Chapter 10 – Stirring Up Trouble

Huo Yuting was waiting for Ruan Jiaojiao, and so was Qin Rui.

They thought that since she’d slept with them, she would ask for something in return, whether it be in the form of a condition or blackmail. They even thought up several countermeasures to deal with her in case her demand was too exorbitant.

And the result of all this preparation was… Nothing. 

Ruan Jiaojiao lived like a monk without paying them any heed, simply eating, drinking, and sleeping whenever she wanted. Huo Yuting and Qin Rui’s reaction to this was the same; they both believed that she had deeper motives and was deliberately ignoring them.

But the truth was, she forgot.

Every day, she and her favorite Shen Muyan would seize every opportunity to hug and touch each other and then roll the sheets in various positions. She was extremely happy and tired at the same time.

The young man was good in bed and had an endearing personality, and best of all, he always switched seamlessly between acting like a small puppy and a hungry wolf. When the small puppy was given meat, he would turn into a fierce, wild wolf, but when he was full, he would revert back to being a cute puppy…

“Muyan, I really like you…”

Qin Rui had just finished filming his scenes and was returning to his dressing room to change. When he passed by Shen Muyan’s dressing room, he heard the woman’s charming voice from behind the door and halted his steps.

“Ngh… I like you so much…” she cried out again.

This time, he heard the woman’s voice clearly. His expression stiffened and became dark, then he felt that his anger was wrong. He knew Ruan Jiaojiao was having an affair with Shen Muyan, he’d heard them before.

Then why was he angry? Because she was ignoring him?

Qin Rui sneered coldly. He should have expected this from that lascivious woman.

“What’s the matter, Senior Qin?”

He gave the girl beside him a sidelong glance. She was blinking up at him with a pair of innocent eyes.

“Ahem!” he coughed suddenly, loudly, as if to tell the couple inside that there were people outside. And sure enough, the room became silent.

Afterward, Qin Rui felt secretly annoyed. That woman was completely shameless, so why did he cover up for her? Her reputation was already in the dirt anyway.

Once Qin Rui and Liu Luoxue were gone, Ruan Jiaojiao laughed while Shen Muyan’s face flushed with embarrassment. The two were currently nestled on the couch with her body straddling his thighs. From the top up, they looked completely normal; however, the youth’s trousers were lowered to his feet, and the woman’s skirt was raised to her waist.

From this, it was obvious that they were doing something unspeakable.

When they were enjoying themselves a moment ago, Ruan Jiaojiao had felt so good that she couldn’t help but praise him. She liked to tease him and watch his shy reactions. Just now, she was enthusiastically bouncing herself on his shaft when a deep, masculine cough sounded from the door, causing Shen Muyan to immediately lose control and shoot out inside her. 

Ruan Jiaojiao collapsed on the couch and started to laugh. As he watched her laugh, he felt slightly annoyed. 

‘She’s still laughing…’

And it was making his heart melt…

Before long, he couldn’t help but join her laughter.

“Jiaojiao, your part in this drama is going to end soon. What are you going to do next?” he asked afterward, his eyes filled with anticipation and determination.

“Call me jiejie.”

She pinched his smooth cheeks.

“Nothing much, I’ll do whatever my company gives me. If there’s nothing, then I’ll just chill at home.”

“Then can I accompany you?” He finally said what was on his mind.

She raised an eyebrow and joked, “How could I let you do that? Your agent won’t allow it either. You’re making it big now, you know?” 

“He can’t control me.” Shen Muyan didn’t care about what his agent thought.

Ruan Jiaojiao knew that this young master was rich and willful, so he wasn’t lying. However, although she was moved by this proposal, she still refused.

“Muyan, when I leave, ‘we’ will also be over.”

He looked at her in disbelief.

“I’m in a scandal right now, and I’ve been in it for a long time already. If you get caught being together with me, your reputation will be damaged too,” she explained solemnly.

He lowered his head and asked in a somewhat dejected tone, “Are you serious?”

“Mhm… but if you miss me, I don’t mind if you come to find me. Or if I miss you, I’ll go over to you!”

System: You’re so freaking shameless!

Ruan Jiaojiao immediately retorted, ‘Bite me!’

The System lit a candle for the innocent pretty boy.

“Jiaojiao, maybe you should leave the circle.” He suddenly raised his head and looked at her with a sincere expression. Then, as if afraid she would misunderstand, he immediately continued, “I don’t want to see you being cursed at by those people. Leave the entertainment circle and let me support you.”

She looked at him in surprise. “Are you going to take care of me?”

Shen Muyan was stunned. He didn’t expect her to say it so directly, but he nodded regardless.

“If you want to put it that way, yes.”

Ruan Jiaojiao was overjoyed. Who would’ve thought that she would receive an offer to be kept by a man one day?

But on the outside, she showed a different reaction. Her eyes were filled with disappointment and hurt.

“So you think I’m that type of person too.”

“No!” Shen Muyan reached out to hold her, but she pretended to be heartbroken and refused to listen to him.

“Shen Muyan, I was wrong about you. I don’t like you anymore!” As soon as she finished saying this line, she ran out of the dressing room. The System watched this dog blood drama scene play out in silence.

He chased after her anxiously and unwittingly, they reached the set. Ruan Jiaojiao spotted the female lead and second male lead talking in a corner and strode over.

Liu Luoxue was asking Qin Rui for acting advice when she saw another actress walk over.

“Mr. Qin, about what you told me last time,” Ruan Jiaojiao started.



After saying that, she looked at Shen Muyan. He returned her gaze without looking away.

“I’ve decided on what I want,” she said, putting on a beautiful smile.

T/N: Didn’t get that hallway confrontation everyone was anticipating, rip.

On another note, I get that she only approached him to get the papapa and Shen Muyan is probably confusing sexual attraction for romantic feelings, there’s little reason for our FL to actually fall in love with him if you think about it, but still 😭 why she gotta hurt the smol baby like that??

On yet another note, a lovely reader found some pictures to represent our three male characters so far:

They’re all smexy but personally, I imagine them like this:

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