Devil Angel and Crybaby Demon

Devil Angel and Crybaby Demon 1.2

“It’s time to punish you, Lilia.

Lilia’s small body shivered at Irnias’s words. 

Lilia had never felt the touch of death, but she hated sermon time. She was sure that there was no demon that liked to be lectured to. 

When Irnias placed her on her knees, Lilia let out a small yelp. Normally, she would be made to sit on her knees and be lectured on how she shouldn’t eat semen and tempt men, then her legs would go numb after a while, but she’s never been put in a position like this. 

It was a wonder as to why there were so many people in this world who would love to be sermoned by such a man. 


Plus, there was no reason as to why this situation would be a good thing, so Lilia really wanted to run away; at the same time, she didn’t as it would only extend the sermon. The power difference between them was something they were born with, and it was sadly absolute. 

“I’m not sure how long it will take for Lilia to reflect on her actions, so let’s change the format today.”


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“Tlu! Ebyv yal usw eskdt!”

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Irnias’s large, incriminating hand slapped Lilia’s small buttocks vigorously. At the same time that the sound of skin against skin echoed loudly, Lilia’s started struggling.  



“Ah, calm down or else your punishment will get worse.”   

Lilia was about to shout ‘stop’ but the hand that swung down in quick succession slapped Lilia’s bottom with such force that her words were drowned out by a scream. 

――Bachin! Bachin! Bachin!

The sharp pain that shot up from her buttocks to her brain made Lilia’s large eyes start spilling large tears. She stopped flailing as she started moaning, and the man’s hand continued to slam down on Lilia’s cheeks. 

Meanwhile, Lilia’s moans were heard less frequently as she sank down onto the man’s firm thighs. It was only when her pale skin turned into a bright red did Irnias stop spanking her. 

“Fuya ♡, Fuya ♡” He was breathing hard as he stared at the poor demon who was trembling. Lilia, who was lying on her face, was unable to see what Irnias currently looked like. 

A different kind of tingle slowly crept up from the pit of her stomach as he gently stroked her swollen buttocks. Her pain-sensitive skin quivered at the ticklish touch. 

“Hi-i,” she cried out as her pores expanded and sweat started gushing out. 

Fu, fu, the breath that was rising was almost feverish. Lilia’s face was lined with tears, but it was also painted with lust that could not be attributed to pain. 

“Ah……Lilia seems to like pain, so this won’t be much of a punishment for her”

Irnias chucked as he stroked Lilia’s c*nt. His fingers were moistened with Lilia’s nectar, and it formed a string when he pulled away. 


“Look, your c*nt is soaking wet,” Irnias teased. The man’s fingers that were slick with Lilia’s nectar was deliberately held in front of her, and Lilia’s ears turned red with shame. 

The man’s words, which fueled her embarrassment, caused more tears to spill. Lilia felt so frustrated, she didn’t want to cry because of this devil, but her tear ducts had broken down and wouldn’t listen to Lilia at all. 

Even now, her white, slender thighs, were slightly flushed as her body temperature rose; her inner thighs, trembling with excitement, were wet with honey that dripped from her bare c*nt. 

Her body’s response was very obvious, and her untouched c*nt tingled even as she tried to lie to herself. Her succubi instincts had been ignited and burned, begging for a c*ck to be inserted inside her. 

Lilia’s honest tail twined around his arm, that had been punishing her butt, in a sultry and sweet way, displaying a behavior that would not let the male escape. Oh, against her natural enemy!

The man’s fingers repeatedly moved back and forth across Lilia’s slit, stirring her nectar. The finger occasionally brushed and flicked the sensitive bud, full of mischief, causing a thrilling sensation in the pit of her stomach, leading to another flood of nectar. “My fingers seem to be drowning, you’re so wet,” he chuckled and pinched Lilia’s sensitive clit. 

“~~~~ah, ah, ah ♡♡♡”

Pushu ♡ Pushu♡ Lilia’s body jerked back as she spurted out more nectar. Her body, which had been forced into orgasm, intermittently went into small spasms before collapsing onto Irnias’s lap. 

Irnias stroked Lilia’s head, which was melting with the afterglow of her climax, while staring at her with enraptured eyes. 

