiao rolled her eyes and took her bag, her heels clacking as she left the dorm.

Yu Xiaolian also didn’t react back, her face brimming with sorrow.

After a while, she saw Ning Meng about to leave and approached her, inquiring softly, “Meng Ning, do you think he’ll forgive me?”

Ning Meng could only respond, “I’m not him, I don’t know.”

This reply was within Yu Xiaolian’s expectations, however, her face paled slightly and when she packed up her books, she looked preoccupied.

Seeing her like this, Ning Meng no longer wanted to add anything else.

There were only two classes this morning. She carried her books and left the dorm, and right before leaving, she took one last glance at Yu Xiaolian who was engrossed in her own little world.

There were quite a lot of people in the canteen. She found an available seat to sit on and at the side were two girls she didn’t recognize, eating congee while chatting.

“…I heard that the swimming pool’s been closed. Is it true?”

“It’s true, didn’t you hear? Last night, police cars came over and my classmate told me that first aid had also gone over.”

Ning Meng’s actions came to a stop.

Her long-honed intuition told her that something must’ve happened in the swimming pool the two girls had mentioned.

The past few days have been too peaceful and she remembered her previous experiences hadn’t ever gone smoothly, besides that, her constitution was bound to attract all sorts of things.

Even though she had been having a good time as of late.

The two girls didn’t seem to have noticed that someone was eavesdropping on them and continued their discussion, “That serious? Did something happen inside? Did someone drown?”

“….It seemed like it. I’m not too sure. It looked like someone died in the pool. I heard the pool was dyed completely red, just thinking about it gives me the shivers…”

“Ahh, if the water’s turned red….then a lot of blood must’ve been spilled. That sounds scary…”


There will come a day.

That I will….

——“Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

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