My Husband’s Boss Fell In Love With Me at First Sight

Chapter 40: Mermaids are meant to be f*ked by big c**ks.

Su Man vaguely guessed what he was going to do.

Sure enough, as soon as the two separated, her phone vibrated, and Zhou Chengjing sent her a room number, asking her: 【Don’t go for dinner later, come to my room.】

Su Man didn’t want to respond, but she also knew Zhou Chengjing’s dominance. If she didn’t reply, he wouldn’t hesitate to call directly, regardless of Wang Li.

Feeling guilty, she typed quickly: 【I won’t go.】



Zhou Chengjing sent her a picture of her kidnapped p*nties, soaked and dripping, with a few strands of silver thread between his fingers, a very lewd sight.

【Don’t you want your little p*nties anymore?】

【Well, then I’ll just pleasure myself.】

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“Ebyv yal usw vbkdjkdt, DkysYyd?”

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Wang Li’s hand naturally slid downwards, aiming for Su Man’s pants.


Su Man, still wearing jeans without p*nties, was startled and quickly stopped him: “Don’t…”

Thinking she was shy, Wang Li, excited, changed direction and kissed her neck, continuing to persuade her, begging for affection: “We haven’t done it in a hotel yet, it’s very exciting, today I’ll definitely make you climax.”

He groped Su Man’s chest over her clothes, leaving shallow marks on her neck, teasing her relentlessly, but Su Man still refused, looking pitifully at him, saying, “Really don’t want to, I feel uncomfortable.”

Wang Li paused, asking concernedly, “What’s wrong? Where does it hurt?”

Su Man forced herself to say that she had a headache and wanted to sleep for a while, with no appetite for food.

Wang Li had to give up and poured her a glass of hot water, tucked her in, and lay down beside her, scrolling through his phone.

Su Man wasn’t really sleepy at first, but the lie had already been told, so she pretended and eventually fell asleep for real.

When she woke up again, it was the phone ringing that disturbed her. Zhou Chengjing’s voice sounded normal as he said to her, “Come over.”

He also told her a route that absolutely no one would see.

Su Man followed the instructions to find her way, and as soon as she reached the door, she was pulled into the room by an arm reaching out from the crack in the door.

Feeling dizzy, Zhou Chengjing trapped her between himself and the door frame, somewhat pleased with himself, he asked and answered himself:

“Let’s see what I caught?”


“Oh, it turns out to be a mermaid.”

He pretended to be curious, looking Su Man up and down, and started to touch her, saying teasingly, “Why do you still have legs? Did you drink a witch’s potion to transform?”

Su Man: “…”

“Does it hurt, little mermaid? Did you endure the pain of being cut with a knife just to come ashore and find the prince?”

Zhou Chengjing’s hands roamed over Su Man’s legs, one moment showing pity, the next moment revealing a sinister expression, leering as he said, “But darling, do you know that when a mermaid comes ashore, she’s meant to be fucked by a bad man’s big c**ck?”

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