Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 43.1 You’re An Immortal

Ming Ye stood in the darkness, holding Sang Jiu. He was suddenly afraid to carry her out to the sunlight, right now he did not want to see her gaze.

In the end, Ming Ye walked out of the prison alone. He understood that Sang Jiu wouldn’t apologize.

Seeing his pale face, an immortal maid looked at him anxiously and said, “True Lord, Saint Tian Huan is crying.”

Ming Ye said, “I know.”

He walked towards Tian Hao’s palace. Sure enough, he heard the sound of pained weeping even before he got close.


Gods had divine marrows, immortals had spiritual marrows, and demons and devils had devil roots.

Damage to the spiritual root was no less than the pain of cutting bone. Tian Huan had survived, and these days, Tian Hao had been using pain-relieving medicine to nurse her body, but it still couldn’t ease her pain. As soon as she woke up, she would cry in pain.

Once Ming Ye walked in, Tian Huan tugged at his sleeve and wept, “Ming Ye, I’m in so much pain, I’m in so much pain.”

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Ming Ye’s spiritual marrow was greatly desired by many!


Ming Ye said, “I will give my spiritual marrow to Tian Huan, then this matter will be treated as if it never happened. From now on, Shangqing will be returned to Master and all your kindness will be reciprocated. Venerable2尊者 (zūnzhě) – honored sir (a person of higher status or seniority, or a Buddhist monk) Tian Hao, there’s only one Three Realms Execution Order3It can be a verbal order or physical (item representation) order. You can imagine it as an item that a judge would throw after the criminal’s judgment has been decided or an order badge. Some sample images:


, so it’s better for you to not waste it on a little clam sprite.”

After speaking, he was about to move to remove his spiritual marrow.

Tian Huan firmly grasped his sleeve and looked at him incredulously, “Ming Ye, do you know what you’re doing? For that clam sprite, you would actually……”

Ming Ye said, “A hundred years ago, she was already my immortal consort, my wife.”

Tian Huan smiled wanly, “Now that things have gone this far4事到如今 (shìdàorújīn) – as matters stand/things have reached this stage, I must tell you the truth. The Clam Clan has long colluded with the demons and devils since a hundred years ago. You said that Sang Jiu was controlled by an evil spirit, and other people don’t believe it, but I do. It’s just that she wasn’t controlled, she willingly did everything for that evil spirit.” 

Ming Ye coldly looked at her.

Tian Huan said, “You wondered why she wasn’t willing to wait for you at the bamboo forest when she’d clearly seen the message you left behind. That’s because back then, she was with a wolf demon. You must have recognized the Devil God’s great general, Shao Ju, right? If you investigate, you’ll know that during that time, she was together with him.”

Tian Huan looked at him with tearful eyes, “Ming Ye, do you still not understand? Sang Jiu doesn’t love you anymore. She has been fooling around with Shao Ju for so long, the whole Mo River filled with demonic Qi. Why would you abandon Shangqing for her!”

Ming Ye clenched his fists and tightly pursed his lips; his gaze had always been cold, but now it was sharper than ever, “Shut up!” 

Tian Huan sobbed and shook her head, “Even you don’t know where Mo River’s demonic Qi came from. Since the Devil God is dead, other than Shao Ju, who would have such a strong demonic Qi? You don’t understand a woman’s heart. You neglected Sang Jiu for a hundred years. No matter how much she had liked you in the past, what else is left now except hate?”

Ming Ye’s fingertips paled.

He’d left a secret message in the bamboo forest, asking Sang Jiu to wait for him for seven days. But when he went back to look for her on the seventh day, he couldn’t find her. Instead, he saw that the forest was filled with a strong demonic Qi……


Sang Jiu used to rejoice at the sight of him, but now, she wouldn’t even let him get close to her.

Ming Ye coldly said, “I don’t believe it. Since Saint Tian Huan doesn’t want my spiritual marrow, I’ll find another way to compensate you. If all of you really don’t want to let Sang Jiu go, I can’t stop you every time. But I hope Venerable Tian Hao understands that Ming Ye hasn’t been a True Lord for a thousand years for nothing.”

As soon as he finished speaking, an immortal soldier rushed over to report——

“True Lord, the imprisoned clam sprite has disappeared!”

At these words, Ming Ye’s expression greatly changed. His eyes were icy cold, and in almost an instant, he’d already appeared in the prison.

Just like what the immortal soldier had said, the prison was empty.

There was a very faint demonic Qi scattered in the air. It was so familiar that rage and panic almost made him lose his mind. In the blink of an eye, he followed the demonic Qi to a hundred miles5里 (lǐ) – li, ancient measure of length, approximately 500 m away.


Su Su was curled up on the back of the giant wolf demon.

Shao Ju’s voice was gentle, “If you’re tired, just sleep. I won’t let them kill you.”

Su Su softly said, “I’m not afraid of them killing me.”

Shao Ju said, “Ming Ye will discover my break into Shangqing, and it won’t be long before he catches up. But I didn’t come without a chance of winning. Don’t be afraid, I’ll be able to take you away. It’s just that the demons and devils aren’t doing well, I’m afraid that by following me you’ll have to suffer for a while.”


Su Su asked, “Why did you save me?”

“You saved me,” Shao Ju said.

Su Su miserably laughed and said, “I’ve also saved others, but they killed my Royal Father.”

Shao Ju sighed, “Sang Jiu, kindness isn’t a sin.”

Su Su opened her blood-red eyes, looked up at the sky and murmured to him, “Have I become a demon now?”

Shao Ju gently smiled and said, “You’re an immortal.”

Tears slid down the corners of her eyes and silently fell onto Shao Ju’s back. Flustered, she hurriedly wiped them off, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

Shao Ju said, “It’s alright.”

As he took her and ran through the golden fields, Su Su realized that it was already the tenth month in the mortal realm, it was autumn.

As Shao Ju said, they didn’t go far before the black-haired and white-clad Immortal Lord was already waiting for them ahead, holding an immortal weapon.

Shao Ju put Su Su down.

Su Su looked at the man in front of her. She thought Ming Ye would be angry, since in the Three Realms, who didn’t know that Immortal Lord Ming Ye was the strictest about the rules. His heart of Dao was solid, and there was no room for demons in his eyes. She was also prepared to die here today.


Su Su clearly knew that Shao Ju wouldn’t be able to get her very far away, but she still climbed onto his back. This was probably the most selfish she’d ever been in this life.

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