My Husband’s Boss Fell In Love With Me at First Sight

Chapter 38: Fiercely lick your dripping sl**ty hole.

Not too loud, just enough for everyone in the car to hear under the cover of the soft music.

The speed of the car changed noticeably again. Su Man froze, her limbs even stiffer than the genitals in her hand, but thankfully Wang Li was sound asleep and didn’t wake up.


Zhou Chengjing took another breath, pinching her hand, signaling her to be gentle, to stop.

Their eyes met in mid-air. Su Man’s face clearly read: Are you insane?


Zhou Chengjing raised an eyebrow: Should I moan a few more times?

Su Man glared at him: The driver can hear! He’ll wake up Wang Li! Are you trying to kill me?

Zhou Chengjing tested: So, should I continue?

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Her eyes were filled with desire, glaring at him accusingly. Zhou Chengjing smirked lasciviously, taking away the phone, but soon after, he handed it back with three more lines:


【If you’re willing to ride my face, then I’ll be your tool to relieve your desires.】

【Or, I’ll hold you down, stick my tongue into your disobedient little hole, f*ck it like a c*nt, and make you squirt.】

【Will you scream in pleasure? Or will you p*ss yourself?】

Su Man had heard Zhou Chengjing say these kinds of things so many times that seeing the words felt like he was whispering them in her ear. Subconsciously, her mind conjured up his tone.

She couldn’t take it anymore. As Zhou Chengjing’s fingers thrust faster and faster, she climaxed while softening her grip on the phone. She locked the perverse phone screen and threw it where he couldn’t reach.



Zhou Chengjing still had one more.

【You suck so well, Man Man, won’t you take care of me? My big c**ck is about to explode from being squeezed by you, ah…】

He waited for Su Man to catch her breath, then, with her hand, he started stroking his erect member.

Liquid oozed from the tip, but Zhou Chengjing felt it wasn’t enough. He let Su Man use some water as lubricant from below, making it more comfortable for him.

Su Man dared not look at the driver anymore, just wanting to end it quickly, take back control, and give him back.


With both hands free, Zhou Chengjing typed even faster, making it easier for him to be lewd.

【Your p*ssy’s so tight, I want to stuff my balls in too.】

This was a hint for Su Man to touch his balls, but Su Man ignored it and continued the piston motion mechanically.

But it didn’t matter; in Zhou Chengjing’s rhythm, he had already inserted them.

【Does it feel that good? You’re screaming so loud; the neighbors might come over.】

Before showing it to Su Man, Zhou Chengjing deleted it and changed it to: 【Does it feel that good, Man Man? You’re screaming so loud; you might wake the kid.】

Unable to endure any longer, Su Man snatched his phone and glared at him fiercely.

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