CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 41-42

Chapter 41. Taking time to go home

A few more days had passed after the auction. Bao Er felt that she had gained a certain insight from that auction. For example, it let her know that in reality, anyone could get sold anywhere in this way.

Actually that was scary, but after she honed an impregnable heart, being numb would be able to resolve such a sad reality.

Tan Jingmo came to the “golden nest” quite consistently. Basically he came once a week, which reduced Bao Er’s psychological pressure to a certain level. His regular timing made her feel like a concubine in the deep palace, while Tan Jingmo was naturally the king. The only thing she needed to do was to stay in this house faithfully and wait for his arrival at any time.

Wu, luckily she was more open-minded unlike those women who lived for their lover, otherwise there might not be another person like Bao Er in this world anymore.


In the afternoon, Bao Er just finished preparing the two dishes that she’d recently learned. She hadn’t placed them on the dining table yet when her phone rang.

“What’s up with you recently? Not even a phone call, you really don’t bother to come see me and your father?” She didn’t yet manage to respond when her mother’s impatient voice came roaring from the other side of her phone.

Although she sounded impatient, it was still so much better than her previous indifference and disregard. At least, she could still cause their dissatisfaction and watch them lose control of their emotions sometimes, right?

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“Xd vbl dkdvb xsdvb sq vbl Ubkdlpl nyzldeya, vyjl vkxl sqq vs nsxl bsxl.”

Jys Oa qasodle pwcnsdpnkswpzu. Qs bsxl? Xd vbl dkdvb xsdvb sq vbl Ubkdlpl nyzldeya? Eypd’v kv vss lyazu vs vyzj ycswv vbkp aktbv dso?

“I might not have time in that month, there are many things to take care of…” She hadn’t finished talking when her mother interrupted.


“Still, come home no matter how busy you are. Why, you’re all grown up now so I can’t order you around anymore? You’d already become successful, haven’t you?”

Bao Er was silent, and decided to listen to her. No matter what, they were still her parents and they never tortured or starved her. She’d been a good child for the past twenty years, so she didn’t want to be tagged as unfilial because she went against her order. Or else she’d feel so wronged!

“Alright, I’ll try. How is dad’s condition?” After talking about unrelated stuff, Bao Er asked about her father’s recovery as a symbolic gesture and the most basic standard that a filial daughter should do.

“As long as you don’t trouble him with those trivial stuff, he will naturally recover faster. Forget about it, I’m hanging up.”

Later only the “du du” sound came from the other side.

Chapter 42. Her favourite pastime is to bully children

After hanging up, Bao Er grabbed the bowl and chopsticks to start eating. Her emotions were not very greatly influenced. 

She didn’t know if her actions were considered as resigning herself to adversity, because she was already used to it. She was used to not refuting her parents’ request, to be obedient and to listen to them.

Yes, usually they would intervene in everything she did by directly giving her an ultimatum instead of asking Bao Er’s opinion. Actually Bao Er did not have any standing in Bai family.

Then just let it be, since she wasn’t at home most of the time right now. Fortunately, her mindset was more innocent and pure when she was still in primary and secondary school, otherwise she might have become crazy to live in such a bitter family.

After the meal, Bao Er sat on the sofa to watch the TV. Actually there wasn’t anything interesting on the TV, there were only pitifully fake romance dramas between the channels. She ended up watching the news.

“Knock knock knock!” There was a knocking sound on the door outside. The sound was not loud but Bao Er still heard it.


She stood up and walked lazily to open the door. The brat from the 5th floor, Lu Xi Jie, was standing outside. He looked unwilling and his mouth was raised up high, like he was so displeased to see Bao Er.

She stretched out her hand and lightly pulled his ear, “Great kid, showing me such a smug look, you don’t need to come if you’re unwilling!” Honestly, after these few days, both of them became more and more familiar with each other. Lu Xi Jie was also afraid of the “mouse” that might appear anytime in Bao Er’s hands, so he didn’t dare to oppose her too much.

The direct consequence of this was that Bao Er’s pride had ballooned a lot. She found that such a brat like Lu Xi Jie needed to be dealt with. To not endanger mankind in the future, she was forced to give him a good teaching, and to also help him experience the happiness of childhood at the same time.

Lu Xi Jie’s face turned bright red. He glared at her unhappily, then he escaped from Bao Er’s hands.

“Evil woman, bullying a child, aren’t you embarrassed?” The brat was so pissed that his face turned red.

Bao Er looked at him seriously and explained to him, “My most favourite pastime in my life is to bully children, so you don’t be so silly as to ask me if I’m embarrassed, because this shows how idiotic you are, understood?”

Lu Xi Jie’s face was like what she anticipated, it grew pale then red, and turned pale again.

Meeting someone like Bao Er who didn’t know how to “reflect on her actions”, Lu Xi Jie really thought that this must be the unluckiest thing that happened to him.

“Tell me, what’s the matter for coming here today?” Ever since he knew that Bao Er was staying on the 9th floor, Lu Xi Jie came to her place a few times. He could actually be considered a regular although he was forced to come here every time.

“Nanny Lee went out so she asked me to come to your place.” Lu Xi Jie said with a face of unwillingness, dragging his words.

The only nanny in his house had gone out and his mother didn’t have time to look after him, so Bao Er naturally became his temporary “nanny”.

The corner of her mouth twitched as Bao Er thought, what was she now? She wasn’t just a teacher, and she wasn’t really considered a nanny either, so she felt pretty unlucky to get to know Lu Xi Jie. But, seeing that he lets her bully him often, she’ll try to be more thoughtful!


“You are asking me for my help right now, so if you keep showing me such an unwilling face, go back to your house.” Bao Er didn’t show him a good attitude either because this bratty child loved to get ill-treated. He was a rebel, so if she talked to him nicely, it would only serve the opposite effect.

Lu Xi Jie started to get mad again like a small beast after he heard Bao Er’s words, “Hmph, then I’ll just go back. I don’t even want to come here.”

“Alright, the door is over there, you can leave anytime, I’m not forcing you to stay. But if you’re home alone, you better be careful, what if a mouse suddenly runs out from under the bed, the kitchen, the bathroom or somewhere else. There might also be scorpions and centipedes, it’ll be dreadful if you get bitten!” Bao Er said casually as she talked about those things that Lu Xi Jie was afraid of.

“Yeah, it’ll be better if you go home. I actually plan to go to the theme park by myself, but if you come, I’ll have to accompany you, then I won’t have time to go. So depressing!” She added at the end as she watched in humor when Lu Xi Jie’s initially hesitant footsteps suddenly halted and he didn’t take another step.

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