Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 66.2 I have never been in love (2)

Most of the people in this department didn’t know each other, but would occasionally meet outside classes during activities, however, the majority of them attended this class.

The girl said to herself, “Gu Nanqian is a pretty influential figure in our department, but I don’t like her very much, she’s too much of a white lotus green tea…”

In modern society, it was not as if she hadn’t seen much white lotus and green tea bitches, but she couldn’t care less about them.

She glanced at Ning Meng and said in a low voice, “Don’t blame me for saying something that doesn’t sound nice. When your matter blew up, they all said you did something to her so everybody naturally assumed you had a vile character. That’s why they didn’t want to talk to you.”

She was not the one who had heard this incident, but at the same time, a lot of people had seen it happen, so naturally, when this matter spread, a lot more people believed it.

Moreover, in the past, Meng Ning and Gu Nanqian were inseparable. The foreign teacher even once teased that they must be twins because he couldn’t distinguish the two.

It was not impossible for such a thing to happen.

Ning Meng pursed her lips and did not answer.

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In the past, someone had called Gu Nanqian out but there would always be someone coming to her rescue, which was particularly annoying.

She could naturally see that Meng Ning deliberately imitated Gu Nanqian’s way of speaking to revolt her, but she couldn’t figure out why.

After all, the rumor floating around their department was that Meng Ning was particularly fond of Gu Nanqian, even silently guarding her at the side, appearing as though she was deeply in love.

As a result, she saw the truth tonight.

Sure enough, the saying that ‘A university is a small society’1A university is a small society basically means that even in university, people’s characters are hard to figure out. It’s not as simple as back in high school where you only need to care about studying, you have to take in account a lot more factors including the people you choose to associate with. is right, an ordinary situation could also produce a different picture.

The scene of Gu Nanqian running away in fear made her feel good. If she were not in the classroom, she would have burst into laughter at the other party.

Ning Meng was a little surprised, but after thinking about it, she realized some things.

The reason why the whole department isolated Meng Ning was more or less because of the rumor that she was so infatuated with Gu Nanqian to the point she made a move on her.

Now that she had seen how Gu Nanqian reacted, she naturally had her own idea.

She ignored the girl’s words, and left her a few meaningful words, “You will see much more in the future.”

The girl was slightly startled, not understanding what she was talking about.

When she looked at her again again, Meng Ning had already lowered her head, so she could only turn away, her mind still dwelling on her previous words.

The class bell coincidentally rang at this moment.

Shi Qi walked in unhurriedly, paying no attention to the group of people whose faces lit up in the classroom.

He had worn the same attire as last time. His long and slender legs made people unable to shift their eyes away as he walked. His straight back, languid posture, and content look carried a particular elegance to it.

“Ah, I always look forward to taking this class with the substitute teacher. I hope Professor Wang will take a good long rest at home and stay home for a few more days.”

“He’s so healing to the eyes. The other classes next door are envious of us. Look at the second row, they all skipped their own class just to listen to ours.”

“I can’t help it anymore. I’m about to have a nosebleed!”

“Imagine him swimming, he’ll definitely look extremely handsome.”

Ning Meng silently peeped along with them and upon hearing the person in front mention swimming, she couldn’t help but nod her head in agreement.

Shi Qi would definitely look good swimming.

It was a pity she wouldn’t be able to see it.

Shi Qi put down the book he was holding and looked straight in a certain direction.

Sure enough, when he saw a small face hiding behind other people, the corners of his lips curled up unconsciously, “We’re going to have a new lesson today.”

Ning Meng retracted her gaze and logged into the forum again.

Someone was definitely going to upload his photos in a thread today. She was going to hand around and keep watch so that if someone were to start slandering him, she was going to start cursing him back.

He was the child she raised, how could she let others curse him?

Just like one’s alma mater, no matter how much one disliked it, they wouldn’t allow others to speak of it, especially when they made horrible remarks.

Since she was sitting at the back with people at the front to cover her, Ning Meng felt much more at ease.

She sneakily opened the thread and found that all the replies that were scolding her at the end had been deleted, and someone had left an anxious response about it.

Another had said that perhaps she might be involved with someone who knew how to hack.

The old students knew clearly that the school’s forum server was very good and had never been hacked before. The administrator also gave the same reason, not even mentioning how it got deleted.

Apart from hacking, they couldn’t think of any other reason.

Ning Meng didn’t think that it would reach this point and changed into a new account, scolding the person making a fuss but without uttering any curse words or offensive remarks, adopting a very polite attitude.

These were the highlights from the Internet.

Not long after the class started, new pictures were uploaded in the thread, which were taken in high definition, and a message from the original poster was attached.

At first glance, one could tell that she was a little fangirl sitting in class.

