Debugging in Book Series

Chapter 18.1

“Thus, it is imperative that we preserve this plot point!”

  His hoarse voice was lowered to sheer depths and imbued with a hint of humorous amusement.

  Upon detection of its master’s return, the AI system in the mansion automatically switched on all the floor lamps in the courtyard. The profound scenery in the courtyard, coupled with their intertwining shadows, created an ambiguous atmosphere in an instant.

  Despite being conscious of his deliberate intent, Jing Xi bit back the words he wanted to say upon discerning Duan Chi’s tone. “Where would you like to bite?”

  Duan Chi’s stare pierced through Jing Xi as something in his eyes darkened, desire flaring in their depths.


  There were innumerous places he wished to press his lips upon and sink his teeth into. After all, he had an overpowering desire to etch his mark on every single inch of Jing Xi’s skin.

  However, he still could not afford to act upon his possessiveness. In the meantime, he could only curb his desires and let his gaze draw to the other’s open collar. “You still have lessons to attend, so I’ll bite somewhere that can be hidden away easily.”

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  Jing Xi’s real intention was to ensure System acquired a strong aversion to Duan Chi so that they would chastise him together. Much to his dismay, not only did System not grasp the main point, but it also provided a justification. As such, he was in such a perplexing state of disbelief that he was at a loss for words.

  Noticing his lack of aversion, he lowered his head and drew closer. “I’ll be gentle?”


  Upon hearing that, Jing Xi blinked a couple of times before fixing his collar and offering his hand. “This should do the trick.”

  As Duan Chi grasped Jing Xi’s hand, he was overcome with a wave of regret within his heart.

  Despite possessing the Class-S genes that grant exceptional pain tolerance, he still could not bring himself to inflict pain upon the other. As such, he merely sunk his teeth to the point where a trace of the delectable taste he was well-acquainted with seemed to flower inside his mouth. Without any hesitation, he began eagerly and yearningly lapping it up.

  After a while, Jing Xi inquired, “Have you finished?”

  Duan Chi emitted a sound of satisfied affirmation and looked up at him without any intention of pulling away.

  In the depths of those enigmatic eyes lie glimpses of a boundless sea of stars that could only encompass him alone. Initially, Jing Xi intended to show him the door, yet Duan Chi’s unwavering gaze somehow stopped him.

  As their breaths intertwined, the temperature of the entire vicinity rapidly increased.

  Jing Xi could discern the desire emanating from Duan Chi’s darkening gaze as his hand was held in an increasingly firm grip.

  “Can I kiss you?” Duan Chi asked hoarsely.

  Shaken back to reality, Jing Xi firmly stated, “No.”

  Duan Chi released his grip and cautiously took a slight step backward, observing his companion’s countenance keenly for any signs of reaction. However, there was no discernible change in the other individual’s expression. “Have you had dinner yet?”

  Without giving him an opportunity to answer, Duan Chi enumerated a list of dishes his chef had meticulously prepared. 


  To Jing Xi’s surprise, each dish mentioned was a personal favorite of his. This sudden announcement momentarily caught him off guard.

  Yet, he could also recall how Duan Chi had ordered all his favorite dishes at the restaurant the last time, indicating a shared appreciation for certain flavors.

  Duan Chi persuaded, “Come on, just consider it as payment. It beats you returning to the university cafeteria or ordering takeaway.”

  Jing Xi’s motto in life had always been ‘Steer clear of all things whenever possible.’ Now that he had not only seen, but also fed Duan Chi his blood, it would be insane of him to pass this up. Hence, he opted to mooch a meal with great relish rather than idling away in his dormitory.

  The district they lived in had stood the test of time for quite some time, and its opulent dwellings were constructed so close to one another that they were virtually adjacent.

  Much like the equally impressive Zhou family’s abode, Duan Chi’s courtyard garden was abundant with lush and vibrant plants. As Jing Xi took in the lush greenery, he straightforwardly requested a pot of exquisite flowers before heading into the welcoming confines of Duan Chi’s living room.

  The chef was well aware of his boss’ plan to move into this district and have a certain individual over for a meal in their new residence. Consequently, he had been diligently and consistently preparing an abundance of dishes every single day.

  On this very day, he noticed that his boss finally obtained what his heart desired today, so he hastened to serve all the dishes with the AI cordially.

  After tasting the dishes, Jing Xi deemed them to be decent. Hence, he decided to overlook that bite.

  Duan Chi placed some food on Jing Xi’s plate and questioned, “How’s the university?”

  Jing Xi responded, “It’s alright.”

  Duan Chi inquired, “Anything interesting happened?”


  Jing Xi recounted, “A guy stumbled into my dorm and disrobed entirely to offer himself brazenly to me. However, I did not return to my dorm that night. Does that count?”

  “…” It took Duan Chi no time to recall the most recent post on the university forum — A certain male “thief” was caught and apprehended for sleepwalking into another student’s dorm in the middle of the night.

  With that in mind, he wanted nothing more than to send these shameless brats to their graves. “Could it be the sleepwalker? Was it your roommate who called the police?”

  Jing Xi explained, “He sent me a message about it, so I had him call the police.”

  Duan Chi praised him from the bottom of his heart and remarked, “There seem to be loads of posts about you on the university forum.”

  Jing Xi chuckled, “For those who only favor the superficial, how serious can they ever be? You should just take those posts with a pinch of salt.”

  Before the sound of Jing Xi’s voice could fade, Duan Chi felt his heart tighten slightly in his chest as he knew he was included in that category.

  After all, they were bound by blood and had met only a few times. If he were to stand in Yi Zhou’s shoes, he would not find this relationship to be sincere either. Hence, it did not rouse his anger as he believed this person would come to place his trust in him in the future.

  Besides that hint, the both of them were enjoying conversations at the table in a harmonious atmosphere.

  Yet, Jing Xi merely regarded this place as a hotel, so he took his leave as soon as he had his fill. Standing in the doorway, Duan Chi watched his receding silhouette until it faded from his view. Upon returning to his mansion, he noticed the chef serving dessert.

  The bewildered chef questioned, “Where is he?”

  Duan Chi replied, “He has gone back.”


  The chef proposed, “This is fresh from the oven, so why don’t you send him some?”

  On the contrary, Duan Chi appeared highly skeptical of his suggestion.

  With impeccable timing, his assistant arrived with his bracelet, for which he had used to send a message. As expected, the other expressed disinterest and turned his offer down. Without further conveyance, he simply grabbed it and strode into his study. Lost in thought, he peered out of the open window, gazing over the adjoining courtyard.

  He was having difficulty reading Yi Zhou, so he was unable to devise an adequate solution.

  Even though he was cognizant of the longstanding enmity between the Zhou and Yi families and the fact that Yi Zhou was kicked out of the house, he could not shake the feeling that Yi Zhou was unfazed by the situation. As of now, the only thing he found incredulous was the matter involving his nephew and Jin Yumeng.

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