Debugging in Book Series

Chapter 4.2

  Scrutinizing the gentlemanly AI from head to toe, he inquired whether anyone was in the house right now. Having been told that his two-faced family was out, he went around to become acquainted with the environment. After a good while, he returned to his room to grab a shower before taking a seat on the sofa by the window, and began looking into the original host’s friends.

  The mobile phones in this era came in three designs — necklaces, rings, and watches.

  Of the three styles, the original host chose the watch design that was similar to the one worn by Lupinus Mutants. However, the only difference was that the original host’s phone did not come with a special monitoring system.

  After scrolling through the chat history, Jing Xi moved on to social media and found that the “Two Lupinus Mutants Lost Control Due to the Same Person” topic had topped the trending list. Perplexed, he asked, “You didn’t suppress this news?”

  System explained, “There are just far too few Lupinus Mutants around, so there may be times when you will not come across any news of them for years. As soon as something happens, the entire nation will watch and engage in gossip about it. That’s why it is simply impossible to suppress the news. Either way, the footage has been deleted, and I will never allow anyone to do anything to you.”


  Tapping on the topic, Jing Xi skimmed through it and found a large online forum. Only then did he come to understand everything.

  All across the Astral Realm, the Celestial Lupin Clan was ranked first in terms of strength. Since they possessed such wealth, beauty, and intelligence, it was often easy for them to become the target of gossip. In some sense, this was equivalent to the negligible daily lives of ordinary families. If that were to happen in a wealthy or royal family, it would elicit a great desire to sit back and eat some popcorn.

  Not only were the Lupinus Mutants a special presence within the Celestial Lupin Clan, but they also had a ‘predestined’ setting that, more often than not, caused them to end up in a sorry plight. Even so, the masses tend to deem this incredibly compelling, not to mention the “two vs. one” scenario that was hard to come by in decades. What’s more, the victim managed to survive this time, making this matter go viral.

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  “R oyp vblal obld kv byrrldle, yde vbl hknvkx alyzzu pwahkhle! R vbkdj kq vbl rszknl nyxl y plnsde zyvla, bl oswze byhl elpvasule vbl vos Nwrkdwp Ywvydvp.”

  “Qs sd, fwpv jllr lmyttlayvkdt kv, obu esd’v usw? R xlyd, obknb aynl kd vbl Gpvayz Slyzx nyd lhld vyjl sd vos Nwrkdwp Ywvydvp yv vbl pyxl vkxl?”

  “Jwv obknb aynl’p ckt pbsv nyd’v vyjl sd vos oszhlp kd bwxyd qsax?”

  “Nssj, usw’hl yzps xldvksdle ‘ckt pbsv,’ cwv vbkp vkxl, vbl rlapsd kdhszhle dso kp y ryppla-cu. Gduoyu, R xydytle vs oyvnb vbl hkels clqsal kv oyp vyjld esod, yde R vbkdj bl zssjp zkjl y bwxyd.”

  “Ls oyu, vbyv rlapsd nyd’v cl y bwxyd, wdzlpp bl kp sq vbl Uzypp F. Jwv vblal’p y alnsae sq yzz Uzypp-F tldkwplp… Lso, zlv xl nblnj obs kp nwaaldvzu sd rzydlv Tsol. R’zz wrzsye y pnalldpbsv yde pll obs nyd xyvnb kv okvb ydusdl qasx Uzypp F.”

  “Vlabyrp, bl kp y Nwrkdwp Ywvydv yp olzz?”

  “Holy shit, that might be possible!”


  The Lupinus Mutant’s ‘only one,’ as we know it, had no boundaries of races. Even though there had never been any cases recorded of Lupinus Mutants losing control due to another of the same race, that did not mean it could not happen.

  Consequently, the subsequent posts had quickly digressed from the main topic, to the extent where someone proclaimed that they would write a dramatic threesome about the wolves.

  Leaving the post, Jing Xi went on to look through other forums. Sure enough, he found a multitude of fan fiction about Duan Chi that revolved around tyrannical presidents and love at first sight.

