Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 9: Metal Wall

Qiao Zhiya, “???”

Qiao Zhiya was a little anxious.

The earthquake moved all the crimson ore, scattered around everywhere, and seemed to have taken them to a deeper place. The White-Haired Monster’s face became more and more ugly— what should he do?

In a hurry, he simply leaned on Chu Rong and tried to make himself a human protective suit. His thoughts turned wildly and his magical power was still unconsciously being hiddenly penetrating the surroundings.

Currently, the two people were trapped underground and the White-Haired Monster was unconscious. It would definitely take a lot of effort to escape from here and even after escaping, he had to take the White-Haired Monster out of the rocky ground to completely get rid of the discomfort of minerals. That would take too long, what if the White-Haired Monster was rendered stupid during this period?

Others were protected by the ball. They had no injuries and there were so many people, it was relatively easy to escape. When they found that the White-Haired Monster was missing, they would definitely come back to save him. Because of the metal giants they were driving, their speed of saving people was certainly not slow, therefore, the most urgent thing was to protect the White-Haired Monster from being further harmed by the minerals before the rescue arrived! But there was ore everywhere, nowhere—

The magic power that had been used to explore suddenly disappeared, his thoughts broke off, and he suddenly remembered the non-reactive area that caused the magic power to sink into something similar to a black hole. His eyes brightened— there was a layer of broken sand. There must be no ore in the non-reaction zone! And it could block the magic, maybe it could also block the uncomfortable feeling caused by the red stone, the White-Haired Monster would be saved!

As soon as he thought of it, he immediately got up and took out a small hammer from the storage ring. He identified the direction with magic power. He first dug a space around for two people to move, then stood up and bent over to put Chu Rong on his back. After confirming that there was no problem, he walked forward towards his target area.

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“Let me down.” He endured the tingling sensation of the spiritual power wreaking havoc in his brain and broke the rope on his wrist. He then stood upright on his feet and reached out for Qiao Zhiya, who was unsteady because of the rope on his waist. When he looked back, he motioned to the rope tying their waist together, and said with a cold face, “Untie.”

Qiao Zhiya looked at him in confusion for a few seconds, and then his eyes lit up, happy. He tried to touch his forehead but was evaded by Chu Rong.

Ancestor Chu, who was suffering from a headache, became more and more impatient when he didn’t get a response. He simply trapped Qiao Zhiya in his arms, then broke the rope with one hand, and put the person down. He looked around, frowned, stared down at Qiao Zhiya, and asked, “What are you doing?”

Qiao Zhiya, who didn’t understand, began to gesture with his hands.

Chu Rong, “…”

Qiao Zhiya, “???”

What the hell!

Chu Rong raised his hand and rubbed his forehead to alleviate the tingling sensation in his brain, waved his hand to Qiao Zhiya who was about to come near in worry. He observed his surroundings again and then leaned against the wall. He closed his eyes and thought about it while adapting to the discomfort of his body. Finally, he opened his eyes and looked at the strange hammer in  Qiao Zhiya’s hand, looked back at the tunnel leading downward, guessed, and asked, “You want to go down to save yourself? Why not go up?”

Qiao Zhiya, who was circling around him worriedly, couldn’t understand what he said, and just gesticulated anxiously, trying to make him understand that there was a place under the ground that might make him less uncomfortable, and that place was already very close to them. Now, the White-Haired Monster’s face was paler than when he was unconscious and he was worried.

Chu Rong’s head increasingly hurt the more he watched his gestures. He simply reached out to hold his swaying hand, his eyes fell on the small hammer in his hand again. He had a guess in his heart— maybe the illustrations that this bald chicken painted before were lies The escape tunnel was probably not discovered by accident but was smashed with this strange little hammer.

Since he had the ability to dig tunnels and run away from the thieves, he was now carrying himself down. It was likely that he had also found a way to save himself. The look of this guy with excitement and gestures before the ground move… This bald chicken had a secret.

His eyes darkened a bit, his hand unconsciously rubbed the slippery little hand in his palm. His fingertips slowly slipped to the pulse of the opponent’s wrist, his muscles tense and began to accumulate strength— the person in front of him was very weak, just use a little trick… He inadvertently met the clear, pure, and caring eyes of the other party. He paused and let go of the opponent’s undefended hand. He took the initiative to stand in front of the rock wall, took out his mining hammer, moved his wrist, and said, “It’s enough for strong adults to do it. Children should just play.” As he raised his hand, he slammed it down against the stone wall.


There were a few cracks in the stone wall and a few small pieces of rubble fell down.

