Chapter 11 – Inviting Him to “Rape” Her? (H)

The System couldn’t suppress its curiosity and asked her what she was trying to do.

Ruan Jiaojiao put down her lipstick and gazed at her beautiful face in the mirror.

‘I love this beautiful face. I’m going to be a big beauty in the next world too, right?’

System: … Why are you thinking about the next world already? You’re not even halfway done with this world yet.

‘Because I’m bored,’ Ruan Jiaojiao replied.

And in order to relieve her boredom, she’d purposely stirred up some drama. She also wanted to see if Shen Muyan would fall in love with the female lead, thus following the original storyline, if she left him alone for a while.

Between Shen Muyan, Huo Yuting, and Qin Rui, Shen Muyan was the one she shared the closest relationship with, but it was purely a physical attraction. Shen Muyan had never tasted a woman or been in a relationship like this before so he didn’t know better, but Ruan Jiaojiao did.

System: What if he does?

She smiled. ‘Guess.’

System: “Guess” my ass!

‘Say… What is the mission?’

The System retaliated: Guess.

She fell silent.

It was all because she was too excited about receiving the System that she didn’t pay attention to what it was saying.

‘If the key to the mission doesn’t appear, will I be stuck in this world regardless of if I fail or succeed?’

The System responded unapologetically: Ding, ding, ding, correct!

Ruan Jiaojiao began to think hard.

‘F*ck! What is the mission?!’


In the middle of the night, Shen Muyan knocked on Ruan Jiaojiao’s door.

Ruan Jiaojiao opened the door. She was wearing only a bath towel around her body, her delicate skin still damp from a shower.


He felt a knot form in his throat as his lower abdomen tightened.

“Jiaojiao…” he whimpered, wanting to be let inside.

But as soon as he looked into the apartment, he saw another man on her bed. He was sitting there with the blanket pooled around his waist, his upper half completely exposed. The man looked over with a sharp gaze, bringing with it a heavy, invisible pressure.

Shen Muyan’s eyes widened, and his entire body froze up. Ruan Jiaojiao looked at him, and before she could say anything, he turned around and ran. He was gone within seconds.

“Is that your condition?” Qin Rui pulled back the covers and walked over to her.

In return for her help last time, she asked him to be her partner in this little dog-blood play.

“Mhm. You can go now.”

She yawned and climbed into bed, ready to turn in for the day. However, he stayed by her bed and stared at her without speaking for a good minute or two.

“What? You’re not going to act like a beast again, are you?” she sneered slightly as her eyes closed shut.

Qin Rui had no idea what this woman was thinking.

She seemed to care a lot about Shen Muyan, yet she got rid of him using such a cruel method. But if she really had feelings for Shen Muyan, why didn’t she refuse him when he asked her to help with the aphrodisiac? 

Maybe she had her own reasons and was suffering on the inside. Even as Qin Rui thought this and considered whether or not to comfort her, she suddenly opened her eyes and sat up.

She reached for him, her soft arms coiling his neck and her legs around his waist. 

“You can stay, but I’m going to say this first… you have to stop if I say to stop. I have the final say.”

Her movements caused the bath towel to unravel and fall onto the bed. Her soft, full chest pressed directly against his. Qin Rui felt himself get hard as soon as he reached down and touched her smooth buttocks.

Their bodies were no longer strangers to each other.

As they entangled on the bed, he unzipped his pants and directly shoved himself inside her, causing her to groan. 

“Be gentle, assh*le!” Ruan Jiaojiao scolded.

Qin Rui’s eyes narrowed. No one else would dare to scold him like this. Moreover, her tone was filled with obvious, genuine disdain. She wasn’t trying to play coy. 

However, what could he do when he was already buried inside her body? To begin with, he could not remember a single instance when this woman played by the rules. 

Qin Rui pulled out and paused for a moment, then he controlled his strength and speed and slowly slid back in. He tried to do it gently, but her walls were already drenched in her juices.

Just as he was contemplating whether to speed up, she spoke up in a commanding tone.

“Mn… now go faster, and harder.”

Although it coincided with his intentions, he felt strange taking orders from her.

After one round, she decided she was satisfied enough with his service. Thus, she happily closed her eyes and prepared to lie down again and sleep. 

It took Qin Rui a few seconds to register and react to her actions.

‘Did she fall asleep?!’

Just as this infuriating thought crossed his mind, she opened her eyes just a crack and looked at him.

“Why aren’t you gone yet?” she asked somewhat impatiently.

Film Emperor Qin, who was recognized as the good-natured and gentlemanly representative of the entertainment circle, immediately burst into anger. He pressed down on her and forcefully grabbed her wrist with one hand, forcing her to open her eyes and straighten her attitude.

He thought Ruan Jiaojiao would resist, and he wanted to take this opportunity to teach her a lesson. However, to his surprise, she did the opposite. Her drowsiness dissipated in an instant. She blinked her eyes and suggested with enthusiasm, “I’ve never tried a rape fantasy before. I’m feeling it right now, so let’s do a roleplay!”

Qin Rui: …

Was this an invitation to “rape” her?

What the heck was this woman’s brain filled with?

System: It’s filled with dirty thoughts, all dirty thoughts!

T/N: I saw a review condemning RJJ for making light of rape, and I wanted to say this: Having a rape fantasy does not mean you want to be raped or that you’re making light of rape and its victims. Google “rape fantasy” and you’ll learn that a “rape fantasy” is a sexual roleplay fetish whose dynamics have nothing to do with the horrifying act of rape. I doubt anyone would want to put themselves through such a traumatizing experience on purpose.

Why is “BDSM” accepted by more people than “rape fantasy”? Because of the name. The word “rape” is a disturbing one that carries infinite negative connotations, and this fantasy just so happens to be named after it. For that reason, many women are ashamed to admit that they have these fantasies. A better name would be “consensual ravishment,” or simply “rough/forceful sex.” I want to emphasize that a “rape fantasy” derives from the desire to be forcibly ravished—with consent—to submit and surrender under a domineering force (and that’s not weird at all considering BDSM is a thing) and to be so desperately craved for by a man that he cannot stop himself from taking her.

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