CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 45-46

Chapter 45. What was happening?

*Slight H warning*

In this house with three bedrooms and one living room, its total area was almost one hundred and fifty square feet. It was a really big house, such as this large bathroom which was the same size as Bao Er’s room in her old house. Hence, the bathtub she was using now was also extremely large. This was the reason Bao Er didn’t want to take a bath in normal circumstances, because it wasted a lot of water.

Just now, although Tan Jingmo did take the call, the time between him receiving and ending the call was not more than one minute. Additionally, he used one hand to hold the phone, while his other hand… was still in the water.

Because there were bubbles covering the water surface, Tan Jingmo could not see the scene below. His eyes were full with desires, as if the soul deep in his heart was also clamoring for release, so there was no stopping the motion of his hands, becoming more and more daring instead.


And the direct consequences would be shouldered by Bao Er.

“Ah Mo, don’t.” She heard herself trying to resist him, denying her own heart’s desire. Her broken voice was laced with a mesmerizing drunkenness and her eyes were covered in haze. All of her senses were concentrated towards the small area under her body, as flowers exploded one by one in her head.

Lust was like a drug, once you were addicted, it was hard to quit. Before this, Bao Er never knew the desire that was hidden deep inside her heart, but now that Tan Jingmo would exploit her from time to time, she was able to feel this happiness. When she lost control, there was also a similar fear deep inside her heart.

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Tan Jingmo turned Bao Er’s body around so that she could face him directly. At that moment, the beautiful view in front of her chest was shown to him without being concealed at all. Tan Jingmo’s black eyes turned even darker.


His hand slowly went down, and was about to enter Bao Er’s body when he felt a sudden flow of heat. He thought it was Bao Er’s desire for him, as well as her passion.

“Babe, I see you missed me as well. I’m so happy.” There was an arrogant look on his face.

Bao Er felt an occasional pain in her stomach. That pleasure just now slowly went away, but it only took a while before her stomach became more and more painful.

What was happening?

Chapter 46. Bleeding

Tan Jingmo still wanted to continue his actions. His face was still filled with smiles and his whole person looked as if spring was here.

Bao Er grabbed his hand, wanting him to stop, because that stomachache was growing more intense and too unfamiliar.

“Ah Mo, my stomach… pains.” After she said that, her forehead started to release cold sweat. Bao Er held her stomach, feeling her insides contracting while the painful sensation grew bigger.

Tan Jingmo who was initially indulged in lust was slightly stunned for a while. Coming back to his senses, she was truly holding her stomach and her forehead was covered in sweat. It gave him a shock.

“What? What’s happening?” He got out of the bathtub and grabbed a big towel at the side to cover himself quickly. He then went back to check her condition.

Bao Er’s brows were wrinkled as she opened her eyes. When she saw a trail of blood in the water, she sucked in a breath. What happened?

Obviously, Tan Jingmo also noticed this. He knitted his brow and looked at it for a long while, before he responded and hugged Bao Er up from the bathtub. At this time, Bao Er’s lower body was still slowly bleeding.


Upon seeing this, it somehow confirmed Tan Jingmo’s guess that it must be blood.

After they went out, he placed Bao Er on the bed and grabbed some clothes for her to wear while getting anxious. “What’s going on? You’re fine just now, why are you suddenly bleeding?” It was rare to see his eyes that were usually gentle like water show such an anxious emotion.

Actually she was still in so much pain to the extent that she wasn’t able to walk, but seeing Tan Jingmo’s eyes that were filled with shock and at a loss on what to do, her heart suddenly felt so warm and happy.

The feeling of having someone to worry and care about her felt so good. It felt so good that she wanted to cry.

In fact, Bao Er really did break out in tears. She didn’t know if it was because of being touched or due to the pain.

Seeing this, Tan Jingmo became even more worried. He hugged her and left for the hospital.

Could it be that, she was pregnant and she got a miscarriage? Bao Er suddenly had this kind of thought in her heart, shocking her. Recently she would go and read romance novels when she had time. The pitiful female leads were always tortured by the author with different challenges, and miscarriage was typically one of it. This time, she unexpectedly found that her experiences were quite similar to the female leads!

How could this happen? The first time she did it with Tan Jingmo, she took the morning-after pill. The second time, he also kept his promise to not shoot inside. Afterwards, he began wearing the condoms, so logically she shouldn’t be pregnant.

At the hospital, Bao Er was so indulged in her own imaginations that she didn’t even notice when she arrived at the hospital, and what the doctor was trying to tell her.

“Alright, don’t simply take those medicines, but her body is weak so you should give her some nourishment. Boil medicinal soup that can help increase her blood count, try not to let her touch cold water and don’t let her eat cold and frozen food.” Bao Er only began to slowly come to her senses when the doctor with the big, white robe told her beside her ears.

Tan Jingmo nodded at the side, his face looking calm, as if his shock and confusion were just her imagination.

Seeing Bao Er’s face blanking out, Tan Jingmo shook his head resignedly, then caressed her hair habitually. Later, the doctor went out, leaving the two of them in the examination room.


“Alright, you’re fine!” His warm voice went into Bao Er’s ears through the snowy white lights, like the most graceful rhythm in the world. It was moving and warm.

“Ah? What did the doctor say just now?”

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