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  • Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

    Chapter 42.2 Divine Core

    In order to save him and Tian Huan, Sang Jiu lost her spiritual marrow, lost her dignity as the Clam Clan Princess, and in the end, lost her family and the Clam King’s Palace. She had lain in Mo River, watching him. Back then, even if she sincerely and timidly liked him, she had never thought of going to his side.

    The divine core of the Water Immobilising Seal had bound their destinies together. If she’d been told from the beginning that saving Ming Ye and Tian Huan would be consigned her to eternal damnation, she would have let them die by the Mo River. She hated herself, and them.

    Su Su took the blood-stained pearls and placed them, one by one, into the Water Immobilising Seal where the divine core was missing.

    The Water Immobilising Seal engulfed all of the life pearls.

    From the entire Mo River, most of the Clam Clan’s pearls filled the Water Immobilising Seal. The dull seal emitted an intense white light and the water waves of the river became clear and gentle.


    Su Su tucked the Water Immobilising Seal into her clothes and walked out of the Clam King’s Palace.

    Outside the Clam King’s Palace, there stood the anxious and doubtful immortal soldiers. They knew that the water of Mo River was turbid with a surging undercurrent below, but just now, there was a moment when the river water unmistakably became extremely gentle and clear.

    Momentarily in a trance, they saw the Clam Princess.

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    She came with a sincere heart, but in the end, she was nothing. Her Clam King’s Palace, Royal Father, and the swimming fish and corals were all crushed in the dirty river water.


    Su Su caressed the Water Immobilising Seal in her clothes. It was close to her heart.

    But the True Lord in her heart had died, just today, in her memories.


    The mist and clouds at Wu Palace existed all year round.

    A middle-aged man in green smiled as he looked at Ming Ye.

    Ming Ye said, “Congratulations on Master’s return. Ming Ye has been guarding Shangqing for a thousand years, successfully fulfilling my mission2不辱使命 (bùrǔ-shǐmìng), and now all of it is to be returned to Master. ”

    Tian Hao said, “Ming Ye, you did very well. Without you, there would be no Shangqing today. When I met you back then, you were still a little black snake, but now you’re a famous and mighty God of War.”

    Ming Ye lowered his eyes and calmly saluted.

    Tian Hao said, “Before I entered the Boundless Land, I entrusted Tian Huan to you. But I heard that a hundred years ago, Tian Huan fell into a deep sleep and you married a little clam sprite, is that true?”

    Ming Ye was stunned for a while, then said, “Yes.”

    Tian Hao waved his hand, “Since both of you haven’t made a contract, and she’s just a little unpresentable clam sprite, send her back to the mortal realm. Tian Huan and you have had a good relationship since childhood, don’t break her heart.”

    Ming Ye frowned, but before he could say anything, a burst of white light erupted from Jasper Lake.


    Although the white light was released by a divine weapon, it contained the power to attack and destroy, the Jasper Lake flooded and water flowed to the front of the hall in an instant.

    Ming Ye’s heart sank and he couldn’t care to say much to Tian Hao, “This disciple will go take a look.”

    In a flash, his figure disappeared from the main hall.

    Ming Ye appeared in Jasper Lake. A female immortal vomited blood and looked at him in horror, “True Lord, True Lord, save me. Sang Jiu has gone mad. She wants to kill us all along with Saint Tian Huan.”

    Ming Ye coldly kicked her away and walked into the hall.

    Jasper Lake was completely flooded. The immortal maids were scattered in every direction. Tian Huan’s spiritual marrow had been pulled out, and there was a big hole in her chest as she floated on the water. 

    A lady dressed in pink and white was sitting cross-legged on the water.

    The Water Immobilising Seal was floating in the air. Ming Ye raised his hand, easily seized it, and angrily said, “Sang Jiu, what are you doing?”

    She opened her eyes. The eyes that used to be clear and beautiful were now glowing a demonic red. Even without the Water Immobilising Seal, she still stubbornly wanted to kill Tian Huan.

    Ming Ye released an arcane light, hitting her shoulder. She grunted and flew back.

    Ming Ye picked Tian Huan up from the water of Jasper Lake, but realised that the person in his arms was no longer breathing. He coldly looked at Su Su, “Lock her up and wait for me to interrogate her personally!” 

    Immortal soldiers rushed over and captured Su Su. She got up from the waves and saw him anxiously carrying Tian Huan away, disappearing from Jasper Lake.


    He arrived very fast, she thought to herself. Unfortunately, Tian Huan was already dead. No matter how heartbroken he was, it was useless.

    Her gaze fell on Jasper Lake. The Water Immobilising Seal was forcibly activated and became powerless after one use, but it had been incredibly worth it as she had killed Tian Huan. Before Tian Huan died, she had looked at Su Su with wide grievance-filled eyes.

    So even the Saint was afraid of death, no different from them, the mortal world’s little sprite monsters, so who is more noble than whom? Su Su thought. 

    Su Su allowed herself to sink into the Jasper Lake. Luckily, she wasn’t afraid now.

    She was cuffed and imprisoned in Shangqing’s prison.

    Su Su never thought that there would be such a place in Shangqing. Among the continuous sound of dripping water, the surroundings were dark and quiet. Day and night were indistinguishable, and Su Su didn’t know how long she’d been locked up for.

    Someone walked into the prison.

    She hugged her knees and quietly looked at him. The person said, “Tian Huan is awake, but she has lost her spiritual marrow.”

    At first Su Su wasn’t too happy, but after hearing till the end, she grinned.

    Ming Ye walked two steps forward and Su Su hoarsely said, “Don’t come any closer!”

    He paused his steps, but his voice, still as cold as December ice and snow, said, “I’ll let you out now and you’ll apologize to Tian Huan. I know that you were invaded by evil Qi after the Great War of Gods and Devils, you didn’t mean to kill her.”

    Su Su laughed.


    He silently came over, wanting to carry her up.

    However, before he could touch her, the little clam sprite slapped his face, “Ming Ye, are you awake now? I deliberately wanted to kill her. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough ability and time to destroy her soul.”

    He squeezed her wrist while he stubbornly and coldly said, word by word, “No, an evil spirit invaded your body, you were being controlled.”

    She fell into his arms, and only then he realised how light she was. The soft body from the past was now so thin that it seemed like only bones were left. It was as if she’d melt away in the sun.

    Ming Ye couldn’t help but hug her tighter.

    He whispered in her ear again, “Remember, you didn’t mean to kill Tian Huan. Apologise, and you’ll be fine.”

    She laughed, and her laughter grew louder and louder, but his face gradually turned pale.


    The author has something to say:
    I would like to emphasize once again: Su Su, Tantai Jin, Sang Jiu, and Ming Ye are not related. Su Su’s experience is equivalent to watching a real movie and experiencing Sang Jiu’s feelings. There is no mistaken identity stunt. Except for Xiao Lin, there’s no one in this story who has a past or current life with anyone.

    Edited by: Gaze

    Translator’s Note: Hello dear readers!!! Sorry for the long wait! >﹏<

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