Debugging in Book Series

Chapter 17

“I wonder what made him decide to become a Divine Lord?”

  System chastised, “Not only did you not lend a hand with the emotional development, but you have also removed the plot point that enhances character relationships!”

  Jing Xi refuted, “It’s your problem since you’re the one that possesses all the information. Had you reminded me earlier, would I not have held myself back somewhat?”

  System countered, “But knowing to make full use of a scumbag and a conniving little b*tch as a weapon to enhance the relationship between the male and female leads is just common sense!”
  “That’s for you,” Jing Xi elaborated, “For the Rebirth Department, this sort of team is usually there to feed1 A game reference. Basically, feeding (be it intentional or not) is an act of being killed multiple times, which will thereby assist the opposing team. You can read more about it here:,thereby%20assisting%20the%20enemy%20team me, and they’re far stronger than what you have here.”

  System thought to itself, ‘That is indeed so, but can any ordinary agent even complete any of the missions assigned to you?’


  After a momentary pause, it exclaimed inwardly, ‘… So why the hell did the Administration Bureau search for someone from another department to fix bugs?!’

  It had occasioned an outpouring of grief, causing System to bawl its eyes out.

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  Jing Xi answered, “I’ll pass.”

  System persuaded, “Love is such a wonderful thing, especially with the sweet-and-sour taste that comes with romantic relationships.”


  Jing Xi pointed out, “I dislike anything sour.”

  System convinced, “Love can also offer you the feeling of sweetness. Search for someone who fancies you and immerse yourself in their passion.”

  Jing Xi chuckled, “Thanks, but no thanks. If I were to choose one out of my innumerable admirers, wouldn’t the others drown in sorrow?” 

  System retorted, “I am telling you to choose one in this world!”

  Jing Xi smirked, “I’m also referring to this world.”

  Just when System was about to categorically refute that only Duan Chi and two other dandies wanted Jing Xi, a boy approached him shyly and asked for his number.

  However, Jing Xi put on a practiced smile and declined to give out his number. Following on, he embarked on a leisurely stroll around the campus. Halfway through his walking adventure, he had to politely turn down the advances of three to four individuals.

  In the face of reality, System could only submit to the dictates of fate and held its tongue.

  After all, his Class-S genes, visage, and body proportion were simply the embodiment of perfection.

  Even though the medical advancement in the interstellar era was attributed to the abundance of beauties, one’s soul was still the fundament. Unlike these inexperienced and somewhat immature students, Jing Xi was simply far too unique and alluring.

  ‘It would be a shame for one with such criteria to not be in a relationship.’

  With that in mind, Jing Xi’s original appearance immediately sprang to mind. Grief tightened its heart-clenching grip on System as it wondered, “What qualities do you look for in a future partner?”


  Jing Xi responded, “None.”

  The surprised System clarified, “You have no preferences?”

  Jing Xi restated, “I have no intention of searching for a future partner.”

  System sputtered, “… What if that occurred? Look, you have already become a Divine Lord blessed with longevity. So what do you look for in your life partner if you were to start searching for one in the future?”

  ‘Divine Lord…’ Jing Xi pondered inwardly, ‘That’s right. I heard I’ve become the Divine Lord of the Rebirth Department.’

  At the same time, System cogitated, ‘How fascinating! I wonder what made him decide to become a Divine Lord?’

  Out of the blue, a faint energy fluctuation rippled through his body before dissipating without a trace.

  Shock coursed through its system and down to its core as System made haste to track down the source. Much to its dismay, it engendered fruitless endeavors.

  It inquired, “Did you sense anything?”

  Jing Xi deadpanned, “What?”

  System informed, “I detected a small data stream2 数据流: A data stream is a continuous stream of data used for different kinds of content transmission. You can read more about it here: from you.”

  Jing Xi instructed, “Ignore it.”


  System puzzled, “Could it be that a Divine Lord, like yourself, must be connected to the Rebirth Department even when you are out on a mission?”

  Nevertheless, Jing Xi evaded the question.

  In actual fact, he was incapable of providing an answer.

  ‘What can I even say? It’s not like I can tell this crybaby that I might have something to do with the collapse of the Transmigration Department.’

