CEO Is Being Abnormal

Chapter 112

“You, get up and cook noodles.” Entering the dining room, Hudson instructed Bao Er.

Bao Er, who was eating noodles, was slightly stunned and looked at him strangely.

“Didn’t you hear me? Go now!” There was some viciousness on Hudson’s face.

Bao Er was horrified by his eyes. Guessing that he wasn’t joking, she could only get up and cook noodles for him.

She just finished cooking the noodles and was going to serve it on the dining table when it began to clamor outside. Among them, Tan Jingmo’s voice was the loudest.


“Hudson, you f*cking come out.” Tan Jingmo’s face was impassive and forbidding, mixed with slight anger. The direct source of his anger was Hudson who was inside this mansion.

Upon hearing Tan Jingmo’s voice, Bao Er paused for a while, then slowly walked outside.

At the entrance of the kitchen, Hudson’s bodyguards was standing there, blocking her way out.

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“Tell me what you want, don’t waste time.” Tan Jingmo cut off Hudson’s words impatiently.


He understood what his grandfather wanted, it was none other than looking for a capable wife with a prominent family background for him, this was what he meant by union between families of equal social rank. Therefore, Tan Hongtao didn’t hesitate to push Bao Er away because someone like her didn’t have anything that could match up with Tan Jingmo. And even worse, she brought him into a state of romance between male and female.

A qualified and excellent leader didn’t need to be tied down by love. Only then could he get better returns in his career. Women were only useful to carry on the family line, VK that was growing stronger needed an exceptional successor to bring it to greater heights.

But unexpectedly, Bao Er was targeted once she got out of the door, and was drugged openly in the middle of the street. Tan Jingmo didn’t need a second guess to know that it was Hudson.

Because Hudson was narrow-minded enough and vengeful. It was within Tan Jingmo’s expectation for him to do that.

But he completely never expected his grandfather to go there directly.

Hudson’s light blue eyes were full of mania, he laughed at Tan Jingmo without holding back. “You’d fall for this kind of woman? I doubt it! But, as for what you said!”

He was halfway through his words before he stopped, as if he was deliberately keeping Tan Jingmo waiting. He didn’t finish talking to make the listener become anxious.

Tan Jingmo’s black eyes were still the same, his face was calm without being bothered by Hudson. As for his tricks, he wasn’t very familiar with it but he was no stranger to it either. He tried to use the time for a single sentence to keep him hanging. Tan Jingmo already realized that what he wanted to say next must not be anything good.

“Good, you are very calm. I have no idea if you’ll still be this calm after this. Jeff, bring the girl.” With a cold tone, Hudson ordered Jeff who was inside the kitchen.

After hearing Hudson’s words, Jeff went next to Bao Er and clasped her hands behind her back. He ignored Bao Er’s resistance and took her out.

Tan Jingmo raised his head and saw Bao Er being pushed outside. His heart sank, especially when he saw the red dots on her face.

“You drugged her!” His tone was certain. When he saw them using a towel to cover her nose in the CCTV, he was very sure that was the reason she developed an allergy.


Hudson shrugged his shoulders and went back to sit down at the sofa. His legs overlapped with each other casually before he answered Tan Jingmo. “Of course, nothing strange with that.”

Tan Jingmo gritted his teeth silently. He had never felt this way before, thinking that Hudson was such a nasty person.

“Tan Jingmo, today, if you kneel down before me and bow down, apologizing for your faults, then I’ll disregard this and I won’t use her to threaten you anymore.”

“If I won’t?” Tan Jingmo narrowed his eyes, looking straight at Hudson.

Hudson’s lips closed tightly as he grinned. He walked next to Bao Er, then with a “si la” sound, he ripped open Bao Er’s outer shirt.

“If you don’t agree, then you’ll definitely won’t forget what happened today, forever.” As for the person involved, Bao Er, she was stunned by Hudson’s actions and she didn’t even get to react.

Tan Jingmo’s eyes immediately changed after Hudson did that.

Strictly speaking, he ripped apart Bao Er’s outer shirt but because it was winter season, she still had an inner thermal wear inside, therefore nothing was exposed.

But Tan Jingmo did not think so. His own woman was bullied in front of himself, which was unbearable. Especially Bao Er, at this time she was shocked till she couldn’t say anything. Was this not enough?

With a dark face, Tan Jingmo slowly walked in the direction of Hudson.

Hudson’s face was elated when he saw this. Tan Jingmo, no matter what the past was, but today, you must kneel in front of me and beg for forgiveness. After what happened today, it would be impossible for Tan Jingmo to raise his head up again in front of him.

As for the humiliation that he experienced in the past, it wouldn’t matter much anymore.


Since this one time would completely wash away all those humiliation, right?

“As long as you know what to do instead of fighting me on your own and losing in disgrace. It won’t sound too good if word spreads.” Hudson nodded in satisfaction.

When Bao Er heard his words, she quickly returned to her senses. Looking at the person in front of her, she grew berserk for real.

This white man actually dared to rip her clothes? And even in front of all his subordinates, ripping her clothes right in front of Tan Jingmo?

If the tiger didn’t roar, he’d really think of her as a sick cat.

Bao Er was startled and bit Jeff’s hand brutally. Jeff loosened his grip in pain, giving Bao Er a short freedom. She stretched out her hand to dig inside the pocket of her pants, taking out a pen.

Seeing that she broke free, Jeff was furious. He stretched out his hand to find that the back of his hand was bitten till it bled. He looked at Bao Er viciously, going up to give her a slap.

Bao Er’s hand that was holding the pen touched his exposed arm. Accompanied with an electrifying sound, at that moment, the mansion echoed with Jeff’s agonizing screams.

“Ah, Ah Ah!” sounds spread all around. Those bodyguards who were initially putting up their guards around Tan Jingmo instantly turned their attention to Bao Er.

Bao Er looked at Hudson expressionlessly, “You’re dead!”

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