Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapter 10: She’s mine

“Boss, when you’ve had enough fun, can you let us play with her too?” 

Monkey stood at Ye Chibei’s door early in the morning. When he saw the latter coming out topless, and his back was covered with scratches made by the young woman’s nails, he added excitedly, “F*ck. Last night, I heard her shouting all night, and my d*ck was hard the entire night.” 

“Don’t you have any designs towards her.” Ye Chibei gave Monkey a warning glare, “When the tide has passed, you can find any other woman you want. She’s mine.” 

Monkey pouted, “But I was the one who…” 

Yu Chibei’s gaze darkened as he continued staring at him. 


Monkey quickly swallowed the other half of his line. “I’m joking, Boss. What would you like for breakfast?” 

When Yu Chibei was in a good mood, these buddies could tease him for all they want. But then he was angry, not only Monkey wouldn’t dare to provoke him, even Wild Boar and the others wouldn’t dare to approach him. 

“Go and buy some things that women use.” After saying this, Yu Chibei went to eat his breakfast. 

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His calloused hands pulled her legs apart. 


Tang Gu’s tears spilled again, and her voice was dry and raspy, making her sobs sound even more pitiful. “… Don’t, we can’t do this anymore… I beg you…” 

“I’m applying medicine for you.” The man applied something on his rough fingers, then he rubbed it in. 

Ye Fu almost couldn’t differentiate if at this point, she was acting in the film, or out of it. Last night, the movie king had also given her a bag of medicine, and reminded her to apply it. 

She had carefully used her index finger to apply some on… her core, which had been some abrasions. 

Right now, the rough index finger was doing the same thing. He slowly tugged at her entrance, his finger applying a thick layer of medicine on it. Then, his finger probed within her core. 

Tang Gu arched her head back in discomfort. Her brows were furrowed, and her white teeth were biting down on her petite mouth. When she arched her body back, her full bosom was raised up high, as though she was taking the initiative to send it to the man’s mouth. 

The man had only used his finger to pry open her entrance and apply the medicine when he felt some wetness, hence he dipped his fingers further in. 

Ye Fu’s body was frozen in place. 

Logically speaking, they should be simulating the movements, but the movie king wasn’t doing so. Yet, it wasn’t right for her to stop, so she could only cooperate and pretend that she was rejecting him. 

However, the man simply applied the medicine inside, then used the slickness within to slide out. 

It was as though the moment when he stuck his finger in was only a figment of Ye Fu’s imagination. 

After applying the medicine, the man left the room. 


Ye Fu lay on the bed in a daze, and slowly fell asleep. When she woke up, it was already nighttime. 

The police didn’t come, despite her waiting. 

What awaited her, was simply a sexy lace pajamas. 

“Change into this.” 

The man tossed the pajamas onto the bed, then walked into the bathroom to shower. 

As to what he wanted to do after the shower, she was very clear.

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