Drifting Between Film and Reality

Chapter 12: Your moans sound so good

The man pulled her arms back and held them in place. 

Then, he pushed her body down, making her lie prone on the bed, and only her b*tt was raised up high. 

In the next moment, he guided his c*ck and slowly entered her. 

This time, the man was very gentle. He didn’t start pounding her furiously as he did the last time. Instead, he gradually buried his entire shaft into her body, as he lowered his head and kissed her pretty neck. 

Her hand was still locked on her back, so she was in a position where she couldn’t even resist. She looked both fragile and pitiful. 


Yet, this position unconsciously fuelled a burst of s*xual desire in the man. The man had to use all his might to control himself from pounding her hard. He was worried that her fragile entrance might become swollen if he did so, and he wouldn’t be able to f*ck her again the next morning. 

Hence, he carefully and gently moved inside her. 

Unexpectedly, this time, Tang Gu’s experience was pleasurable. She didn’t want to make any sound, but she was f*cked till she moaned. She gritted her teeth, trying to control her voice several times, but failed. 

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Tang Gu was surprised by his sudden thrusting that she yelped. She wanted to cry, but she couldn’t. The diminishing pleasure had drowned her senses. She saw the man’s flushed organ entering and leaving her body. She saw the large palm kneading her fair br*asts. She saw the man’s fingers flicking and playing with her sensitive n*pples. 


In the end, she saw the man’s index finger reaching to the area between her legs. The tip of his finger found the hardened cl*toris, and had started to rub it strongly. 

Tang Gu arched her neck back and screamed as she came. Her belly was still trembling slightly, while her ear was being nibbled and licked by the man. A warm breath travelled from her ear, causing her to shiver all over. 

The man standing behind her started to thrust in and out of her deeply once more. The two fair mounds on Tang Gu’s chest were jiggling all over the place by the force of the pounding, and her body clenched tight, as though something was about to gush out.

“Ahhh… Pl… Plea… Please…” 

She screamed at the top of her voice, and tears covered her entire face. When she cried, her expression was so beautiful that people would feel flustered. Her white teeth lightly sank into her lips, as her vision was sliced into red and white, red like blood, and white like snow. 

In this visual spectacle, her brows were furrowed, and two pitiful streams of tears fell from her face. 

Her body was still convulsing when she was once again f*cked into a cl*max by the man. 

The man then pounded her a few more times, deep and fast, before a gush of warmness filled her core. 

Ye Fu was shuddering from the burning sensation. She didn’t turn her head back, and looked from the mirror to see that the movie king was letting out a pleasurable groan, his expression filled with satisfaction. 

Was this… real, or was he acting? 

Ye Fu couldn’t tell. 

When Director Xu cut the scene, the first thing Cen Luan did was to get a towel to help Ye Fu clean herself up. Ye Fu took the towel and thanked him softly. 


She didn’t dare to look up at Cen Luan. 

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