Lilia was at the end of her rope. The fact that she was spanked like a child was humiliating, but it was not her intention to be played and humiliated with. She didn’t like pain, but her body felt good on its own. 

She was so embarrassed and was constantly in tears. 

“Why are you targeting me……” 


Lilia would’ve been able to live more freely, if only she hadn’t been spotted by a man like Irnias. There was no way that an ordinary succubus could be able to compete with an archangel. 

“I love you much, so how could I keep seeing you seduce everyone but me?” 

“ ~~~~I-ah! I hate you! I hate this! You probably tell everyone that you love them! You b*stard!” 

Angels were beings that showed equal love to all humans. 

Demons, no matter what, were single-minded beings who were basically in love with the person they’re tempting. 

“I’m an angel, you’re the devil. Do you know how crazy it is to say that?”

“It’s a metaphor!”

“That’s not the point, shouldn’t you apologize?”

“Why should I?! Of course I’m not sorry! I haven’t done anything wrong!”

Well, demonically speaking, though it did come with a caveat. 

She was just trying to seduce a man who looked like he had a lot of energy, give him a good dream, and get some good energy. In other words, it was just a meal. She couldn’t be blamed for that. 

She should’ve just lied in front of the angel who was punishing her, but Lilia was foolishly honest. Demons were creatures that don’t lie. 


Seeing Lilia like this, Irnias let out a deep and profound sigh before giving Lilia a piercing gaze as if to declare that she was at fault. 

“This isn’t good enough, is it? It’s no use, this is for your own good, I need to be stricter.”

Irnias lifted Lilia up and pressed her body against the bed. She was positioned on all fours, like a beast, restraints pinned her to the bed so that she couldn’t move. 

Her bare c*nt and ass were thrust high into the air. All Lilia could see in front of her was the white sheets. Lilia bounced as her still-tingling *ass was struck. The only thing she could freely move was her neck, she paled as she desperately tried to see what was behind her. 

Irnias’s hand spread open Lilia’s plump buttocks, and a gorgeous face peered into Lilia’s asshole. You could see the red tongue sticking out to lick the anal region with a muchii~♡

“Ya~a.” She wriggled her body and her ass shook in a way that seemed to invite the man who just punished it, his slimy tongue slipped into Lilia’s sphincter. 

“No, it’s dirty! Don’t lick it!”

“Hmm~? Lilia feels embarrassed that her ass is being licked, even though she’s a succubus? Besides, it’s not dirty at all, angels and demons don’t excrete like humans do.”

He pressed his face so hard that it was sandwiched between the buttocks. The soft tongue licking and sucking on Lilia’s sphincter sent shivers up and down her spine. 

It was not a hole for sex, even though Lilia was a succubus, her p*ssy was just a hole for eating. But she was embarrassed that her anus was being penetrated, as it was not necessary for copulation. She couldn’t stand the thought of having her hole played with just for the sake of pleasure. She’s never been f*cked in the ass before. 

Jururururu~♡ Gupun♡ Nuchu~ 

“Aaaaaaaa~~~♡ Hah ♡ Don’t do it in the butt~~~♡”

A finger was inserted into her slippery asshole along with the tongue. Her hips bounced as the finger dug into the sensitive inner walls. Her asshole contracted around the man’s long finger, sucking it in. The inner walls continued to squeeze the rough fingers, and even though it was attempting to squeeze out the foreign item, she couldn’t help but feel good. 

“Ah, Lilia is such a naughty sl*t, it looks like it wants to eat d*ck. Really naughty~ Well, it can’t be helped, she is a succubus after all.”


Lilia’s body quivered as more fingers were plunged into her folds. She was frustrated with her body that was too weak to pleasure. Although she didn’t mind doing anal, the stimulation on her asshole really made her p*ssy ache.  

Pushu~♡ It looked like the untouched pussy was spraying juice and was crying out in pleasure. 

Irnias grabbed onto Lilia’s tail as she crawled forward in an attempt to escape. The tail was an erogenous zone, and being harshly pulled caused her p*ssy to spray out more juice. 

“Fwaa~ ah~ ah~♡♡♡” While moaning sweetly, her whole body went numb as if an electric current had shot through it, and all the strength left her body. 

“This mischievous tail seems very lonely~ Let’s insert it here.”

