CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 113

Hudson turned his attention to Bao Er and saw that his bodyguard was crouching on the floor. As for Bao Er, she was looking at him calmly. His eyes were no longer still.

Hudson was angered. He didn’t know that his men were so useless. Turning his head, he hinted at his other bodyguards to go get Bao Er.

His reaction was fast, but Tan Jingmo’s reaction was faster.

When Tan Jingmo saw what he did, with a ‘swoosh’, he pulled out a mini handgun from his pocket. He pointed at the person beside Bao Er and “bang”, let out a shot, then pointed at Hudson before he reacted and shot again.

Because he had installed a silencer, the sound did not come out.


“Bao Bao, come here quickly.” While shouting at Bao Er, Tan Jingmo grasped Hudson. His fingers tightened into claws as he used more strength around Hudson’s neck.

“You better warn your bodyguards to be careful. If you agitate me, I don’t know what I may do next.” Tan Jingmo’s hands slowly increased its force as he spoke, squeezing Hudson till he almost couldn’t breathe.

Hudson’s eyes were obviously filled with rage. He was restrained by Tan Jingmo in such a bewildered state. This was seriously the lowest point of his life.

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On that day after Tan Jingmo told her to be careful, he gave her this stun gun with strong electric current that looked like a pen to her. He asked her to bring it everywhere she went, in case she couldn’t defend herself at all when she got into danger.


Today when she tried it, it was really remarkable.

Tan Jingmo’s dark eyes flashed with a slight amusement, then he nodded at Bao Er. “If you want, we have a subject here to experiment.”

Huh, Hudson, since you had the guts to do this today, I will let you taste embarrassment as well.

After Bao Er got his approval, she slowly roamed around Hudson. Holding the pen, she was thinking to start from Hudson’s hand.

Looking at the miserable Hudson, Bao Er pulled a face at him, then asked Tan Jingmo to let go of him. She pointed the pen at Hudson but her eyes were looking at the bodyguards around her.

“All of you step backwards, ten steps.” Bao Er commanded the row of bodyguards.

They were all Hudson’s men, so they only listened to Hudson and naturally wouldn’t consider Bao Er’s words at all.

Bao Er looked at the stubborn bunch of them, then she nodded and directly ignored them. “Since your followers are not listening, then I’ll act directly and get even with you.”

“Ah Mo, take off his clothes.” Bao Er told Tan Jingmo, not planning to do it herself.

After saying that, she realized it sounded inappropriate so she waved her hand at Tan Jingmo again. “Nevermind, I’ve thought of a better idea.” Bao Er laughed heartily.

When Tan Jingmo heard her say to take off Hudson’s clothes, his face turned dark, but when she changed her mind not to undress Hudson, he didn’t oppose anymore.

Bao Er who was holding the “fake pen” touched Hudson’s hand and she didn’t hear the agonizing scream that she’d expected.


Tan Jingmo’s eyes were full of smiles as he shook his head and told Bao Er: “He’s under my anesthetic, so he can’t feel pain right now. It’s useless to stun him.”

Bao Er rolled her eyes at him after she heard that. “Then why don’t you tell me earlier, you wasted my expression.”

Tan Jingmo was innocent.

Going next to Hudson, he held Hudson up as he looked at the bodyguards around him with icy eyes. Within his eyes, there was no longer the gentleness as when he faced Bao Er.

“You better step back in case I might hurt your boss.”

The bodyguards looked at each other after they heard him, unsure of what to do.

Tan Jingmo looked at the headstrong Hudson in his hands, then glanced at the bodyguards who did not listen to him at all. His hands put in more force, making Hudson’s face start to grow red. The way his neck was squeezed looked extremely funny, like a fish on the chopping board that had no way to fight back, letting others to butcher them.

“Tan Jingmo, you have guts! Are you all blind? Quickly step back.” Hudson shouted angrily at his followers, coughing while roaring.

Using this way, Tan Jingmo handled Hudson while Bao Er was behind him. Three of them slowly walked outside.

Hudson was a despicable and resentful person who would use lowly tricks to get what he wanted. But he was just a businessman and not a gangster, besides this was not his home in South East Asia. This was a place where possessing guns was not allowed. If he wanted to enter the country with guns, he wouldn’t pass the security check at all.

That was why Tan Jingmo dared to come alone, because he had a certain understanding about Hudson in this aspect.

As for the gun in his hands, this was a gift by the Wei Chi brothers who were in the army. It was naturally a real gun with real bullets.


Hudson obviously never expected Tan Jingmo to possess a gun.

Holding Hudson hostage, Tan Jingmo slowly headed towards his car. Behind him, the bodyguards were cautiously following him and slowly pursuing after them.

Tan Jingmo’s fighting skills were not bad, but he couldn’t guarantee that he could fight ten people alone. Not to mention Bao Er was also around, so it was more to his advantage if he restrained Hudson like this.

He had to use different tricks against different types of people. Hudson was not being virtuous, so why should he?

Opening the door, he pushed Hudson inside before he also entered. As for Bao Er, she consciously snuck into the backseat.

“Sit tight.” Tan Jingmo turned around to tell Bao Er, then he stepped on the accelerator. With a ‘swoosh’, the car flew off.

The bodyguards also quickly got into their cars to follow them after seeing that.

However, they were too far away behind Tan Jingmo’s car.

Inside the car, none of them spoke. Tan Jingmo was focused on driving, Hudson sat in the passenger seat weakly while Bao Er was staring absentmindedly at the scenery outside the windows.

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