Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 8.2 Secret

As expected, within two days, a little beggar came to report.

“Third Miss, these two days, I saw the Second Young Master go to a courtyard every day. There were several plum trees planted outside the courtyard. There was a pretty girl in yellow staying there. The Second Young Master would enter in the morning and leave at night.”

Su Su carefully thought about it. So, her Second Brother, who lives like an invisible man, was actually keeping a mistress?

As promised, she gave the little beggar a silver ingot.

Not long after, the other beggar came to claim his reward.


“Yesterday, the Third Young Master went out together with the son of Minister Chen. They first went to a restaurant to have a meal and then went to the gambling house after that.” 

Su Su blinked.

Gambling house… Is it as she suspected? It seemed that both her second and third brothers had secrets.

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In the past, when Ye Bing Shang wasn’t married yet, whatever happened between her and the Third Young Lady were all Ye Family’s internal affairs. Now that Ye Bing Shang was married to King Xuan, the Ye Family must give her some respect.


Last time, when the original owner pushed her into the water, many pairs of eyes had seen it.

Although Xiao Lin had a mild temperament, he was also a prince. The Ye Family must still respect the imperial family. General Ye only asked Su Su to apologize, and this was already the simplest way to resolve the matter. On the surface, it seemed like he was defending Ye Bing Shang, but in fact, he was protecting Su Su.

It was rare to see the family’s little devil girl being obedient. Ye Xiao glanced at her a few times, astonished. He then snorted and stopped reprimanding her.

After pondering for some time, Ye Xiao said, “Bring the hostage prince along.”

Now that they were married, it was reasonable for Su Su and the hostage prince to go to King Xuan’s residence together.

Su Su glanced at her General father. General Ye didn’t know about the interesting relationship between the four of them, so he could be this calm. If he knew about it, she reckoned he would be stomping with anger.

Su Su was looking forward to meeting Ye Bing Shang.

She had only heard about her gentle and pretty illegitimate sister from others and unintentionally saw the shy portrait of her.

Thinking about the girl’s earring that Tantai Jin had hidden, Su Su propped up her cheek. Maybe the key point of her evil bone removal mission lied with Ye Bing Shang.


Chun Tao and Xi Xi woke Su Su up early in the morning.

The two maid servants were already prepared for any situation as Su Su sat in front of the mirror. Xi Xi took out a graceful and beautiful purple blouse and asked nervously, “Miss, how about this? This was specially made by the embroidery workhouse for Miss.”


“It is pretty, but Xi Xi, this is an autumn blouse. It is winter now.” She had a mortal body now, and the human body couldn’t handle the cold.

Xi Xi thought inwardly, in the past, if the Miss was going out to meet His Highness the Sixth Prince, the Miss would even wear a summer blouse while shivering, let alone wearing an autumn blouse in the winter season.

As long as it was an occasion where the Eldest Miss would be present, the Third Miss would be like a high-spirited little peacock, fearing that she would fall behind. In the past, it was Bi Liu who helped the Miss to dress up. Now, it had become Chun Tao and Xi Xi. Both of them were worried that their aesthetic taste was too amateurish and inadequate, and would cause the Third Miss to lose face.

Seeing their hesitation, Su Su pointed to a skirt. “I’ll pick that one.”

She pointed at a light pink coat skirt. It looked warm.

Chun Tao said with a smile, “This is also good at preventing Miss from getting cold.”

Xi Xi’s hands were skillful. After combing Su Su’s hair, she said, “Miss, the red plum tree in the courtyard has bloomed beautifully. This maidservant will draw a flower ornament for you.”

Su Su had never drawn a flower ornament of the mortal world. She was extremely curious. “Alright.”

So Xi Xi carefully drew an exquisite plum flower in between Su Su’s eyebrows.

Su Su looked at the flower on her forehead and touched it curiously. Her original body already had a bright red cinnabar in the middle of her forehead since she was born. Its beauty could not be described.

This half plum flower made Su Su feel nostalgic.

Chun Tao praised, “Third Miss is so pretty!”


Su Su looked at herself in the mirror. Third Miss Ye’s appearance had an air of purity. It wasn’t seductive enough, but it seems clever. Her ‘little girl next-door’ face looked very lively. Combined with the light pink winter jacket, she looked like a soft snowball.

After Su Su had gotten used to it, she felt that her face was adorable and worth looking at.

She walked out and realised that it was still snowing outside.

Xi Xi mumbled, “Why has it snowed every day this winter?”

Chun Tao hurriedly put a cloak on Su Su and nodded approvingly.

When Su Su walked out of the door, she saw a tall and thin shadow standing in front of the General’s residence.

The young man was wearing a dark purple garment, and he was standing under the heavy snow. He seemed to be wearing an autumn garment which thinly outlined his skinny body.

Snowflakes that landed on his raven eyelashes brought out an exquisiteness that only he could possess. Chun Tao and Xi Xi couldn’t help but glance at him more than once.

Chun Tao was a little slow. The hostage prince looked really good. If she were to define it, the hostage prince didn’t look bad even compared to His Highness King Xuan.

General Ye didn’t like riding in carriages, so he rode a horse in front.

It was the first time Tantai Jin saw the Third Miss Ye wearing a proper winter jacket for a winter outing. Maybe due to the warmth, the girl’s cheeks had a slight blush on them. She walked together with Chun Tao and the rest, with a gentle countenance. She was smiling, which showed a rare hint of childishness in line with her age.

Tantai Jin extended his hand to Su Su.


Su Su glanced at that pale and slender hand, and the smile at the corner of her lips decreased a little. She ignored him and got into the carriage by herself.

Chun Tao gave a quick glance at the hostage prince. The young man retracted his hand and lowered his gaze. He accepted everything as usual and followed the Third Miss into the carriage.

It was boring along the way, so Su Su stared at Tantai Jin.

The evil thing sure was mystical. If you said he was tough, he would look like he was about to die. But if you said that he was sickly and weak, like a weed in a wasteland, he would recover very quickly.

She was hugging a fur-covered hand-warmer while Tantai Jin’s hands were on his knees.

Su Su looked at his red knuckles. She kept thinking about her intent to understand the past of the evil thing, so she asked reluctantly, “What happened to your hands?”

Tantai Jin was surprised that the girl would take the initiative to talk to him. He pursed his slightly chapped lips and replied, “Frostbite.”

Then, he saw hints of happiness from his misfortune from the girl’s smiling eyes.

She soon realised that this wasn’t good, so she quickly restrained her emotions with annoyance.

Su Su put on a straight face. “Are you not afraid of the cold dressed like this? Was it because you are meeting your beloved?” He put in quite the effort when going to see Ye Bing Shang.

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