Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 17 Shattered

After that day, Lan An never came back.

Su Su was placed in the side palace hall of the Zhou Kingdom, and every day at nightfall, Tantai Jin would return to sleep. He slept on the ground, and sometimes, he would be looking at the moonlight through the window. At times, he would be using his pitch-black eyes to look at her without even blinking, but he never touched her again, instead, he had placed her far away.

If he hadn’t said she was pretty that day, Su Su would even think that he exceptionally hated her.

What Su Su found most difficult to bear was that the little brat had allowed her body to be stained with his blood but had absolutely no intention to wipe it off. She didn’t know whether it was on purpose or if he had forgotten about it.

It was a good thing that Su Su had lost control over her senses now. She only hoped that she would quickly regain her human body and kick Tantai Jin out of the dreamland.


Even though staying in the dreamland could help her gain more information regarding the evil bone.

But in reality, if it was already dawn and Su Su still couldn’t awaken Tantai Jin and Ye Bing Shang, all of them would die in the dreamland. Trapped in the coloured glaze, Su Su was very anxious.

However, she wasn’t the owner of the dreamland, and Tantai Jin’s soul was not under her control, so she could only be like a floating leaf on water, moving along with the dreamland’s development.

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Only then did Tantai Minglang remember his purpose, and his expression turned vicious.


“Hmph, throw the stuff in. Let’s go. This Highness is going to bring this thing away. It must have been stolen by that vile spawn from somewhere else.” 

“Yes.” The eunuch hurriedly tossed the bamboo basket into the dilapidated palace.

Su Su saw numerous poisonous snakes and scorpions crawling out from the bamboo basket.

And Tantai Jin was indeed going to be back soon. 

Su Su was a little anxious. Tantai Jin must not die in the dreamland. She intended to escape her current situation, but Tantai Minglang had already taken her far away.

Su Su was feeling anxious and fearful. The little devil wasn’t really killed, was he?

The nightmare creates an illusion based on fear and obsession. Su Su feared the fall of her immortal sect and fellow sectmates. What does Tantai Jin…… fear and obsess about?

She was taken away by Tantai Minglang to a beautiful and imposing palace.

Su Su knew at a glance that this prince was extremely favoured. The place that he lived in and the clothes he was wearing were way better than Tantai Jin. Among the princes, Tantai Jin was more like a little beggar1叫花子 (jiàohuāzi) – beggar

As the moon rose, there was a loud noise coming from outside.

The door to the palace was pushed open. Under the nightfall, a small and weak silhouette appeared at the door. “Tantai Minglang, return my stuff back to me.”

Tantai Minglang angrily said, “Who let this little b*stard in!”


Tantai Jin remained silent. He was holding a viper in his hand, walking towards Tantai Minglang.

Tantai Minglang was still a child after all. He fearfully took a step back while berating the people around him, “Dog servants! Are you all dead? Stop him quickly!”

The eunuchs caught Tantai Jin, and the viper was also snatched and thrown away.

Su Su saw the child was pinned to the ground. Tantai Minglang walked over and pressed his leg on Tantai Jin’s face angrily, “You are nothing but a b*stard, and a b*stard can’t have anything! You want this?”

Tantai Minglang held up the coloured glaze.

Tantai Jin’s black orbs calmly and quietly fell upon the coloured glaze in his brother’s hand. He was as focused as an innocent child whose attention was easily drawn.

“Alright, I’ll give it back to you.” Tantai Minglang suddenly loosened his grip.

The last image Su Su saw was a child tightly held down by the eunuchs, the rims of his eyes were red and he was coldly staring at the coloured glaze statue.

The coloured glaze shattered in front of Tantai Jin’s eyes.

That moment seemed to become endless. Su Su even saw Tantai Jin’s pupils contract and the atmosphere seemed to grow silent.

The Goddess statue that Su Su was in had shattered and her soul was finally able to come out. Before she could rejoice, in the next moment, the space started to warp and she lost consciousness.

Tantai Jin blinked his eyes and blinked them once again. His expression was calm, without the slightest hint of anger.


Amidst the mockery of the eunuchs and Tantai Minglang, Tantai Jin suddenly reached out his hands. He picked up the broken coloured glaze shards in front of him and swallowed them down with an expressionless face. The sharp shards cut his throat, but he was still on his knees and softly laughed with a hoarse voice.

Outside the dreamland, the black fog fled in horror.

But not a single wisp of it was able to escape, all of it was sucked into the body of the boy with black hair and red lips. Tantai Jin’s body twitched for some time and his eyes turned pitch-black. The people in the illusion were shrieking miserably and they were torn to shreds by an invisible force.

Tantai Jin stood up, and the dreamland behind him shattered inch by inch.



Su Su found herself lying on the bed, her back bare.  

Her back was in scorching pain. She moved her fingers and realised that she could control her body now. Previously, when she was in the bodies of a female physician, a palace maid, a kitten, and a body of coloured glaze, it was as if her hands and legs were tied up, and she could only watch things unfold. Rather than saying she had entered Tantai Jin’s dreamland, she had been a spectator.

At this moment, however, she felt like she had come back to life.