  On that note, he lost interest entirely and grabbed the holographic headset on the bedside table. Putting it on, he decided to check the StarNet out until the AI called him for dinner in the evening. Only then did he log out with much reluctance and make his way downstairs.

  At this juncture, his two-faced family had already taken their seats in the dining room.

  Primly-dressed President Yi, his sophisticated and elegant lover, and the startlingly handsome little brother… With just one glance, one might think they all appeared to be both young and attractive. Apart from the lover smiling at him kindly, the other two continued their conversation as though he was invisible.

  While pulling out a random chair, Jing Xi heard his little brother, who was three months older, asked, “Are you sure?”

  “No, I’m not,” President Yi answered, “What I do know is that he was followed by one of the staff in the local research institute. We all suspect that something might have come up with him.”

  In a split second, Yi Jun’s face lit up. “Did you see the trending list today? That person’s still alive, so he might have met up with him again?”

  As if he finally understood something, he corrected, “No, that’s not right. If that truly occurred today, why would he be released so early? Special treatment?”

  “I’m not sure,” President Yi speculated, “His juniors could have gotten into trouble or he himself was implicated by something. Either way, this is a chance for us, you understand?”

  Of course, Yi Jun understood.


  When it came to established upper-class families like the Duan family, it was simply improbable for anyone to find a way to be associated with them.

  However, the way seemed to reveal itself somewhat. Since the site of the accident was in their territory, it would be an easy feat for them to strike up a good relationship with the victim, should he be a local. Whether it was Duan Chi’s junior or Duan Chi himself that the victim attracted, they could rely on this to create an opportunity for themselves to be acquainted with the Duan family when the time was right.

  President Yi reminded, “Keep this strictly between us.”

  Yi Jun reassured, “I know.”

  Recalling all that he had read in the trending topic, he reckoned hesitantly, “Since that person can fight two people at the same time, he should not be an average Joe. I’m afraid it won’t be easy to win him over.”

  President Yi advised, “There’ll always be a chance after locating the person. ”

  Just as his final words fell, Yi Jun nodded his head.

  Unbeknownst to them, the person they were looking for was calmly enjoying his dinner across the dining table and listening in on the conversation. Sure enough, when the previous topic had come to an end, President Yi suggested that his little brother get engaged and enter the company for an internship.

  Yi Jun’s countenance lit up with glee upon his father’s utterance. “Alright.”

  With that, he could not help but steal a glance at his older brother.

  After saying so, President Yi was sure that his eldest son would make a scene, so he waited for a moment. Noticing how unusually silent Jing Xi was, President Yi and his true love turned to look at him in unison.

  Feeling their gazes burning into his head, Jing Xi raised his head to look back at them. “What’s wrong? Are there petals on my face?”


  President Yi and Yi Jun remained silent, but the lover whispered with a smile, “Your father was afraid that you might have a problem with him letting your brother enter the company. Just don’t be mad. Your father has yet to pull you into the company for now, but I’m sure he has his reasons.”

  “Please don’t,” Jing Xi proclaimed, “I’ve already come up with my own plans.”

  His words gave the lover quite a start.

  Immediately right after, Yi Jun questioned, “What plans?”

  Yet, Jing Xi stated, “I don’t want to enter the company to take over the business.”

  Sweeping his eyes over them, he added, “Up-and-coming female entrepreneur, renowned male entrepreneur, the future heir to the company… Don’t you think the occupations in the family are far too bland, as if something is missing?” 

  What President Yi had established was his very own company. Although his business was flourishing, its heritage was no match for those affluent families and simply lacked jobs in numerous aspects.

  Scrutinizing his eldest son, he asked, “What do you want to do, then?”

  Just like the original host, not a ripple disturbed Jing Xi’s countenance as he announced sternly, “I am determined to become a dandy.”

  Straightening his back, he assured earnestly, “Don’t worry, I’m not afraid of hardship and weariness. Instead, I will definitely work hard and take one step at a time on a firm footing, striving to set an example for others as soon as possible. That way, I’ll bring true honor to the family.”

  As his voice faded into silence, the three two-faced family members were at a loss for words.

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