My Husband’s Boss Fell In Love With Me at First Sight

Chapter 39: Taking away her und*rw*ar.

Zhou Chengjing was intoxicated by the look in her eyes, his breath becoming heavier. Inside the blanket, he grabbed her hand and the genitals beneath it, vigorously stroking.

Su Man knew he was about to ejaculate, struggling to pull her hand away, but Zhou Chengjing wouldn’t let her.

With the phone gone, he simply pulled her over, panting softly as he pressed against Su Man’s ear, whispering passionately, “I’m going to creampie you, let my s*men dirty your sl**ty juices.”

As the words fell, underneath the blanket where eyes couldn’t see, s*men splattered, spraying Su Man’s hands.

Su Man was caught off guard, momentarily stunned.


At the same time, in the front seat, Wang Li woke up groggily. The driver, just before he opened his eyes, coughed and jerked the steering wheel, creating the illusion of narrowly avoiding a collision.

The car tilted to the right, and Wang Li, not fully awake yet, was thrown back, narrowly avoiding hitting his head on the car window, thanks to the seatbelt.

He sat up in a daze, asking, “What’s happening? What’s going on?”

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Su Man was in an even worse situation, with her hands covered in thick semen, her pants still on her thighs, and her bottom wet as if water had spilled under her.


She didn’t dare to move, afraid that Wang Li might see, afraid he might talk to her.

Fortunately, Zhou Chengjing’s presence was strong enough that when he was upset, no one dared to speak up.

Finally, it was the driver who broke the silence, asking if they could stop at the next rest area because he needed to use the restroom.

Zhou Chengjing nodded, and the three men went together, leaving Su Man in the car, not wanting to go inside.

She finally had the space to deal with her situation, but…

With her underwear so wet, sticking together, wouldn’t it also wet her jeans?

Just as she was pondering, Zhou Chengjing sent a message: 【Take off your underwear, cover it under the blanket, I’ll handle it later.】

In this aspect, Zhou Chengjing was still reliable. Without much hesitation, Su Man followed his instructions.

However, she didn’t expect Zhou Chengjing’s handling method to be—

While no one was paying attention, discreetly slipping it into his own pocket, and even tapping it suggestively towards her.

Su Man widened her eyes, filled with regret.

Her underwear was thin, not large, but placed in Zhou Chengjing’s well-tailored suit pants pocket, it still created a noticeable bulge.


As the boring remaining journey unfolded, upon reaching their destination, Wang Li’s eyes sharpened again, noticing something affecting Zhou Chengjing’s posture in his suit pants pocket, and he reminded him.

Zhou Chengjing’s ‘morning grumpiness’ disappeared, and he was very friendly at the moment, smiling and saying, “I know, it’s bait.”

He glanced at Su Man with a meaningful look.

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