A grumbling female voice said, “Hong Dou, I told you not to appear in front of the Emperor, and now, you have been punished by the Empress. These ten whips might leave scars on your back. How will you marry someone in the future?”

Su Su: What is this place again? Where is Tantai Jin?

However, the woman had no intention of letting her2Hong Dou explain, “I still have to report to Chengkun Palace for duty. Zi Ying will come and apply the medicine for you in a moment. Take care of yourself and don’t think too much.”


Su Su nodded.

After the woman that looked like a palace maid left, Su Su hurriedly got up from the bed and went to look in the mirror.

The dreamland was weird and unpredictable. Where was she now?

The mirror reflected the current body that Su Su was in. It was a sixteen or seventeen-year-old young lady who was in the prime of youth, and her name was apparently Hong Dou. 

But the scars on her back were really scary to look at.

The door was pushed open before Su Su could get dressed. Her bare back was exposed to the person who came in from the outside.

It was a girl in violet, and she was caught off guard by the sight of her bare back. She froze for a moment and then blushed. She lowered her eyes and averted her gaze, cupping her fist she spoke with a soft voice, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

“Zi Ying?” Su Su called out with uncertainty. 

The girl nodded, still not raising her head. She was prepared to politely close the door.

Su Su said, “Wait! Please help me apply medicine. I can’t reach it.”

The girl remained silent for a moment and shook her head. “If so, I’ll help Mi…… Hong Dou to ask someone to apply the medicine for you.”

Su Su vaguely sensed that the person in front of her was different from the others.

The girl in front of her seemed to be uncomfortable, no matter how she looked at her it seemed as if she was a modest gentleman. A sense of familiarity hit her. Such obvious personal characteristics, even if she was playing a role, something didn’t seem right.

Su Su had a bold guess——

Su Su tried calling out, “Your Highness King Xuan?”

Xiao Lin looked up at her and was met with the sight of her back, he politely averted his gaze, “I’m sorry, you are?”

Su Su hurriedly pulled her clothes on properly while enduring the pain, and ran over happily, “I’m Ye Xi Wu!”

Finally, she saw a normal person that could bring her a sense of security! Su Su was really touched. She felt like she was almost toyed to death in the previous dreamland. She was restless and frightened. 

Xiao Lin asked, “Why are you here?”

“It’s a long story. In short, I didn’t enter voluntarily. Wangye, do you know where this is?”

“This is Bing Shang’s dreamland, the Great Xia Empire six years later.” Xiao Lin started to frown and massaged the centre of his eyebrows in distress.

Su Su was very surprised. This proves that Tantai Jin had also come out from his dreamland, so she was able to arrive at the next dreamland.

She didn’t expect it would be Ye Bing Shang’s dreamland. If she’s here, then where is Tantai Jin?

Wangye, did you manage to wake her up?”

Xiao Lin shook his head and bitterly said, “Bing Shang wasn’t willing to wake up.”

What? Xiao Lin was unable to wake up Ye Bing Shang?



This must be the most awkward dream that Su Su had ever experienced.

She looked at the enchanting and tenderly smiling woman in the pavilion by the lotus pond and wanted to facepalm.

The Xiao Lin beside her was exceptionally calm.

“It is exactly as you see.” Xiao Lin had already been in the dreamland for some time. He was surprised and embarrassed at first, but calm and indifferent now.

The timeline of Ye Bing Shang’s dreamland was five years later in the Great Xia Empire.

Su Su and Tantai Jin’s dreams were all nightmares. However, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Ye Bing Shang’s dream was a good dream. 

In here, Xiao Lin had already ascended the throne as Emperor and he had conferred to Ye Bing Shang the position of Empress. Both of them were in perfect harmony3琴瑟和鸣 (qínsèhémíng) – in perfect harmony/in sync and people were extremely supportive towards such a kind and gentle Empress.

Until some time ago, the beautiful dream took a turn for the worse——

The Xiao Lin in the dreamland had taken Ye Xi Wu into his harem.

Su Su: …… 

What kind of weird dreamland is this? Ye Bing Shang’s fear turned out to be this? She was afraid of her, or in other words, the original owner, Ye Xi Wu, snatching her husband away?

Currently, “Ye Xi Wu” was sitting on “Xiao Lin’s” lap, smiling coquettishly while feeding him grapes.

Su Su coughed, and keeping a serious expression she said to Xiao Lin beside her, “Your Highness King Xuan, that’s not me. You understand that, right?”

Xiao Lin lowered his eyes. “Yeah, I know. The scenes in the dream are all illusory.”

Both of them had reached a mutual understanding, so for the time being, it wasn’t that awkward anymore. At least they were on the same boat now. If they still couldn’t figure out a way to get out of this dreamland, once the day broke in reality, everyone would be done for.

“Your Highness, have you tried waking her up?”

“When I had just arrived, I told her that this was a dreamland, but Bing Shang thought that I was talking nonsense.”

To Su Su and the rest, they had just stepped in so they knew this dreamland was fake. But to Ye Bing Shang, she had realistically lived here for five years, and also had a little prince with “Xiao Lin.” Her reluctance to leave was understandable.

Looking at Xiao Lin, who appeared to have a headache, Su Su pondered for some time, “Your Highness, I have an idea, but I don’t know if it will work?”

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