Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 9.1 Concubine-Born Sister

Tantai Jin quietly hid his frostbitten fingers.

“I don’t know what the Third Miss means.” he said in a soft voice. “I only have these clothes.”

Su Su thought of his current situation and snorted, slightly embarrassed. Indeed, the Ye family wouldn’t care whether he was cold or not as long as he didn’t ruin the family’s reputation.

The young man sat quietly in the corner and looked at the incense burner in the carriage. His face was extremely pale.

Su Su thought to herself, if I hadn’t seen it myself, I wouldn’t believe that the ruthless man sitting on the throne of the devil palace five hundred years later is the same person as the gloomy young man in front of me.


After all, she had seen how the devil king had killed with her own eyes. He killed people swiftly, without hesitation, as if he was killing an ant! But the Tantai Jin in front of her totally looked like he would have difficulty killing a fish, let alone killing a person. As an evil being, he was actually useless enough to even get frostbite on his hands! What was the matter with him?

Su Su was initially a person who was open to persuasion but not to coercion1吃软不吃硬 (chīruǎn bù chīyìng) – be open to persuasion, but not to coercion/amenable to coaxing but not coercion. On the vast Dao, cultivators should understand that even if they had a lot of knowledge or experienced many things, they should still cherish the plants. If he always looked like this, Su Su was really afraid that she would be soft-hearted when she removes his evil bone and scatters his soul. It seemed like a small matter, but for a cultivator, once they had gone soft, their Dao’s heart would be affected when they try to kill him again, and their journey on the vast Dao would be halted. Su Su’s dream was to become an existence like one of the ancient true Gods.

So she must stick to her Dao’s heart and remember his true colours at all times.

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Tantai Jin stared at Su Su for a few seconds. When her eyes were wide open, he retracted his hand flurriedly and said uneasily, “Third Miss, did I do it right?” The feeling of violence and terror faded in an instant.


Su Su: “……”

Yes. You did really well. Now, don’t even mention if he has no food to eat, no clothes to wear, or gets frostbite. Even if the young man in front of her died inside the carriage, or jumped off the carriage and was crushed by the horse’s hooves, Su Su wouldn’t have compassion for him anymore.

Evil things were evil things, after all. One day in the future, he would become the monster that only knew how to kill. The scene just now was just an act from the original.

She decided that in the future, once she showed signs of sympathising with this evil thing, she would let Tantai Jin reenact the scene of being possessed by the ruthless devil king. Then, her Dao heart would become so indestructible that it couldn’t be cut.

Tantai Jin saw the girl’s expression in front of him turn from tensed to relieved. His hand under the sleeve that had pinched that girl’s chin immediately moved to grab his reddened fingers.

The places that were frostbitten were painful and itchy.

He exerted great strength on them until he felt a cut was formed on his hand, and fresh blood was almost gushing out from it. Then, his eyes darkened, and he stopped.

The two of them spent their time just like that and had unknowingly arrived at King Xuan’s residence.

Su Su didn’t notice his changes. Previously, she had intentionally frightened herself, so now she absolutely didn’t want to stay in the same place as him and hurriedly jumped off the carriage. Chun Tao, who was beside the horse carriage and ready to help Su Su down, was startled. “Miss!”

“I’m alright.”

“Third Miss Ye’s body has recovered so quickly?”

A voice with a hint of mocking rang in the air. Su Su lifted her gaze and saw that a man with a jade crown was looking at her with a fake smile.


He had prominent facial features, his body was filled with a scholarly aura, but it could be seen at a glance that he was different from those rotten scholars. The man’s eyes were full of an unruly aura, as if given a whip, he wouldn’t mind whipping Su Su till she was rolling on the ground in pain.

A name suddenly popped up in Su Su’s mind, Pang Yi Zhi.

The extraordinary and prickly Minister of Personnel.

Although he wasn’t friendly towards her, Su Su suddenly thought of that vivid painting which had been drawn with just a few strokes. She couldn’t help but sigh, this person was actually quite outstanding.

When she was a kid, she used to grit her teeth and learn writing together with the other kids from the same sect, but she was often criticized. Her sect leader father had tapped her forehead and said dumbfoundedly, “You were born this quick-witted, but why are you so slow in learning?”

Therefore, Su Su respected beings such as champion scholars from the mortal world very much.

She nodded her head. “Thank you, Lord Pang, for your concern. I’m already alright.”

Pang Yi Zhi sneered. “Third Miss’s body is as strong as an ox. Naturally, she can recover quickly. However, she has harmed others, causing colds that have not healed yet.”

Su Su: ……

She had thrown an olive branch2throwing an olive branch means that she was trying to make peace with him, but he ruined it instead to the gifted scholar, but he caught it and started to whip her with it.

How dare he say that she was as strong as an ox? She wanted to take the olive branch back. Ye Xi Wu was a cute and pretty little girl, okay?! Pang Yi Zhi’s sarcasm had no conscience.

Su Su retracted her smile and looked at him. “Did Lord Pang just say Eldest Sister’s cold hasn’t gone away yet?”


“Why does Third Miss Ye ask when you already know the answer.” Pang Yi Zhi didn’t even try to conceal his disgust.

Su Su tilted her head and said, “Eldest Sister is the Side Imperial Concubine of King Xuan. Even I, her younger sister, don’t know much about her physical condition. How can an outsider like Lord Pang be so well informed? People who didn’t know would think Lord Pang is a debauchee.”

Pang Yi Zhi retracted the sarcasm in his eyes and coldly commented, “How sharp-tongued.”

The girl blinked her eyes at him.

Are you the only one allowed to bully people? Whatever the original owner did wrong, Su Su would make up and apologize for, one by one. However, she and the original owner had never harmed Pang Yi Zhi before. She didn’t need to grin and bear with someone who hated herself in every possible way.

Why did an unrelated and biased big guy like him get involved in the grudges between two girls?

At this moment, General Ye also saw his daughter talking with Pang Yi Zhi. Ye Xiao walked over and said, “Lord Pang, what are you and my daughter talking about?”

Pang Yi Zhi averted his gaze and smiled softly. “General Ye, this official and Third Miss aren’t familiar with each other. I was just greeting her.”

Pang Yi Zhi glanced at Tantai Jin, who had just gotten down from the carriage, and vaguely said, “On the contrary, hostage prince, I haven’t seen you for a long time. You look a lot thinner.”

Tantai Jin’s gaze was fixed on Pang Yi Zhi’s face and he said, “Lord Pang, you must be mistaken.”

Pang Yi Zhi smiled and lifted his hand to General Ye. “General Ye, please.”

Ye Xiao was already a person who held great power, so he didn’t decline and took the lead to enter the residence. Pang Yi Zhi followed closely behind him.


Su Su glanced at Tantai Jin. “Do you know Pang Yi Zhi?”

Tantai Jin shook his head and said, “I don’t know him.”

Su Su thought to herself, who’s he lying to? Not mentioning anything else, between love rivals, they must have known about each other’s existence. Even if they didn’t, when everyone jumped into the water that day, they should have met each other in the water.

Since he didn’t want to talk about it, Su Su wouldn’t ask any further at this kind of occasion.

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