Chapter 28 [2nd World 6] Vulgar! Obscene!

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Warning: Rape (by the female lead)

T/N: I’ve already warned you in the last chapter, I literally said male lead gets his v*rginity forcibly taken. If this is not your cup of tea, don’t waste your breath and skip the chapter.

The moment Yan Xingyan recovered his senses, he realized that something was wrong. He opened his eyes abruptly and a sense of incredulity and despair surfaced on his usually calm and composed countenance.

He couldn’t believe it!

At this moment, his hands and feet were both tightly bound to the bed with a strong nylon rope and he was unable to move a single inch.

“Mr. Yan, you’re awake.”

A soft voice rang out and a beautiful, elegant face appeared in his view.


It was the madwoman!! Ji Che’s fiancee!!!

Seeing that Yan Xingyan was awake, Ruan Jiaojiao appeared cold, seemingly completely different from the frivolous woman who had lecherously groped his last time.

But, under these circumstances, how could Yan Xingyan have the mind to notice the difference!

“Why did you kidnap me?” He tried his best to maintain a calm tone as he asked.

He had just been in the company today, handling affairs until late and just as he turned in a parking lot corner, someone had covered his nose with a towel without warning, rendering him unconscious.

Faced with Yaning’s questioning, Ruan Jiaojiao raised a brow, but in the next moment, she climbed atop of the bed and sat down on top of him.

Her following actions nearly made Yan Xingyan lose his mind.

”What the hell are you trying to do?!!”

Ruan Jiaojiao was actually sitting on top of him, unbuckling his belt. The crisp sound of metals clinking rang out and the clothing on Yan Xingyan’s waist loosened as she pulled the belt off and casually threw it on the floor.

Then, she pulled down the zippers of his pants strongly and hauled off his underpants.

Following this action, Yan Xingyan’s sex was exposed in the air. He shut his eyes, taking deep breaths. When he opened his eyes again, the woman’s decisive appearance entered his eyes, mixed with bravery and even great bitterness?!

When Ruan Jiaojiao’s soft hands made contact with the limpid object in between Yan Xingyan’s legs, he nearly sucked in a breath of cold air, still believing that the scene happening in front of him was too bizarre and too unbelievable.

However, when the woman’s soft hands started softly stroking his sensitive d*ck, he couldn’t control his physiological reaction as an indescribable numbing electricity surged from his abdomen.

He was hard!! She had actually gotten him hard!!

Ruan Jiaojiao lowered her head and watched his d*ck attentively, turning it even harder until it became thick and long. He had turned so big it had started to hurt a little because her nails were digging into him!!

Yan Xingyan nearly lost his mind having his root of life fall into the clutches of this strange woman. However, he still maintained a cool-headed look on the surface, despite the fact that the thin sweat on his forehead, his pursed lips, tightly clenched fists and heaving chest were already giving him away.

“Now do you know what I want to do? I want to r*pe you….Mr. Yan…”

Such terrifying words easily came out of Ruan Jiaojiao’s mouth so heedlessly.

Yan Xingyan took a few more deep breaths but found it difficult to suppress his ragged breathing.

“What’s your purpose?” He asked.

If Ruan Jiaojiao were not sitting on the man at this moment, with one hand holding onto his member, as she slowly moved up and down lasciviously from position, the air between them could have been considered solemn and hostile.

Ruan Jiaojiao swept a light glance across Yan Xingyan and finally released her hold, pulling her skirt up and reaching inside, taking off her underwear in front of Yan Xingyan.

Today, she had worn a long silk skirt and a knitted sweater. Her face was completely devoid of any cosmetic powder, but she still looked charming and pretty, a complete contrast to her current behavior.

Ruan Jiaojiao looked at Yan Xingyan, propping two hands beside his body. She hesitantly and slowly shifted her butt to his crotch and held his er*ct c*ck, aiming it towards her entrance.

Realizing that she was being serious, Yan Xingyan’s long-cultivated educated demeanor crumbled down and he finally couldn’t hold himself back from bellowing.

“Are you mad! Do you know what you’re doing?!”