As Irnias said that, he plugged Lilia’s tail into her c*nt. 

“Hii……! Don’t just do whatever you want!”

“Heheh, does it feel good? Is it really okay to expose your weaknesses so soon?  Ah, you worry me.”

“Ah, ah~~~~~~♡ Tail, N-no ♡”

While saying this, the hand that discovered her weak points aimed at Lilia’s small p*ssy and started moving her tail in and out gently, piercing the p*ssy. 

The p*ssy that was soaked with Lilia’s nectar swallowed the tail and squeezed it tightly. The tail slapping against the G-spot made her feel so good that her body started relaxing. 

“Ah ♡ Aaah ♡ Yada~♡”

“Wa, you really are f*cking yourself with your own tail, aren’t you? You really are so cute, Lilia.”

She really wanted to stop this kind of haphazard masturbation, but she couldn’t as the tail that was about to fall out was shoved back in, and the tightening of her own c*nt and the pressure on the tip of the tail felt so good. The tail that was shoved back in hit the mouth of the uterus and a small climax burst at the back of her stomach. 

(It feels so good♡ My p*ssy feels so good……♡)  

Lilia, who was basking in the climax, was moved to a different position, and Irnias pressed his erect d*ck against the slick asshole. And before Lilia noticed anything, he skewered her slender body with his penis. The asshole was spread open and swallowed the erect penis. Their hips and butt collided with a Zupan ♡, and the c*ck pushed deep inside to tease Lila’s virgin ass-p*ssy. 

Was this guy really an angel? It was no surprise that Lilia thought that this was the work of a devil. 

“~~~~~~tsu♡ Kahatsu ♡ Ah, aaaah~~~~♡♡♡ Chinpo♡Ya~ a~~~♡”

The merciless thrusting began, the back of her rectum throbbed and her womb tingled. Lilia’s ass p*ssy was so  pliable that even when the c*ck was inserted in one stroke, the luscious folds of her ass would suck on the c*ck with relish. 

In fact, it didn’t take long for Lilia’s asshole to get used to it, and it was so pleasured with the stimulus provided by sucking on d*ck, that she was dripping nectar. 

The archangel’s c*ck that was thrusting into the succubi’s asshole was savoring the comfortable tightness of her ass c*nt. The punishing pistons were relentless, knocking Lilia into a pit of climax and despair. 

Gupon♡ Jiyupun♡ Nupu~~~♡ Jubojubo♡

A♡ Ah♡ Ah♡ Pishuton♡ Yara ♡ No g-good♡ Penis♡ So tight♡ Lilia’s ass-p*ssy is sucking…no good♡ I’m going to climax♡ I’m going to climax with Irnias’s d*ck♡”

Ahn ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Nuchu ~~~~ ♡ Gupugupu ♡

“You’ve been c*mming for a while now, though I don’t quite know what you’re saying♡ Here, I’m going to make Lilia’s ass p*ssy filled with angel’s semen, okay?” 

“Ya♡ Ya♡ Aaaaaaah~a~~~~♡♡♡ devil♡ N-n-no♡ Byubyu no-no nyanii ♡

“It’s too late……♡ I’m being squeezed.” 

“ Fuaaaa♡ Ah ~~~~~♡ Iku♡ Ihyau♡ Iguuu♡♡♡” 

Lilia easily got her p*ssy to climax into squirting honey. 

Irnias’s semen was slammed deep into her asshole. Even though it felt good, if semen containing a lot of holy aura was inserted in the back, it would be poisonous to Lilia, and her power would be weakened. 

“A … ah … ♡ wa… ♡”

“Ha~……You’re really stupid and cute.”

Irnias kissed Lilia and intertwined their tongues as she immersed herself in the aftermath of the climax. An angel’s seal was engraved onto Lilia’s neck, and Irnia’s smiled at her captivating image. 

“Lilia needs me to keep an eye on her. I’ll take care of you’re sexual needs, and you’ll stay with me.”

When Lilia wakes up, she would be taken to the Irnias s residence to be tamed for the rest of her life, but the current Lilia had no way of knowing. 

[Irnias’ POV]

Irnias was bored. After living for thousands of years, it was only natural that there would be less and less stimulating events. 

