Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapter 11: Does that area still hurt?

Tang Gu recalled that the group seemed to have planned to hide for a while after taking their money. She didn’t know how many men there were outside, but right now, this man had already gone into the shower. 

Did this mean that she… could escape? 

She ignored the pajamas. She leapt down the bed, then leaned onto the door to listen to the situation outside. 

There was the sound of footsteps. It seemed as though they hadn’t left. 

Tang Gu was about to return to the bed when she saw the man standing at the entrance of the bathroom. She didn’t know how long he had been standing there, but he had a mocking expression on his face, and his voice was cold, “Trying to escape?” 


Tang Gu was so scared that she was shaking. “… N… No.”

“Go on. Anyway, the others haven’t tasted a woman for some time already…” The man then started striding over and reached his hand out to open the door. 

When Tang Gu understood his intention, she was terrified. She hugged his waist, “No! Big Brother, I won’t run! I won’t run anymore! Really! I won’t run anymore!” 

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Through that hole, one could clearly see that fair and tender c*nt. 


The man pulled off the towel covering his legs, revealing the organ that had become erect in an instant. This was the first time Tang Gu had seen this large rod at such close distance. 

The pain of it breaking into her body still lingered in her mind. Immediately, she was so scared that she didn’t dare to look at it anymore. 

The man walked over to the side of the bed in a few steps, then leaned down and squeezed her b*tt cheeks with his hands. “Does that area still hurt?” 

Tang Gu knew where he was referring to. She shook her head. 

Then, she recalled that his back was facing hers, and couldn’t see her shaking her head, so she quickly replied, “No. It doesn’t hurt anymore.” 

Right now, she only wanted to use her body to please him. She didn’t want to provoke him, because if he was angry, he would give her to his buddies outside. She didn’t want to be gang-r*ped. 

The man reached out to wrap his hands around her br*asts, his palm casually kneading them, while his c*ck lightly knocked against her asshole. He didn’t enter her. He was just lightly brushing against her entrance, as he occasionally lowered his head to kiss her spine. 

From head to toe, even the hair of this young lady was extremely breathtaking. The man wished that he could swallow her entire being into his stomach, so that she could never escape from him in this lifetime. 

His lips brushed across her shoulder blades, then swept down towards her lower back, the most sensitive part of her. Every time he licked or kissed the area, she would always sound like she was on the verge of tears as she asked him to stop. 

How could he possibly stop? 

The man lightly ran his tongue along her waist, the rough texture of his tongue grazing her skin, till he reached her belly. 

It was quite different from the night before. Tang Gu couldn’t tell exactly what was different, but the area where her chest was being kneaded had started to feel comfortable, and when she was licked, she didn’t feel disgusted. Instead, she felt that it was ticklish and numbing. 


The man’s meat stick would intermittently rub against her p*ssy. After a short while, a clammy and sticky sound could be heard. 

Tang Gu was so embarrassed that her entire face was flushed. 

Her p*ssy… seemed to be leaking. 

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