Dwarf in the Future

Chapter 10: Imperial Warship

He was ashamed of his capriciousness.

Realizing this, Qiao Zhiya was shocked. He hurriedly got close to Chu Rong to carefully confirm and feel it. His eyebrows wrinkled. It was actually emitted from the White-Haired Monster’s body. Could it be that the White-Haired Monster was infected by the crimson ore? 

“Don’t walk around, follow me closely.”

Chu Rong saw him leaning over, shoved him behind his back to protect him, and then waved his flashlight around.

All the furniture was crooked and broken—they seemed to fall in the middle of the room.

The influence of the mutant red tin ore gradually disappeared, the headache eased, Chu Rong felt much better, and began to consciously gather the scattered spiritual power.

After stabilizing his spiritual strength, he looked up at the hole above his head that was opened by Qiao Zhiya and walked to the wall. He touched the metal wall thoughtfully—all the radiation isolation layer was installed. In other words, this building was built when the red tin mine had already existed. Moreover, looking at the wall structure and furnishings in the room, this building should cost a lot.

—A high-priced building that appeared on an unmanned remote mineral star and was deliberately built in the middle of the red tin mine in the radiation-stricken area?

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“Frynl cwvvsd?”

Qiao Zhiya didn’t know when Chu Rong appeared behind him. He reached for the space button and turned it over.

Qiao Zhiya recovered from his surprise, looked up at him, hesitated for a moment, and still reluctantly sent the magic stone he just picked up to him. The White-Haired Monster greatly helped him improve his aptitude in magic cultivation. However, he not only didn’t help the opponent to get the crimson stone but also caused the opponent to be trapped here. He was embarrassed to take the magic stone he picked up.

Chu Rong, who was trying to destroy the imprint on the space button, glanced at his outstretched hand, and noticed him peeking at the decoration pendant from time to time. His forehead beat and he pinched his ear, “I know you like these flashy things. What you pick up is yours. When I finish scanning the items in this space button, it will be returned to you.” 

When Qiao Zhiya saw that he didn’t pick up the magic stone, but pinched his ear instead, he relaxed and his eyes lit up with hope. He put the magic stone in his pocket, his action extremely slow.  His eyes always paid attention to Chu Rong’s expression, as if he was ready to give up the magic stone as soon as he wanted it.

Chu Rong almost laughed angrily at his stingy tentative appearance. He pinched his ear again with a cold expression. He simply turned his head and stopped looking at him. His eyes fell on the space button in his hand. He first violently destroyed the fingerprint imprint on it. He endured the tingling pain in his brain caused by the backlash when he used his spiritual power. Then, he mercilessly broke the mental mark on the space button.

Just as he was putting away the magic stone, Qiao Zhiya’s ears immediately stood up in alert. He looked at Chu Rong with a tense expression. The magic power appeared — there was that strange uncomfortable feeling again.

Perceiving his gaze, Chu Rong turned his head and snorted coldly, “I promised. If I say I will give it back to you, I’ll definitely give it back to you. You don’t need to stare at people so urgently.” With that, he retracted his hand and checked the contents of the space button.

It’s gone again… that strange discomfort.

Qiao Zhiya looked up and down at Chu Rong suspiciously, thought for a while, and simply searched the room again. The uncomfortable feeling suddenly appeared when the White-Haired Monster got the storage item and opened it. He had to try again.

After erasing the owner’s imprint, the contents of the space button were clearly displayed.

Some clothing, some daily necessities and tools, and a small box of cosmetics and jewelry— they were all very common things. When combined, it could only be concluded that the former owner of the space button was a girl, in particular, a wealthy girl. The only conclusion was that she had good things and there was no useful clue at all.

Chu Rong frowned and put the space button down. Just as he was about to look elsewhere, a small white hand stretched out in front of him, with a slightly larger space button lying on it.