Two classes passed by like this easily and once the bell signalling the end of class rang, a group of people surrounded the podium once again and Ning Meng was the first to leave the classroom.

There were still only a few people on the road, and some of them were sticky couples walking hand in hand and even kissing.

Seeing them, Ning Meng’s face turned red and her ears felt hot.

She was already this old but had never been in love. She reckoned that she’ll also probably never get married in the future and the beautiful wedding ceremonies she imagined in the past would just remain as a fantasy.


“Don’t walk around in a daze.”

A familiar voice suddenly rang out from behind, deliberately sounding low and soft, as if scratching a person’s ear, making it feel numb.

Ning Meng pinched her ears and turned her head.

As a result, when her footsteps came to a stop, she immediately bumped into the person behind her just after turning around.

The tip of her nose promptly turned red and even started to ache.

Meng Ning’s body was afraid of pain, but after a while, Ning Meng almost shed tears. She held back and raised her head, calling out, “Who are you?”

Shi Qi lowered his head, “It’s me.”

Ning Meng gave a grin and stepped back, no longer caring about the pain, “I have something to do so I’ll be leaving first. Goodbye teacher.”

She felt as if the Shi Qi of the present was frightening.

She hadn’t noticed it before but perhaps because he had a different air to him now that he was older, she always felt him unfathomable, unable to figure out what he was thinking at all.

Shi Qi reached out a hand and held her wrist, pulling Ning Meng up and saying with a smile, “What are you hurrying for, Classmate Meng?”

The last two words he said were really…

Ning Meng seemed to have heard the sound of gritted teeth.

She was taken aback by her own thoughts, and couldn’t take her hand out of his grip. Shi Qi’s hand felt a little cold, the feeling transmitting from the touch of their skin to her body.

It was a very unusual feeling.

Ning Meng recovered her senses and asked quiveringly, “Does teacher have any matters?”

Shi Qi’s face immediately turned ugly, like a sunny day suddenly turning overcast. With a dark face, he asked, “You have nothing else to say?”

Say what?

Ning Meng’s head was filled with confusion. Thinking of the matter from before, Ning Meng asked in a low voice, “If I realy say it, you won’t blame me?”

Shi Qi sneered, “Say it then.”

Ning Meng secretly tugged her hand away and said weakly, “…I really don’t know the answer to your question…”

She didn’t want to go to the office either.

Shi Qi: “…”

Seeing him remain silent, Ning Meng felt that he might have been very dissatisfied with this answer…This made sense. Having such a student like her who wasn’t diligent and a teacher like him who was earnest, he would naturally feel unhappy.

She moved her feet and secretly looked up at him.

Shi Qi’s expression looked dazed, and it took him a while to react.

He didn’t respond, his gaze falling on her face. He saw a clear figure through the body, as well as a sly expression.

There were small drops of water dripping from the corners of her eyes, running along the cheeks, over the chin, and finally falling onto the collarbone, sliding beneath it.

Shi Qi raised his eyes and stared into hers, “Aside from this?”

Her eyes were beautiful, they had always been clean, but he didn’t know what was going through her head all day, unable to see it in her eyes.

When she did certain things, she would sometimes expose herself.

She would think that she had hidden herself quite well but she was completely unaware that he had already discovered her identity yet she still felt immeasurably self-satisfied.

Ning Meng thought for a while. She really hadn’t done anything outrageous and the most she had done the past few days was curse someone.

Had she been discovered?

She lowered her head then raised it again. As a result, she saw her mobile phone screen flash in front of her, the color of the forum easily seen.

Shi Qi’s eyelids narrowed slightly, and nodded, “I forgot to tell you that the forum has been placed under my control since last night.”

Ning Meng: “…”

What a good day today was for a celebration.

The forum was such a shabby place. He was the future head of the Shi Family, responsible for catching ghosts, why would he care about such a thing like this?

Shi Qi then said lukewarmly, “Student Meng, to visit the forum during class time, is there anything you want to explain?”

Ning Meng: “…” She was wrong.

After a while, she whispered: “That …… teacher, someone was slandering you on the forum, I just wanted to defend your name …… so can you not deduct my marks?”

School exam marks occupied a big majority of the grade but there were also other factors such as their class marks, homework and other performances assigned by the teacher.

Meng Ning was a good student, and she needed a scholarship. She couldn’t just lose it, otherwise, she would have no money left to live.

She then added, “I will definitely listen to class next time.”

There was a street lamp in between the dense greenery, shining behind them and drawing out a long shadow. His shadow intertwined with hers, appearing inseparable.

Shi Qi pursed his lips, he hadn’t expected such an answer.

And after a while, he burst into a chuckle out of anger.


Very good.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

Ning Meng: I want to date, I want to get married….Trash author!

17: Heh

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