Ruan Jiaojiao bit her lip, the light in her beautiful eyes flickered, revealing a tinge of purity. She licked her dry lips seemingly to ease her tension and nervousness.

“I know. I want Ji Che to get what he wants, to obtain the woman he loves, and Miss Su also loves him, so I hope you can do them a favor, Mr. Yan.”

Ruan Jiaojiao revealed a sweet yet distressed expression as she blinked. A big teardrop leaked out of her eye, trickling down her face.

“If something were to happen between us, then you and Miss Su definitely wouldn’t be able to stay together.” Ruan Jiaojiao gave a low sigh.

After saying this, she seemed to put on a determined look and while Yan Xingyan was still struggling to process her words, she aimed his stiff and hard c*ck at her entrance and sat down in a huff.

“Sorry! Ahhh…. It hurts…”

She was the one r*ping others yet in the end, she was the one who let out a miserable shriek, her body quivering and her face turning pale.

While Ruan Jiaojiao was engrossed in acting out her melodramatic play, the system couldn’t hold back from interjecting.

“What the hell are you doing? Isn’t making the second male lead break up with the female lead adding fuel to the flames? You’re supposed to break them up, not play matchmaker!!”

Ruan Jiaojiao gave a profound yet nefarious smile, saying.

“I’m doing exactly the opposite! In the original plot, if the supporting male and female hadn’t created any conflicts and entanglements, adding twists and turns to the plot, the male and female lead wouldn’t have so easily reconciled. Moreover, they had a reason for breaking up back then. If there weren’t any obstructions or disturbances in their path, they wouldn’t have had a rebellious mindset to overcome all obstacles and insist on being together.

The woman’s words sounded quite logical to the system but upon mulling it over…

Who the hell was she kidding! She was obviously finding an excuse to sleep with the second male lead!!

In any case, Yan Xingyan had started to believe Ruan Jiaojiao’s excuse.

To tell the truth, he really couldn’t find a more reasonable explanation.

If the daughter from the grand Ruan Family didn’t have a loose screw in her head, why would she force herself on some unfamiliar man? If this were to be exposed, it wouldn’t be of any benefit to her, in fact, it would only negatively affect her reputation, making her sink into eternal damnation.

The only explanation was that she loved Ji Che so much she had lost her rationality because of him.

What a pitiful psychopath!!

For the first time in his life, Yan Xingyan wanted to curse someone!


Because her earlier action was borderline self-abuse, his c*ck being sucked tightly by her flower cave, Yan Xingyan was feeling slightly odd.

He should’ve felt despair for being r*ped by a girl, but physiologically, he couldn’t help but admit…that he felt shamefully and extremely good….

However, after Ruan Jiaojiao took his c*ck into her, she remained motionless. Yan Xingyan’s body and mental state had been drawn taut to the extreme. His head was in shambles as his mental and physiological states were engaged in a fierce battle, he felt conflicted and entangled.

He wanted her to get off of him but he wanted her to move even more.

In reality, Ruan Jiaojiao was truly in pain. Her previous shriek was not false, it had really come from the stimulation she had felt.

The two did not do any kind of foreplay as she had only taken off her underwear and directly climbed atop. Her c*nt wasn’t even wet enough. After putting on a show of dramatic tension, she abruptly sat down on him, causing the massive girth to open up her dry passage.

She was in pain….so much pain that cold sweat was seeping out…


The gap in men and women’s physiology made it unfair for women to even carry out such a scheme like rape.

The system couldn’t help but interject again.

“You could have just achieved your goal by drugging him, why go through such a brainless route?”

Ruan Jiaojiao slowly loosened up. She lowered her head and with both hands propped against the bed, she started moving slowly. She raised her body, pulling out a little and then slowly sat down. Under the pure friction of their bodies, her sensitive hole was slowly stretched open, and pleasure started to surge. Her p*ssy started secreting lascivious liquid, lubricating the area they were joined at.


She heaved a breath of relief. After getting used to it, this sensory experience wasn’t bad at all.

“I’ve only acted in scenes where I was the one being r*ped, not the other way around, so I’ve always been curious to try it out.” She said, finally satisfying the system’s curiosity.

System, “…..”

As expected, she was just vulgar and obscene!

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