“You picked up another one?” He picked up the space button and said casually, “Don’t run around. Although I couldn’t sense the presence of other people here, it doesn’t prove that this place is safe.” After speaking, he realized that the other person couldn’t understand what he was saying. He unhappily closed his mouth.

Qiao Zhiya didn’t notice his mood changes and only thought about the strange discomfort. At this time, he was looking at him and the space button in his hand, the magic swaying around him, ready to start.

Chu Rong repeatedly glanced at him. With a dark expression, he took out a green fruit to Qiao Zhiya and turned around.

The fragrance of the fruit permeated. Qiao Zhiya, who released magical power in the surroundings, got his attention immediately diverted, and was surprised to find that there was a strong wood magic element floating on the cyan fruit.

In the past, his magic pool was very shallow and he had never intuitively felt the wood magic elements emanating from plants like other dwarves and elves, nor could he tell whether plants were poisonous or edible by magic. For this reason, his father took great pains to help him find the magic ball to fill his shortcomings.

Now, his magic pool had grown deeper and had increased. Without the discomfort caused by the ore, he suddenly discovered that he had acquired the survival skills that dwarves should have innately possessed, which was similar to opening a door to a new world.

…With magic blessing, the green fruit seemed to become more fragrant.

He almost couldn’t wait to put the fruit in his mouth and comfortably chew it.

When he finished eating the fruit and finally remembered what he was supposed to do, Chu Rong had already broken the second space button and was carefully looking at the stack of manuscript-like things he took out from it.


He was ashamed of his capriciousness.

After reading the manuscript, Chu Rong’s expression became serious. He picked up Qiao Zhiya and strode out of the room— the place they were in was not a building, but a warship! Specifically, a warship of the Empire!

Damn it! On the territory of the Federation, an imperial warship was buried in his Chu family’s mineral star! This was a provocation! A provocation to the Federation and the Chu family!

Qiao Zhiya looked strangely at Chu Rong, whose aura suddenly became stronger. He did not move, his eyes looked around and he carefully spread his magic, trying to find other storage supplies.

“Don’t run around.” After leaving the room, Chu Rong put down Qiao Zhiya. He turned around and entered the next room. He began to look for the existence of other manuscripts.

Qiao Zhiya turned his head, quickly followed him, and walked to the closet in the room. There was a wave of magic stone, which seemed to be made of wood.

The white palm appeared again containing another space button with a pendant made of jade. Chu Rong had rummaged through the room and straightened up to look at Qiao Zhiya who had approached him.

Qiao Zhiya looked back as if offering a treasure.

Strangely, his unpleasant mood eased a little bit. Chu Rong picked up the space button, pulled the dark green decoration down and put it in his hand. He reached out and patted his head,  praising, “Very well. I’ll give you a reward.”

Qiao Zhiya shook his ears and looked at him expectantly.

Chu Rong paused, then took out a green fruit and gave it to him. He then put away the space button, picked him up, and headed towards the next room.

Qiao Zhiya was stunned, looked at the magic stone and the fruit in his hand, and at his hasty pace. He frowned in distress— why didn’t he open it this time? Was it because the storage supplies were too old and not worth it? Also, could he not hold his collar, his neck felt a little uncomfortable.

One after another, the two went through the rooms like locusts— sweeping all the space storage buttons within their sight. Later, Chu Rong simply handed over the task of finding the space buttons to Qiao Zhiya, who seemed to be particularly good at searching for such items, and concentrated on searching for other valuable clues.

After searching this floor, the two went up the stairs and continued to search.

Chu Rong knew the basic structure of the warship very well. After discovering that there were no valuable clues on the accommodation floor, he turned to take Qiao Zhiya towards the warship’s main control room and the floor where the captain lived. At the same time, he simulated the internal structure of the warship in his mind.

This was a small warship that could accommodate about two hundred people at the same time. There were no corpses inside, which proved that when the warship was buried, all the people in it had escaped.

