Debugging in Book Series

Chapter 16.2

  With just one glance, Jing Xi could see right through him. “Want to know why I’m unwilling to help you? It’s quite simple, really. As opposed to helping you, I simply want to open your eyes to the truth concerning how you are not a good suit for her.”

  The tongue-tied Yi Jun could not help but swear inwardly, ‘What the actual f*ck is wrong with you?!’

  Jing Xi continued, “Why should our marvelous lady choose a scumbag, like you, over all those outstanding guys out there? Well, take us for example. Who can you even compete with?”

  Yi Jun’s face took on a ghastly expression as he coldly challenged, “How am I of no match?”

  Jing Xi raised a provocative eyebrow. “Are you even as attractive as us?”


  Only after studying the guy at the booth table did it dawn on Yi Jun that he was undoubtedly of no match. For the lack of a better option, he retorted, “… But yours is the result of utilizing an aesthetic surgery apparatus.”

  “It matters not what I’ve used since I’m still more attractive than you.” Speaking of that, Jing Xi continued his taunts. “Do you even score better grades than us? Are you wealthier than us? Otherwise, are you even taller than us?”

  Since Yi Jun applied to Gese University with just the bare minimum scores, he was certainly incomparable to the others in terms of GPA.

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  Incidentally, just as he had finished, each of Duan Xiuwen’s muscles tensed. Regardless of how he wanted to escape that grasp, he was far too apprehensive even to move an inch. As such, all he could do was freeze up.


  Knowing he had to cooperate with them to reproach the scumbag publicly, he let out a faint sound of agreement.

  Satisfied, Jing Xi retracted his arm and fixed Jin Yumeng a look.

  With that, she knew it was time to wrap this matter up, so she imperturbably remarked, “I have already said all I intended to say that day. I won’t turn back, so you should move on as well.”

  At that juncture, despair crashed over Yi Jun like a living force of its own, and stood there piteously for several seconds. As he made his way to the elevator, he had even walked into a wall absentmindedly.

  The crowd of onlookers unexpectedly got front-row seats to witness the drama of a love triangle. They watched his receding silhouette in silence before their attention gravitated towards that handsome guy, who was criticizing the other publicly, in unison.

  As any good-looking fella, he savored everyone’s admiration delightfully. “Campus life sure puts a smile on one’s face.”

  Having heard this, it left Duan Xiuwen and Jin Yumeng speechless.

  Without further conveyance, Jing Xi entered parent mode and began educating the wolfling. “Remember, Little Bro, don’t make the same mistakes he did.”

  Duan Xiuwen pointed out, “… You can just call me by my name.”

  Jing Xi disagreed, “It’s more affectionate for me to call you ‘Little Bro.’”

  Duan Xiuwen reasoned, “I’m not used to it.”

  Jing Xi proposed, “Let’s try this for a month. I mean, we can always discuss it later if it doesn’t work out well.”


  “…” Through this, Duan Xiuwen finally managed to figure out what his future aunt was like as a person. As such, he judiciously accompanied the others for lunch and declined their suggestion of exploring the campus. 

  Despite his departure, he remained insistent on his plan to face the issue head-on. Yet, he would never have expected to be dragged into something of this scale at the outset.

  However, enduring this meal with two individuals capable of affecting him had almost depleted all of his willpower.

  When he returned to his dormitory, he complied with his uncle’s instructions and briefly reported everything that occurred today. Upon hearing his laughter, it dawned on Duan Xiuwen that his uncle was already aware of a certain individual’s personality. Hence, he could not help but opine, ‘So this is uncle’s type.’

  When Duan Chi’s laughter subsided, his eyes narrowed to mere slits.

  Regardless of his attempts to scrutinize this matter, he simply could not locate any evidence of Yi Zhou knowing that his nephew was matched with Jin Yumeng. Eventually, he wrote it off as a coincidence.

  To think Yi Zhou had brought the both of them together right when university commences… Could Yi Zhou have an ulterior motive, or was he simply too paranoid?

  Just as he hung up the phone, the young man’s figure flashed across his mind. All of a sudden, he had an urge to enter the University Forum. Sure enough, there were forum threads about today’s matter. Needless to say, the peerless attractiveness of the involved party was attributed to the exponentially high level of engagement.

  Once more, his eyes narrowed at the sight of those compliments and love declarations for his Darling. A few moments later, he came across an image of the young man with his arm around his nephew’s shoulders.

  [Is it just me, or do they seem to suit each other in appearance?]  
  [OMG, me too! I wish they’d just get together right now!]

  Following on, CEO Duan skimmed through the subsequent comments and took a screenshot before sending it to his nephew.

  After a brief pause, Duan Xiuwen sent him a response.


  [Duan Xiuwen: I will have a moderator delete them.]
  [Duan Chi: Alright.]

  As soon as Duan Xiuwen closed the messenger, all sorts of emotions billowed in his chest as he found his university days even more arduous than he envisioned.

  Elsewhere, Jing Xi had also stumbled upon the post in the forum and was informed that Xiao Hui, too, was keeping tabs on this. In order to “mislead” users on the forum, he instructed System to create a post and recount the matter in a conjectural manner. Since he was adamant that the Conniving Little B*tch would feign suicide again, he wanted to open her eyes to public opinion and prevent her from using “being a letdown” as the reason for attempting suicide to manipulate the masses to bash Jin Yumeng online.

  Jing Xi speculated, “As for that step-brother of mine, I reckon he would block her. Then, she would surely divert all her attention to him. Wouldn’t you say they make a great couple?”

  With that, System executed his instructions with hardly a peep of protest. “What are your plans for the male and female leads?”

  “We’ll get to it later.” The apathetic Jing Xi asked casually, “What transpires in the original storyline?”

  System revealed, “In the beginning, both Yi Jun and Xiao Hui would pester the female lead ceaselessly. Xiao Hui would always play the victim, to the extent that the female lead could not resist hurling sarcastic remarks. Due to that, Yi Jun finds her personality far too aggressive, causing her mood to worsen. Only with the male lead’s assistance did they gradually become acquainted with each other.”

  Upon hearing that, Jing Xi was absolutely flabbergasted.

  System continued, “Later… Eh?”

  Jing Xi repeated, “Later…?”

  Yet, System made no answer.

  Earlier, it was too absorbed in being elated by having the scumbag and conniving little b*tch got a taste of their own medicine when Jing Xi publicly criticized them. Now that it thought of this matter, it suddenly struck System that something was wrong. “After a stunt like this, they would not appear before the female lead any time soon, right? If that’s the case, would that not mean the male lead will lose his chance to help her?”


  However, Jing Xi asked in a tone of bewildered innocence, “Oh, really?”

  “…” That was a tone System knew only far too well. Before long, it lapsed into silence.

  A suffocating silence ensconced the human’s mind before System burst into a flood of tears, wailing pitifully.

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