Chapter 8: Boom—

It is not advisable to stay here for a long time, withdraw quickly!

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The green fruit had no pit, the flesh was soft and fragrant. After eating, there would be a refreshing feeling flowing through the body that felt very comfortable.

Qiao Zhiya comfortably squinted his eyes, remembering that the White-Haired Monster intentionally let him eat a fruit first before feeding him that strange potion, and he increasingly felt that the man was a good person. Seeing that he had also collected the second crimson ore, he ran to the depression and pointed to it, indicating that the tunnel was right here. Then he picked up his tool and smashed it towards the next crimson ore.

Bang, bang, bang.

The rubble fell like tofu dregs. The squad members silently watched Qiao Zhiya, who was gradually surrounded by rubble, but his face was flushed with excitement. Suddenly, they felt their tooth ache— some of them were S-grade physique talents, but all of them were tall, muscular, and their appearance was extremely qualified. However, this kid… that thin arms, that white and tender skin, that small and weak-looking face… It was too unscientific. This—Where did the little devil’s strength come from?

“Did I bring you here for sightseeing?” Chu Rong said and silently cut all his worthless subordinates with a sharp glare.

As soon as they woke up from their daze, they took out their tools and went into the tunnels one by one. They scattered and found a place to dig.

For a while, the sound of intensive excavation in the cave became the only sound that could be heard. Qiao Zhiya looked into the tunnel and among the “peeling” stones. He hesitated but still did not take the initiative to indicate that some people were digging where there was no ore at all. Instead, he moved a little bit and silently gave them the place with more ore. He turned around and began to look for ore from other directions.

If only there was a way to tell the White-Haired Monster about where the ore was distributed without exposing his earth magic. Distressed, he went to the other side of the stone wall with some annoyance, put his hand on it, and infiltrated with magic again.

Fan Xiangnan noticed Qiao Zhiya’s action of holding the wall and picking up rocks, and didn’t pay much attention to it. He turned his head to Chu Rong, who he couldn’t guess what he was thinking, and suggested, “Sir, although there’s protective clothing, the mutant red tin mines in this place are too dense. It may still affect your spiritual power. Why don’t you…”

“No need.” Chu Rong returned to his senses, waved his hand to interrupt him, took out an electronic map, and drew two strokes on it. He kept it again and ordered, “First, find out the underground structure here, and then dig along the tunnel. Mark the places where there are mutant red tin mines while paint black to the ones that don’t. There are more mutant red tin ores here than expected and a professional mining team must be brought over. We don’t have much time to spend. This remote mine star occasionally blows an energy storm from time to time. Before the next energy storm blows, we must leave. The mine robbers and the black ore slaves also need to be handed over and resettled as soon as possible. Otherwise, those old people in the Federation will start to make trouble again. “. “

Remembering the reason why the Commanding Officer suddenly came to inspect the Chu family who was idly located at the mining stars bordering between the Federation and the Empire, Fan Xiangnan frowned and did not persuade him to leave. Instead, he put away the electronic map, took out the mineral detector, and prepared to start working.

“This instrument is useless. The red tin ore is formed slowly after the limestone is blown by the energy storm for a long time. The radiation is very heavy, which has a profound impact on the mental power and various rays. The primary essence of the mineral detector are rays— when one is exposed, the other becomes scrap.”

Fan Xiangnan quietly put the detector away. He almost forgot that before he was unable to use his mental power and prior to retreating to the second line, he drove his mecha to destroy all the mining stars. He knew the mineral characteristics very well.

Chu Rong glanced at Qiao Zhiya, who was touching the stone wall in the distance. He didn’t know what he was doing. He couldn’t help but raise his hand and touch the hard gray stone wall beside him. He looked to be in deep thought.

Variant red tin ore was extremely difficult to form. There must have formed a red tin ore on the ground. Furthermore, earth movements should occasionally occur on the ground where the ore was,  leaving some gaps on the earth to allow energy storms to continue blowing in and influencing the ore. Only under these circumstances could variant red tin ore could take shape. There were so many variant red tin ores here, therefore, there must have been large-scale earthquakes in the past. That was to say, the geology here was unstable, and they just bombed this place with mecha a few days ago…

Thinking of this, he frowned and quickly ordered, “Retreat! Immediately!”

Fan Xiangnan, who had just taken out the mining tools, was taken aback. Seeing that Chu Rong’s expression was wrong, he rushed into the tunnel and called for the team members to gather—the radiation was serious here and the communicator cannot be used. He could only shout to call them back.

Chu Rong waited for them to be back and looked at the place where Qiao Zhiya had just been. He was ready to take him away but he didn’t see his figure. He only saw a touch of warm yellow turning in the distant corner and disappearing from his sight. His face sank and he strode to catch up.

Qiao Zhiya took out the magic stone to absorb some magic and then walked further away. He put his hand on the stone wall and penetrated it with magic. He had a serious expression on his face.

Just when he was searching for minerals with magic, he found that not only there was no mineral reaction, but even the feedback from the earth was gone. The magic power went past as if it had fallen into a black hole and disappeared.

