CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 43-44

Chapter 43. Play

Lu Xi Jie stood at one side with a stubborn face. His eyes were filled with longing but he kept suppressing himself. He was still at a young age yet he forced himself to act out a cool and chic face, using this expression to fight against her.

It was truly such a difficult thing to do! Bao Er sighed in her heart.

Looking at him, Bao Er recalled back to when she was still small. She would watch those at the same age as her being cherished and pampered by their parents, while she could only stand beside her parents and acted carefully according to how they reacted. That time, her eyes were also the same as Lu Xi Jie’s eyes at this moment. It was a look of envy, a look of longing, but she could only suppress it all in her heart.

“Bad woman, seeing how you’re going alone, I’ll be a bigger person and reluctantly accompany you there!” Lu Xi Jie hesitated for a while, and finally said something like this to Bao Er.


See, what was he saying, even saying that he was reluctant, did she make him reluctant? And he even said he’d accompany her? She was the one who was accompanying him there, alright?

Bao Er’s disdain against Lu Xi Jie went up another level. Such a small brat acted like he was being so great, would he lose his skin if he stepped down for a moment to acknowledge his own inferiority?

“Little brat, you dare call me a bad woman one more time! You will surely get a surprise.” Not a pleasant surprise.

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They went on some rides just now. She noticed that it had been a long time since Lu Xi Jie came to the theme park too, they had a lot of crazy fun together, laughing loudly when they were happy, and getting a little mad when she teased him. But this was exactly why it was fun. A child should be crying and laughing, or else he wouldn’t know how to be a child.


“Little brat, you’re not afraid of heights, right? You won’t vomit up there, right? If you will, I advise you not to play, in case you make me lose all the fun.” Bao Er pouted her mouth and gave him a ‘preventive shot’.

Lu Xi Jie promptly reacted after he heard her words. “You’re the one with fear of height, you’re the one who will vomit!”

Bao Er looked up to the sky. She was simply asking, did he really need to shout so loudly? Look at the people around them, they were looking at them perform!

Then, Lu Xi Jie actually guessed correctly. The feeling at the top wasn’t as great as she imagined. Bao Er screamed and vomited. Seeing this, Lu Xi Jie kept rolling his eyes.

When they came down, her whole body was exhausted. Those people who heard Bao Er tell Lu Xi Jie about the fear of height and vomiting began leering at her intensely. Beneath their eyes were feelings of contempt.

This was called eat her own words/smashing her own foot while moving the rock1TN: from Chinese proverb 搬石头砸自己的脚.

After a quick rest, they’d finished playing most rides in the theme park. Afterwards, Bao Er took Lu Xi Jie to go and eat. Obviously she wouldn’t choose those high-end restaurants and went for the stalls by the road.

This was called experiencing the fun of common people by eating hotpot and BBQ. Lu Xi Jie wasn’t willing to reduce his young master status at first to eat these “commoner” foods, but due to his hunger, he finally couldn’t resist Bao Er’s temptation and began eating.

After he ate, it naturally changed his mind about this!

Hence, the relationship between Lu Xi Jie and Bao Er became slightly better. He didn’t hate Bao Er and saw her as an enemy anymore, but if to say that they had a good relationship, it still didn’t sound right. That little brat was truly an awkward, conflicting being.

Chapter 44. No energy, not going

When they arrived back home, it was already seven o’ clock at night. The two of them trod weakly, but it was because they were too full.


After she sent Lu Xi Jie back home, the nanny was so full of gratitude for her that she almost wanted to treat Bao Er like a god. It was probably because she saw that happiness on Lu Xi Jie’s face.

“Auntie, you’re welcome. It just happens that I have some time and want to go out to play as well.” This was really the truth, but she didn’t plan to continue chatting with her right now. These older ladies would never stop talking when it involved family and children, and Bao Er really had no energy now to listen to her speech.

“Aiya, it’s really nice to have a teacher like Bao Er. I can see that it has been a long time since the young master is so happy. This is all because of you.”

Bao Er was speechless. It was because that small brat was being confined too much and he was too lonely.

“Yeah, it’s alright, auntie. You should let Xiao Jie sleep early, I presume he must be tired from playing. I’m also heading up.” She then waved her hand and entered the elevator.

After she went back, nothing else was more important than getting a bath. She wasted no time to take out a pyjama out of the wardrobe before entering the bathroom. It was rare that she used the bathtub.

After playing for the whole afternoon, she spent too much stamina so her whole body was sticky and covered in sweat. She didn’t think it was a big deal when she was still outside, but now that she came back, she felt really uncomfortable.

She let out a deep sigh. Bathing in the bathtub was truly so comfortable. Bao Er narrowed her eyes and felt like she was dozing off.

After dozing off for a while, she really did end up falling asleep. She even had a dream. She dreamt that she was so hungry and suddenly, there was a chicken thigh she could eat. Needless to say, she was excited and picked it up. She hadn’t put it into her mouth yet when she was awakened by the sensation on her skin.

It was gentle, covered in some bubbles. Bao Er could hazily feel a hand swimming around her body. It was at her neck at first, and then it went down to her chest, to her belly button, and even went to…

Bao Er sucked in a deep breath as her eyes popped open widely.

The bathroom was covered in mist. The while light came washing down from the ceiling. In a daze, she saw the person who suddenly appeared in front of her. He had handsome and distinct facial features, his sword-like brows looked so dauntless, yet his eyes were only focused on her, as if she was the only one left in this world, as if he was looking at the entire world. Down below, his nose was tall and good-looking as he nibbled his thin lips slightly. The lips looked red, moist and luscious, flashing a tempting light.


But at this moment, there was no more calmness on that handsome face. Deep in his eyes, there was a burning flame. This flame must have originated from the motion of his hand.

“Babe, you’re so beautiful that it’s out of this world!” Tan Jingmo’s low whisper rang beside her ears. It sounded blurry yet so clear. Both of them had never bathed together before, this was good timing, so he didn’t mind trying it once.

Bao Er was in a trance as she looked at Tan Jingmo in front of her without moving at all. She felt that only alluring light was flowing in this bathroom right now, transmissing it all clearly and deeply inside her brain. So, her initially unclear mind gradually became even more mucky.

Mostly, when they were together, they would be in the bedroom. They also only left a small light on, it wasn’t that they couldn’t see each other, but even if they saw each other, it was slightly hazy and felt unreal.

Now the Tan Jingmo in front of her was a little different from his usual self. She could see his desires clearly. In this situation where darkness was no longer cloaking it all, they truly saw each other fully, although he was still wearing a silver suit.

Seeing his suit, Bao Er suddenly came to her senses. When she was about to get up, Tan Jingmo stopped her.

“Ring ring ring” The ringtone of a phone rang. She only heard Tan Jingmo say “I have no energy now, not going” after he took the call. He then ended the call.

Bao Er was a little stunned. Why did he come here today?

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