Debugging in Book Series

Chapter 5.1

“There is something wrong with him all over.”

  He was adamant about becoming a dandy.

  Not encumbered by the fear of hardship, he intended to take one step at a time to set an example for others.

  Needless to say, his speech left so much to be desired that the three of them froze for several seconds.

  During that lapse of time, President Yi’s face darkened.


  In recent years, his eldest son had grown increasingly unreasonable. As such, he presumed that Jing Xi was merely taunting them out of spite. “Up to you.”

  “How can we just leave him be?” Holding the same view as President Yi, feigned worry clouded the lover’s face as she added fuel to the fire. “Apologize to your father, right now! Why do you want to become a dandy so suddenly?”

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  At this juncture, a gleam of anguish came into Jing Xi’s eyes. “As expected, you have no idea she actually liked you for a long time. However, she was afraid of coming between both of you, so she never uttered a single word about it.”

  Pursing his lips, Yi Jun remained silent.


  Due to his young age, he had yet to master the ability to hide his emotions entirely. Hence, the faintest shadow of awkwardness and smugness creased his face. 

  On seeing this, Jing Xi added, “All those I care about hold no love for me. Thus, I stood atop a bridge earlier today, thinking of how the world has forsaken me. All that was in my mind was either jump down from where I stood or return home and take all of you down with me.”

  From the brief mention of love and hatred, he once again enthralled the two-faced family with his eloquence. The moment the words, “At this time, I ran into someone,” had been spoken, a silence came over the room. After a few seconds, they asked unanimously, “Who is it?”

  Jing Xi replied, “I’m not sure.”

  Once again, the three of them were rendered speechless and could not help but exclaim inwardly, ‘What’s the point of pausing if you don’t know that person!?’

  Ignoring their stares, Jing Xi lamented, “It would have been great if I got to know a wise man like him earlier. After listening to my complaints, he advised me that there is no one-size-fits-all solution in this world, and one can never hope to solve all challenges and unrequited love with the same method. Once I can understand that, I’ll then be able to lead a happy life henceforth.”

  Much like before, President Yi and his lover did not make any utterances this time.

  On the other hand, Yi Jun could not help himself from questioning, “What is it?”

  “That is to give up,” Jing Xi explained, “Once you give up, all troubles will soon be solved. Anyway, I think it makes perfect sense, so I’m sharing it with you. That’s why let us encourage each other in all things that we do.”

  Yet again, all three of them were bereft of speech.

  ‘What is there to encourage one another?!’

  Jing Xi showed no sign of unease, composed even in the current situation. “The wise man opened my eyes on that bridge, and feelings that had been bottled up for years came flooding out. Due to that, I decided to become a dandy, so there’s no need for any of you to dissuade me anymore.”


  While they looked at him silently, he favored the three two-faced family members with a hard stare.

  Seeing how things had panned out, the corners of Jing Xi’s mouth unconsciously raised up in a relieved smile.

  After their endless bouts of being gobsmacked, the thought, ‘There is something wrong with him all over,’ flashed across their mind.

  Unlike Yi Jun, President Yi had never given Yi Zhou any smidgen of patience. After being subjected to such an unprecedented and lengthy speech tonight, it all turned out to be a load of tripe. These words alone were a dubious basis for such an instance. Nevertheless, he still hurled an “Up to you” response and continued with his meal. Once he was done, he placed the utensils down and took the lead in leaving the dining table.

  Followed on, the lover exchanged a look with her son before following suit, leaving a pair of two-faced siblings in the dining room.

  Ever since Yi Jun was brought into the family, the hostility between the two-faced siblings always lingered.

  On the one hand, the original host detested the fact that his little brother would always receive their father’s love, but on the other hand, Yi Jun reckoned that their grandfather was always fond of his elder brother because of his good grades.

  Even if their tension had long since dissipated with the passing of their grandfather, the shade of condescension within Yi Jun gradually intensified at the sight of his elder brother. “Do you really intend to become a dandy?”

  Jing Xi responded, “Yes.”

  In hopes for his outstanding brother to wallow in degeneration, Yi Jun did not attempt to dissuade him otherwise.

  Before long, Xiao Hui came to his mind. After a moment’s hesitation, he asked, “Did Xiao Hui… say anything else?”

  Before his voice had completely faded away, System appeared suddenly and began speaking ill of him. “Look at how much he cares about this! He must be so pleased inwardly to know that his girlfriend’s best friend likes him. Now that his vanity has been deeply gratified, it would be just a matter of time before he cheats on his girlfriend!”


  Noticing that awkward look on his step-brother’s face, Jing Xi replied, “No, she was too bashful to have said something else after admitting that she likes you.”

  With that, he placidly persuaded, “Xiao Hui didn’t want me to tell you this, so just pretend that you don’t know anything. Anyway, you both should remain as you were in the future. Since you are about to be engaged, you should focus on spending the rest of your life with your wife.”

  Recalling his delicate and beautiful girlfriend, Yi Jun tamped down a rumination that crossed his mind immediately before nodding his head earnestly.

  On seeing that, System fretted anxiously, “Why are you persuading him? How is this sort of scumbag worthy of the female lead? You should have just let him get together with Xiao Hui. That way, we can get our hands on evidence of him cheating. Otherwise, he will be engaged with the female lead in half a month!”

  Yet, Jing Xi turned a deaf ear to System and spoke “honestly” of how envious he was of Yi Jun for being young, promising, and well-liked by the opposite gender.

  For the first time in his entire life, Yi Jun actually found him pleasing to the eye, which was also why he was not in a hurry to get away. Instead, he began to complacently share his experiences with his elder brother, as he was well-versed in this aspect. As such, Jing Xi cut to the chase and stated, “In the past, I’ve always buried myself in books, so I know next to nothing about these things. Now that I intend to become a dandy, I’m bound to be surrounded by countless girls in the future. So what should I do?”

  “That’s easy,” Yi Jun told him, “I’ll introduce you to some friends of mine who know how to have a great time.”

  Upon hearing that, Jing Xi replied gratefully, “Sure.”

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