This was too strange. It stands to reason that the earth magic was the strongest when it went deep into the ground and it should not immediately disappear.

He felt that something was wrong. For the safety of the White-Haired Monster and others, he began to deliberately explore the size and location of the non-reaction area. Just now, he discovered that the non-reaction area actually extended downward, so he walked further and further along the tunnel.

The magic power he released disappeared again. He retracted his hand and frowned.

It’s already very close to the non-reaction area, but there seems to be something wrong… He squatted down, put his hand on the ground, and penetrated the magic power directly into the ground.

The next second, his eyes became sharp. After repeated confirmations, he took a breath, turned, and ran back.

“What are you doing?” 

As soon as he turned a corner, he bumped into someone’s body. His collar was grabbed at the back,  his whole body was lifted up, and Chu Rong’s face that was more fierce than usual appeared in front of him.

“Why are you running around? Go back with me.” Chu Rong shook him in displeasure.

Qiao Zhiya’s tight body relaxed. He waved his hands and feet, shouting and making gestures. He was sweating from the tip of his nose. “Get out of here! These hard rocks are all broken sand! Let those people stop digging!  Let’s go!”

He didn’t expect that under the hard rock layer, it was all sand-like gravel that can easily be penetrated by magic. What this signified was obvious: Once the sand-like gravel was affected by mining, there was a possibility of 8 or 9 out of 10 that the tunnel above it would collapse, and they would be directly buried alive! He was so careless that he forgot to explore the bottom of the ground before, thinking that the stone wall here was so hard that there should be no danger of collapse.

In short, it was not advisable to stay here for long. Quickly withdraw!

Chu Rong couldn’t understand what he was talking about. He thought he was protesting against his restraint, wanting to continue digging and playing with rocks. His expression suddenly became more fierce. He said, “What’s so fun about rocks, don’t move, stay obediently with me—”

A commotion suddenly spread from the direction of the tunnel. After the faint sound of falling rocks was heard, the ground gradually shook. The earthquake intensity then increased.

Chu Rong’s complexion changed. He hurriedly stabilized his body and checked the protective shield on Qiao Zhiya. He then put him on his shoulders, turned, and ran in the direction of his subordinates.

Qiao Zhiya was also confused. He didn’t expect the ground to move. He guessed that the people digging the ground affected the unstable gravel layer underneath and caused the ground to shake.

As they were approaching the tunnel entrance and could faintly see the squad members who were coming out, a more intense earthquake came. As the ground shook, Qiao Zhiya lifted his head up with difficulty. In his swaying sight, he could only see the big boulder slowly loosening above the team members’ heads.

It was terrible! The cave was about to collapse!

He was greatly alarmed. Before thinking about it, he took out the green plant ball from his storage ring that was used to test whether there was a problem with the food, threw it hard, and shouted: “QiuQiu,1[T/N: Qiu Qiu (球球) means ball ball. I’m unsure if it’s indeed supposed to be a name, so I kept it in pinyin.] go!”

Chu Rong also immediately found something wrong. He yelled to remind him to open the protective shield.


The rocks fell in large chunks with the shaking of the ground. In a blink of an eye, the road ahead was blocked, completely cutting off the two from the other members of the team.

Qiao Zhiya, who vaguely saw the ball expanding rapidly and helping all the team members block the falling stones, was relieved. He held Chu Rong’s shoulders to let him put himself down. As a result, before he had time to speak, his body was suddenly whirled around. In the blink of an eye, he was firmly trapped in a hard embrace. Then his head was held down and there was a sound of gnashing teeth in his ear, “What are you moving for?!  Just wait! When we get out, let’s see how I will deal with you!”

Once again, an intense earthquake came.


The rocks intensely fell and the cave completely collapsed.

Qiao Zhiya was awakened by a sense of suffocation. His body felt a little heavy as if he was being crushed down by something.

He opened his eyes in a daze. His sight gradually adjusted to the darkness. He saw Chu Rong’s face close at hand. The person who usually looked cold and unkind had a completely relaxed expression at this time. His eyes were closed, his neat hair became messy, and a few strands fell to cover his forehead, appearing a lot more gentle and kind.


A vague, painful groan came from the other’s tight lips, and the beautiful eyebrows slowly wrinkled— the fierce Chu Rong returned.

Qiao Zhiya recovered and immediately noticed something was wrong. He turned his head and found that the two were lying in a narrow space surrounded by rocks. The warm yellow shield that had originally surrounded him had disappeared. It should have been broken while helping them block the gravel.

He tried to push away the person who was pressing on him. He first took out two oxygen supply devices from the storage ring with mining tools and put them on. He then began to check the situation of Chu Rong.

There were no broken bones or bleeding wounds, only the protective clothing was torn in several places, revealing the wheat-colored skin underneath.

It’s strange… The White-Haired Monster clearly had no serious injury, yet why did he look so pained?

In doubt, his gaze swept over the gravel around him. When he saw a crimson stone, he suddenly remembered how the White-Haired Monster and his group were fully armed when facing it. When he realized it, he reached out and covered the places where the White-Haired Monster’s protective clothing broke. However, it didn’t seem to work and the White-Haired Monster showed a more painful expression.

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