Chu Rong’s heart beat, feeling that his self-esteem has been challenged. Although he just tried and didn’t use his full strength, compared with the scene of the gravel falling crazily caused by the bald chicken before, the little movement he made was too ridiculous.

Qiao Zhiya came over silently and glanced at him worriedly. He stood in front of him in a protective posture and raised his small hammer.

Chu Rong, “…”

His head seemed to hurt even more. He quickly wrapped Qiao Zhiya’s hand, turned the person around, and then took out an electronic book from his space button. He wrote the basic letters of the Common Language in a few strokes and put it into Qiao Zhiya’s hands. He said seriously, “We need to communicate. Now, I will teach you the Common Language and you should learn carefully.”

Qiao Zhiya looked down at the electronic book, then at his serious expression, shaking his ears, and raising his hand trying to draw.

“No.” Chu Rong decisively pressed down his hand, pointed his finger at the first letter, tapped lightly, and slowly said, “You must tell me what you want to tell me. I don’t accept other forms of communication. This reads ‘a.’ Imitate me, say ‘a’.”

Qiao Zhiya was confused for a few seconds before he realized it. He was probably teaching himself the language here. However, instead of running for his life, he was learning a language?

But the White-Haired Monster was so serious. Teaching him the language was also for his sake. After hesitating for a few seconds, he finally opened his mouth and read honestly following the other party’s teaching. If this would make the White-Haired Monster happy and comfortable, then he would learn it well.

Seeing this, Chu Rong breathed a sigh of relief. While teaching him the basic alphabet with one heart and two uses, he walked up to the stone wall again and hit it with a hammer.

After smashing, the rubble rolled down in a large area and the effect was very good. He was finally satisfied. After lightly sweeping the bald chicken’s surprised eyes, he was strangely unhappy—Little devil, dare to look down on him. Bumpkin1[T/N: Bumpkin means stupid or naive.].

Qiao Zhiya immediately became happy after being surprised. His eyes were bright and he looked at Chu Rong’s back again. His ears shook. The White-Haired Monster was so powerful and his strength was no less than that of a dwarf.

As a result, one taught letters while smashing the wall while the other secretly helped while learning hard. When the stone wall disappeared and the figure of broken sand appeared in front of them, the two of them had unknowingly learned all the letters on the electronic book.

Chu Rong didn’t have time to be surprised by Qiao Zhiya’s excellent learning ability. After scanning the metal color under the crushed sand and stone, Chu Rong hurriedly knelt to the ground and sweep a few times. He frowned fiercely.

How come there were metal objects here? What’s more, it seemed to be a wall of a certain building. He didn’t remember that he had built a building on this idle mining star. Could it be that the mining thieves secretly built it?

He touched the metal’s somewhat aged color and remembered those mutant red tin ores. Suddenly, he wondered whether this building was buried under the ground by an earthquake with those mutant red tine ores?

Before he could think of a reason, a small hammer suddenly appeared in front of him, and then the hammer slammed down the metal wall with a bang, the metal dented, the wall cracked, and the sand leaked along the crack.

Chu Rong, “…”

Qiao Zhiya didn’t care what he was thinking. He only knew that there was a non-reaction zone behind this metal. The White-Haired Monster would be comfortable if he entered this place. Although the White-Haired Monster did not say it, he knew that the other party must be uncomfortable now. The discomfort from the ores was always there.

The hammer smashed a few more times. The metal was completely sunken and cracked. Finally, he simply put away the hammer, grabbed both sides of the crack with his hands, and in front of Chu Rong’s slightly widened eyes, he stretched the crack to the size that a person can pass through, and then he stuffed the stunned Chu Rong down.

Chu Rong, who was successfully attacked by this “sneak attack”, didn’t fall head first because of his fast reflex. His face turned black similar to the bottom of a pot. He raised his hand and held his forehead. He felt that a year’s worth of anger has been evoked by the same damn bald chicken!

There was a breaking sound above his head. He instinctively reached out to catch some dwarf who had jumped down one step later.

Damn it!

Throwing the person to the ground, he clenched his fist and controlled his temper. In order to divert his attention, he simply took out a flashlight from the space button and turned it on to scan the inside of the metal building.

Qiao Zhiya, who was steadily caught, silently labeled Chu Rong in his heart as “caring.” After standing still, he hurriedly reached out to feel the magical power around him and was satisfied to find that the discomfort from the ore was actually blocked by the metal. Only a little floated in through the hole from the outside.

He pursed his lips and revealed a small smile. Just as he was about to withdraw the magic power and lead the person to walk deeper, he found that after avoiding the adverse impact of the ore, another kind of discomfort floated slowly over him and circled wildly around him. The source of that uncomfortable feeling… seemed to be the White-Haired Monster?

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