CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 114

What Tan Jingmo attached to the gun was a high dose anesthetic. It would see its effects immediately after the gun was shot. It diffused very fast inside the blood, so people who got hit would definitely be completely numb within twelve hours, leaving them without energy.

Vaguely seeing cars still chasing after him from behind, the corners of Tan Jingmo’s mouth rose, then the car turned a corner and stopped in front of a large supermarket.

“Bao Bao, close your eyes.” He told Bao Er.

Bao Er listened to him and obediently closed her eyes.

Tan Jingmo got out quickly and went to the passenger side to take off Hudson’s clothes.


“Tan Jingmo, what are you doing?” Hudson asked while gritting his teeth.

Tan Jingmo smiled lightly, “Nothing, I just want you to remember this feeling forever.” After he said that, he tugged his hand and removed Hudson’s clothes, leaving him only in his short underwear.

Seeing that, Tan Jingmo was very satisfied and nodded. “Your body looks good, so I suppose you don’t mind if everyone watches you, right?” As he said that, he pushed Hudson down the car. He turned round a corner and disappeared from Hudson’s eyes.

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On the other hand, Bao Er sat in the car without saying anything.


She’d promised his grandfather that she wouldn’t appear anymore, but this time she wasn’t the one who appeared in front of him. It was Tan Jingmo who appeared before her, so this wasn’t considered breaking the promise, right?

Tan Jingmo drove to a private hospital and dragged Bao Er inside.

Only then did Bao Er remember that she developed a skin allergy.

Tan Jingmo went to the head of the hospital directly and asked for her help to treat Bao Er.

This private hospital was opened by a childhood friend of his. The hospital head was his childhood friend’s mother, her skills were not bad and she was also quite nice.

“Aunt Kang, please treat her. She was allergic to medicines, most importantly we need to know which medicines she’s allergic to in general.” Tan Jingmo’s face was full of worries.

Her body physique was too difficult to treat. It wasn’t that humans wouldn’t get sick and were made of iron, moreover she was a woman where her body physique was much weaker than a man. If she got sick and didn’t dare to use medicines to treat it, then wouldn’t this be equal to losing her life?

If using medicines would kill her, it would also kill her too if they didn’t use medicines. No way, he must find a solution fast.

As for the person Tan Jingmo called as Aunt Kang, she was judging Bao Er curiously.

The CEO of VK actually brought someone to see her personally, which was quite rare.

But, as for what he said…

“Miss, please sit down.” Aunt Kang told Bao Er.


Bao Er said thank you in a soft voice, then sat in front of her.

“Allergic to medicines right? When did these symptoms first appear?” She gazed at Bao Er’s face occasionally, then compared the red dots on her hand to her face.

“When I was young, around eight years old.” Bao Er answered.

“Is it painful?” Aunt Kang pointed at the dots on her face and asked. Bao Er shook her head, it wasn’t that painful this time, it was just a bit itchy.

After scrutinizing her, Aunt Kang asked Bao Er some related questions while doing records on her book.

After a while, she got up and told Tan Jingmo: “Her allergy situation is quite serious, but as for what you said to know which medicines she’s allergic to in general, we don’t know about it. Since there are so many medicines, if you want to know then you have to try it one by one. But it is extremely dangerous using this way.”

Tan Jingmo nodded without answering. His brows knitted slightly as he looked gloomy.

“You don’t have to worry too much, she’s just a bit too thin, but her dietary habits are good. She doesn’t have any bad habits as well, so she’s healthy in general. She’s already much healthier than other normal people. As long as she avoids using medicines, there should be no harm. Besides, one object bests another object. For her kind of physique, if we find out earlier and treat it earlier, she would be fine.” Aunt Kang smiled as she told Tan Jingmo.

After Tan Jingmo heard her, he let out a light sigh of relief.

Tan Jingmo thanked Aunt Kang, then he left the hospital with Bao Er.

On the way back, both of them chose to keep quiet.

Bao Er was in dismal and her thoughts were a mess. She didn’t know what she was thinking. The things she went through today was definitely like a small stone in her twenty years of peaceful life, giving her such adventure.


Her indifferent self had performed much better than she thought in front of Tan Jingmo’s grandfather. As for Hudson, probably it was because Tan Jingmo was around, so she dared to seek bitter revenge on him.

At that time, she was only thinking about paying him back for the suffering she’d gone through.

Bao Er leaned against the car window slowly. She suddenly recalled what happened today, especially when facing Tan Jingmo’s grandfather, she remembered her own grandfather. That fearless stance seemed to bring her back instantaneously.

Looking at it in a different light, his action did give Bao Er a certain revelation. She remembered the time when she was young, the fearless and neutral attitude she used when faced with the sharp-tongued, stern and cold grandfather.

Recalling that past made Bao Er bear it in mind, which caused Tan Hongtao to go through so much headache when handling Bao Er later on.

Tan Jingmo drove the car back to their original golden nest directly, and went up with Bao Er.

Back in the familiar house, Aunt Zhang had left. The empty house immediately became livelier because of their arrival.

“Sit down, let’s talk.” Tan Jingmo told Bao Er.

Bao Er bit her lips. She didn’t answer and sat on the other side of the sofa.

“For what happened today, I want to hear it from you directly. This has nothing to do with anybody else, tell me clearly what you think.” Tan Jingmo opened his mouth slowly, but his tone did not sound like an order.

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