  In any case, he no longer possessed any memories of this. By the time he regained consciousness, he was already at the collapsed Transmigration Department. Not only was his body littered with injuries, but even his data had also undergone some form of retrogression. On top of that, he had only retained a portion of his memories as an agent, and nothing of the Divine Lord. 

  Under such circumstances, the individual would either have to allow their body to mend on its own, or request the department head’s permission to fix the data.

  Since he was never fond of anyone meddling with his data, there was no doubt that he would lean toward the former. As luck would have it, the department head was unable to make a return anytime soon. Not wishing to idle his time away, he remotely manipulated the management for him to be sent out on a mission.

  However, it was a different story for the other folks in the department. They were adamant that a suspect, like him, should be kept behind bars pending an investigation. Much to their dismay, the department head had spoken, so they had no choice but to acquiesce in his decision.

  After a verbal altercation, the two parties ended up writing the matter off as Jing Xi not being in favor of the storyline and giving System access to manage his energy. As far as he was concerned, these restrictions were of little consequence. Nonchalantly, he gave them his greenlight and walked out on his colleagues, who were giving him a hostile glare.

  With no intention of disclosing his vulnerability, he would never divulge these matters to System. With that in mind, he hurled two words at it. “A secret.”

  Immediately, System ceased its questioning and reverted to the previous topic.

  Jing Xi remarked casually, “Not too ugly and foolish.”


  Yet, System observed thoughtfully, “That would mean your partner has to be good-looking and intelligent. What else? Any preferences for their gender and personality?”

  At this juncture, Jing Xi opined, ‘These Systems from the Transmigration Department must have read far too many sweet romance novels, so they are equipped with the makings of a matchmaker and could not bear to see any single individuals.’

  Speaking of which, he might as well cogitate on this matter. “I have no preferences. It would be fab if they could hand me a blade when I’m on a killing spree. But it’d be even better if they could finish off the wounded enemy when they are down.”

  The dumbstricken System ridiculed inwardly, ‘Are you being serious here? Are you sure you are searching for a significant other, not an ally?’

  Looking back on Jing Xi’s habit of stirring up trouble, it immediately tamped down the thought of another existence who could keep up and cooperate with him… For a fleeting moment, it thought to itself, ‘Forget it. It is probably better for him to remain single.’

  Gese University covered an impressive area of land, so much so that it would take half a day by car.

  Since Jing Xi did not take pleasure in exploring the entire campus at once, he went around the residential area and the square before returning to his dorm.

  As for his accommodation, he would be residing in a double room. As soon as he entered the room from the hallway, he was first greeted by the washroom and a shared living space. Stepping further into the room, he noticed a wall separating two bedrooms in the rear, ensuring their privacy. 

  By the time he arrived, his roommate had moved in as well.

  The other, on catching sight of him, stood slack-jawed in shock. “I’m actually sharing a dorm with you?”

  Upon hearing his utterance, Jing Xi raised his eyebrow in challenge.

  He rubbed his nose awkwardly as it dawned on him that he had overreacted earlier. “Ahem. Anyway, have you seen the University Forum? It’s teeming with posts about you guys, especially you.”

  Yet, Jing Xi merely let out a sound of unsurprised affirmation. After all, he was the only one who was still wandering around outside.

  As for System, it could not help but take another gander at the forum, only to find an influx of new posts — Some requested his number, details, pictures, and location, while others proclaimed their ownership and even shipped various couples… ‘Wait a minute! How can anyone possibly think of shipping brothers as a couple?! Blimey, these people are absolutely horrifying!’

  With that in mind, it unwaveringly shared this with Jing Xi. “Your actions of shedding light on Yi Jun’s mistakes are somehow viewed as your profound love for him.”

  Jing Xi commented sedately, “It doesn’t matter. Let them ship whomever they wish to.”

  However, it was foreseeable that his days would be filled with constant pestering from innumerable people.

  After pondering that for two seconds, he sent a message to that particular group of friends.

  Since all vehicles could enter the campus on new student registration days, a loud honk pierced the air and echoed through the bustling residential area. Following the sound came the arrival of dandies, coupled with one to two beauties, in several cool sports cars at the male dormitory. Immediately right after, the attractive student, who had swept the forum all afternoon, came into view and slung his arms around them with a grin.

