Devil Angel and Crybaby Demon

Devil Angel and Crybaby Demon 1.1

TL Note: Smut starts in pt. 2

Beautiful platinum blond hair that seems like it’s been spun from moonlight. 

Large eyes that were slightly slanted, like that of a cat. But these capricious cat-like eyes were a spice that made her attractive. 

The eye color was sweet, like a bright red ruby, or strawberry jam. 

White skin that seemed almost translucent, and the naked plump lips that looks so sweet it makes one want to suck them. 


Charming curves really made one want to touch them. 

Even though she had such a seductive body, the chest was covered with glossy black leather, with the breasts being hidden by a cross pattern. The lower limbs had small leather pants that only hid the private areas. The slender arms and legs were covered by the same black leather gloves and boots, going up to the upper arms and the mid-thighs respectively. However, the sexy stomach was completely visible. 

Bat-like wings were growing from her back, emerging around the scapula. There was also a long tail with the tip shaped like an arrowhead, it had a feather like feel and started from the top of the tailbone. On both sides of the head, large, milky-white horns spiraled to resemble that of a ram. 

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There are those who have persisting desires even after demon’s have fulfilled them, it can be concluded that a person’s desire was endless. They’d rather have instant pleasure, even if it might lead them to ruin. That’s why demons will continue to exist, because such humans won’t be going extinct anytime soon. 


So Lilia takes charge of corrupting humans with the art of seduction. 

Sexual desire was one of the three major human desires. 

There is no human being who cannot drown in the act that could be called the root of their activities. 

This inexhaustible desire was a sweet bait. 

A beautiful devil will satisfy your innate desires. It is a pleasure that humans wouldn’t be able to enjoy if they lived normally. Succubus Lilia has no hesitation in fueling the desires of men. 

Because that’s the reason why she was born. 

“Well, aren’t you a bad girl.”

The man who caught Lilia shrugged his shoulders as if to say, ‘good grief.’ It was Lilia’s natural enemy, archangel Irnius. 

Lilia glared at the abominable angel. 

An angel was an existence that was the polar opposite of demons. If it was a demon’s job to disturb the human’s world, then it was the angel’s duty to bring back order to said world. 

Lilia didn’t bother to hide her loathing gaze at the man who tied her wrists up with a rope made of light. 

Lilia wouldn’t be able to undo the restraints made of Irnias’s holy magic. Even if he were corrupt, he was still an archangel. The presence of holy magic that rested on her skin drained away Lilia’s remaining magical energy. 


――And yet, as per usual, he was so vivid that it hurt her eyes. 

Neat, short silver hair, with dark sky-blue eyes. He had a soft smile on his face, but looking directly at him really made her want to knock the smile off his face. The way he talked to her was also like he was trying to soothe a small child, it was very annoying. 

This was not the first time Lilia’s mission had been interrupted by this angelic man. 

He wore a long, milky white robe that made it difficult to see his body shape, but underneath his clothes was a very lean and well-trained body. The man who caught Lilia trying to seduce a human male in order to steal their vitality, was very strong. Lilia’s slender arms, which had been tied up more than once, hadn’t forgotten the feeling of being shackled by Irnias.  

Lilia had stopped resisting and was quietly dragged into the inn. 

Ah, the irony of being dragged by one’s natural enemy into an inn where she was trying to seduce a human man. 

Six large, pure white wings extended from Irnias’s back (of course, both of Lilia’s devilish parts and Irnias’s wings that symbolized his lineage was invisible to humans). 

The size and the number of wings directly represented an angel’s rank. 

90% of angels had two wings, those were found everywhere, only a handful had four wings, and even less had six. 

In other words, he was extremely high ranking. 

Lilia didn’t even know Irnias’s name when they first met, but she knew at first glance that the man was a powerful angel.  

Part of it was because the holy aura that demons despised was so strong that it made her skin crawl just standing there. However, after she kept meeting him (by force majeure1unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract), she was no longer left in fear by just looking at him. But that didn’t shake off the impression that he was a scary man. 


Lilia was caught by this man shortly after she entered the human world, by an archangel no less. To be honest, at that time, she was even prepared to be annihilated. 

It was really unlucky. 

Fortunately, she was not killed, but ever since then, Irnias had been interfering with Lilia’s plans one way or another. 

What on earth has tugged on this man’s heartstrings, or does he think that she’s a target worth tormenting? Even after moving from place to place, country to country, Irnias still came to obstruct Lilia. ――Archangel, do you really have time for this? 

If you’re an archangel with the time to worry about a newborn demon with no significant power, then perhaps you should be focusing on something else, was what Lilia sincerely thought from the bottom of her heart. 

Lilia informed him that the Minister of Finance of a neighboring country was trying to overthrow the country by forming a coup d’etat with a demon of a much higher rank than her, but Irnias just smiled and said, “I’ll leave that to someone else. I’m on a serious mission to stop you from doing something wrong.”

There were demons that corrupted people on a national level and lead to the destruction of worlds, so Lilia’s misdeeds were trivial as it focused more on a single human being indulging in pleasures, at most dying in a fit of passion. 

Lilia doesn’t think that she’s done anything wrong, and so she doesn’t feel any remorse. In terms of demon’s ethics, she believes that she’s done good deeds, fulfilling the desires of others. 

No matter how many times Irnias catches and sermons her, it all enters one ear and exits the other, as Lilia’s is a demon. 

There was only problem, and it was that this archangel kept interfering, so Lilia has not been able to accomplish her goal of sleeping around beyond the tip of her little finger, which was hilarious. 

It was funny because she’s been caught so many times that she couldn’t do her job at all, like right now as she’s being haphazardly restrained. 

And Lilia has never once been able to defeat Irnias. At best, she can escape with her tail tucked between her legs.


She’s been running away whenever she saw the opportunity, but she was still caught.  

“It’s time to punish you, Lilia.

Lilia’s small body shivered at Irnias’s words. 

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