The only entertainment in the heavens was observing the development of the human world, and punishing them. Of course, if a human did good deeds, then little blessings were sometimes given. Though, it was not very interesting to just watch. 

Then there was sex, sex, and sex. 

What they did was no different from that of humans. They talk about who had an affair, or which god gave a child with which god. 

The vulgar angels also had affairs and indulged in pleasures. Many of them descended into the human world to play tricks. The bloodthirsty ones try to punish the demons who were at odds with angels. Though that too, gets boring after a certain amount of time. 

In short, both gods and angels were bored. 

There was a time when Irnias was young, when he was ‘naughty’; Irnias, who was a beautiful and powerful angel, was very popular and had eaten many beautiful women. 

Some of them became his lovers, some asked him to marry them, but none seemed to fit the bill. 

Some of his acquaintances went off to marry other angels, saying that he would understand once he found his true love, but he couldn’t imagine himself doing the same. 

One day, as he was wondering if he was going to live a long, lazy life, Irnias met a lovely female demon. 

In hindsight, it must’ve been love at first sight. 

A beautiful woman with bright red eyes and wavy platinum blond hair. Her seductive body was enchanting, and the way her long hair hung over her exposed body made him think of the bedroom.

Upon closer inspection, he guessed that she was a succubus. She seemed to have just been born and was wandering around, wondering which man to seduce, and then she hit a tree that left her in tears. He also saw her panic when she was startled and her human mimicry had melted away. She seemed to be quite clumsy. 

It was interesting, so Irnias decided not to ignore it and interfere. It was very unfortunate for Lilia. 

Lilia, the succubus who was caught by Irnias, was trembling during the sermon because she thought that she was about to be killed. He won’t say that he had a great view of her breast, which swayed as she tried to seduce him. 

Lilia’s teary eyes as she looked up at Irnias from the ground was absolutely adorable. And he won’t lie, it made him hard. 

And then Irnias thought, (――Ah, I want to see more of her crying face). 

After a few more encounters (Lilia didn’t think they were few), Irnias realized that he was in love with Lilia and finally decided to take her home as he couldn’t understand why Lilia kept seducing other men. 

It was so cute to see Lilia so debauched from her first time having sex, begging for d*ck from someone she hated. The slaps on her ass, the tears in her eyes, and the dripping wet c*nt weren’t so bad either. 

The heavenly realm is always filled with a holy atmosphere that demons didn’t like, and even if Lilia wanted to escape, she wouldn’t be able to exert even half of her strength. 

On top of that, Lilia’s strength had been decreasing as Irnia’s kept f*cking her every day. Even if she did gain her energy from sex, as she was a succubus, such sex wouldn’t be able to refill her as she had been pumped full of holy c*m. Of course, Irnias was taking measures to ensure that Lilia would have a long and healthy life. 

Irnias was sure that Lilia felt like she was brought to be his holy sl*ve or pet, but Irnias took her home as his precious and lovely wife. Though, Irnias had no intention of correcting Lilia’s misunderstanding. He couldn’t help but feel fascinated by the sight of Lilia crying and shaking with pleasure. 

And Lilia also lost her anal virginity and was trained in the pleasures of anal sex. She was conquered by a man who knew all of Lilia’s pleasure spots, and her body had already been corrupted. 

If she were to leave now, there would never be a day when Lilia would be satisfied with sex unless it was with Irnias’s c*ck and fingers. 

She was sitting between his legs of the man she was supposed to hate, shaking her plump ass and sucking his c*ck with her plump lips, making a slurping, vulgar sound. Irnias’s eyes narrowed in fascination as he stroked Lilia’s pretty cheek. 

The man was very happy, even though it seems like he ended up like the other gods. 

Lilia: A newly born little succubus. 

She was born quite pretty even amongst other succubi, but her demonic life was already in tatters ever since she was spotted by that devilish angel.

Poor thing.

Irnias: He’s lived for several thousand times longer than Lilia, but he’s an angel, so his appearance is quite young1 age doesn’t matter if they’re handsome lmao

He fell in love with Lilia at first sight, so he’s rather obsessed with her. 

If he leaves her along, she’d try to hook up with other men, so it’s better to keep an eye on her. 

I’m happy that I was able to capture her safely. 

TL Note: Welp, time to translate something consensual to make up for my sins ahaha.

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