  After exchanging a few words on the spot, the attractive student boarded a vehicle and drove away with two beauties. 

  They were so unbridled and eye-catching that they had more or less etched “Good-for-Nothing” and “Heartless Dandy” on their faces.

  A loaded silence settled over the crowd as they were utterly baffled at the sight. ‘How could someone like this be enrolled into Gese University?!’ 

  Elsewhere, the busy Duan Chi finally found some spare time to enter the forum and just happened to encounter the newly posted video.

  One look was all it took to see through Yi Zhou’s true intent. Apart from certain exceptions, Gese University generally accepted top students and elites, who kept a respectful distance from the repelling dandies.

  In the video, the young man’s enticing appearance turned into little claws scratching Duan Chi’s heart. Followed on, he beckoned his trusted assistant to make a few discreet inquiries with those dandies for their destination as he intended to make his way over after work.

  “Duan Chi is drawing closer as we speak.” System’s warning came in the nick of time.

  Jing Xi reckoned he was up to his old antics, going out of his way to create a chance encounter. “How are his hormones looking?”

  System answered, “Within the normal range.”

  Instantaneously, Jing Xi came up with an excuse and took his leave before Duan Chi arrived.

  By the time CEO Duan implemented two devised plans at the club, he had found that a certain individual was long gone.

  Yet, it did not dampen his hopes in the least since he was aware of how restless the young man was to be restricted within his residence hall on-campus. Despite their mandatory live-on-campus policy, none of the university personnel arranged for dorm inspections to be conducted in Gese. With how close the Zhou family’s residence was located, there was no doubt that Yi Zhou would decide to live off-campus. Hence, he purchased a mansion next to Yi Zhou’s, hoping to run into him more easily.

  Regardless of how marvelous it seemed when he envisioned it, all three of his endeavors within the week proved futile.

  As for his fourth attempt, he discarded his bracelet in his office and took a stroll in the district. Just as he reached the Zhou family’s residence, he lifted his head just in time to see a certain individual’s sports car pulling into the drive.

  Duan Chi’s appearance had left both System and Jing Xi at a complete loss for words.

  System hastily explained, “It is not my fault! I have checked, and the GPS shows he is still in his office!”

  Jing Xi observed, “It’s apparent that he has removed his bracelet.”

  System puzzled, “What? Could he be suspecting that you are able to track his location through GPS?”

  Jing Xi noted, “He has long suspected me of being well-versed in hacking.” 

  Even so, one mere encounter was not sufficient for Duan Chi to derive a conclusion.

  After alighting, the bewildered Jing Xi questioned, “What are you doing here, CEO Duan?”

  Duan Chi answered, “I just moved here.”

  Despite being aware of this, Jing Xi exuded a perfect amount of feigned astonishment. “Oh, really? Whatever for?”

  Nevertheless, Duan Chi answered honestly, “I want to shorten the distance between us, yet I also fear causing problems for you. Hence, I only moved in after the school year commenced, thinking I might encounter you approximately once or twice a month if luck is on my side.”

  His words stabbed at System, bringing hot moist tears to its eyes. “For such a powerful and terrifying big shot to have lowered himself so much just for love. Are you not touched at all?”

  Jing Xi mocked, “You actually believe this nonsense?”

  System countered, “Is he not telling the truth? Look, he has been taking a stroll in the district these past few days. What else could he be doing besides wanting to see you?”

  At this point, Jing Xi could not be bothered with explaining the nitty-gritty. Just when he was about to scoot off with an “I returned to grab something” excuse, he noticed Duan Chi approaching him.

  “I feel rather unwell today.” Duan Chi watched him with an intense gaze. “Can I…?”

  Jing Xi denied, “Isn’t there a supply of my blood at the research institute?”

  Duan Chi responded, “They have already knocked off work at this time.”

  Even so, Jing Xi was not surprised by his response.

  Due to the occasional cars that would drive through the district from time to time, it was not appropriate for them to do this sort of thing outside. Hence, he had no choice but to pinch his nose and invite the individual into his home. Leaning against the door frame, he instructed, “Come on.”

  As he drew closer, Duan Chi’s eyes surveyed Jing Xi from the top down twice over, without forgetting to entice him. “Where… would you like me to bite this time?”

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