There were various signs that this was an abandoned warship that had been deserted by its owner and would not be taken to be recycled. Even if some important materials had been stored in it, eight out of nine have been taken away by those who fled.

Soon, his guess was confirmed.

Standing in the main control room, Chu Rong gazed at the console that had obviously been blown up by the self-detonation device. There was a sense of hostility in his heart— as long as he thought of what little action the imperial bugs had done on his Chu family’s mineral star and then running away smoothly, he wanted to set up a mecha to bomb all the despicable people of the Empire!

Just when he was so upset that he almost couldn’t control his spiritual power, the little white hand that had been seen countless times today appeared in front of him again. There was a charred space button lying on it with a fiery red decorative pendant with cracks.

His eyes condensed, his hostility faded in an instant, and he reached out and picked up the decorative pendant—this badge mark…

Qiao Zhiya was stunned. Why did the White-Haired Monster take the fire magic stone this time instead of the storage button? Although the top fire magic stone was cracked, it was not damaged. It was suitable for lighting the magic furnace.

Seeing his reluctant look, Chu Rong, who finally found some clues, was in a better mood. He reached out and rubbed his bangs to fix them, and said softly, “I’ll take this away. When we go back, I’ll make a good one for you. “

Qiao Zhiya looked at him and saw that he was really not going to return the magic stone to himself. His ears moved and he passed the space button over again— the magic stone was taken away, then, could he try opening the space button again? He was very concerned about the uncomfortable feeling.

The space button was blackened and the items inside were probably destroyed. However, the space button that fell in the main control room must have been left by a senior person on the warship. There may be clues inside. He could try to find someone to repair it.

Chu Rong also took the space button. The more he looked at Qiao Zhiya, the more satisfied he was. He took out a green fruit and patted him on the head, “You are very good.” If he was identified to be harmless, he could consider taking him into the Chu family.

Qiao Zhiya was disappointed again. The White-Haired Monster really didn’t plan to open the space button again. It seemed that he could only figure out another way to determine the uncomfortable feeling.

After that, Chu Rong used the communication equipment that had not been destroyed in the warship to send his location and rescue information to his warship with his password. He then took Qiao Zhiya out of the main control room and found a room where the furniture had not been completely destroyed.

About an hour later, there was a sound of digging from the outside of the warship. Chu Rong, who had his eyes closed and was resting, immediately sat up. He picked up Qiao Zhiya, who was already asleep on the sofa, and walked towards the sound.

In his sleep, the magic of the wood and earth elements floated gently around his body, slowly nourishing his tired being. Just when he was comfortable, a group of white and black lights suddenly appeared on his side— more and more appeared with unfamiliar and threatening intentions.

The magic that came into contact with the black spots in the light group delivered back a vaguely familiar uncomfortable feeling. Qiao Zhiya frowned. He instinctively manipulated the powerful wood magic to surround the black spots, dragged the opponent over, and swallowed it a little bit to purify.


A familiar female exclamation sounded from beside him. His consciousness returned and the magic quickly returned to him. The mysterious feeling in his sleep disappeared. Qiao Zhiya opened his eyes, froze for two seconds before sitting up and moving towards where the black spots appeared in his dream.

He saw that Zhuang Yu looked at a certain data detected by the instrument in surprise and doubt, looking excited. Fan Xiangnan anxiously stood on the side, holding a medicine in his hand.

With a sudden drop, the light on the healing instrument flashed, and then the lid was lifted. Chu Rong, who was completely naked, sat up from inside, took the medicine in Fan Xiangnan’s hand, raised his neck and drank it. After drinking, he raised his hand and rubbed his forehead. 

“Sir, how do you feel?” Fan Xiangnan handed over a bath towel and asked nervously.

“It feels… not bad.” Chu Rong put down his hand, frowned, and knocked on the instrument under his body in doubt. He looked at Zhuang Yu and asked, “Have you changed the type of healing fluid? This medicinal chamber that has been useless actually treated my spiritual power a little bit.”

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