Baby’s Breath

Chapter 4.1: What are you thinking about! (1)

Title: Baby’s Breath

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 4 What are you thinking about!

“Where do you live, ask your family to come pick you up.” Even if the girl stood up, she was much shorter than Cheng Yu, and he could see the soft top of her hair as soon as she lowered her head.


“I can walk back, it won’t take long.” Xue Youka underestimated the various complications that came after the operation. It took forty minutes to walk from home to Cheng Yu’s place, however Xue Youka’s doctor had ordered that he should try not to walk before the stitches were removed.

If only I had known earlier that it will hurt so much, I would not have borrowed this money!

Cheng Yu saw the girl limping and walking slowly, like a tortoise crawling, and looked very pitiful. He frowned and closed the door directly.  

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“Kid, why are you here?” Wei Bo then slid down the automatic window, “Why are you walking outside alone this late.”  


Xue Youka’s vision suddenly became a bit blurred after getting his eyes flashed by the strong light, and had to blink his eyes a few times before recognizing the man. “Hey! Uncle!”

“Hahaha, it’s me, why are you here alone? Do you live near somewhere?”  

“No.” He shook his head, “I don’t live here, my house is on the other side of the river, I’m here to pay back the money. .”

“Repay the money?”

There were two people in the car, however they didn’t interrupt Wei Bo talking to the kid on the side of the road. Cheng Ziwei in the back seat looked more curiously.

Xue Youka said that he ran into that elder brother yesterday afternoon, and the elder brother told him to pay him back. He didn’t have time yesterday, and could only find some to come today. After arriving, he found no one at home and waited for a while.  

Wei Bo opened his mouth when he heard the words, using his brain to figure out what happened. They left after lunch. They didn’t know how long the kid had waited at their door. It must be Cheng Yu who went back. After the money was returned, Cheng Yu let him go. 

“You made a trip like this just to pay back a dollar?” Wei Bo had to re-examine the girl who looked a little younger than Cheng Yu.  

“Of course, one cannot go back on their words.”  

“Then you get in the car and wait for your uncle to take you home.”

“No need, uncle, I…”

“Come in soon.” Uncle Wei just finished speaking, when he heard a voice coming from the back seat. The car’s back door opened.  


Xue Youka looked inside, and saw there was a teenager sitting in it. The other party smiled at him friendly, letting out a: “Come on.”

In the car, Wei Bo roughly explained what happened that day: “This little girl was injured that day and was on the bridge. She was crying when we ran into her, I asked if she was going home and offered her a ride. She refused, so I lent her a dollar to take the bus.”  

The grandfather sitting in the passenger seat now understood the ins and outs of the whole thing, he said, It’s no wonder how the grandson who came back to Shanling County for the first time knew the local children here. However, a child who talks about credit is too precious. The grandpa praised him with a few words in the car, saying that he will grow up to become a great talent.

Xue Youka felt embarrassed to cause inconvenience once again.  

“Then how long have you been waiting outside?”

“It wasn’t long…just for a while, I was just about to go, and then I heard someone talking inside, so I didn’t leave.”  

“Someone talking?”  

“Just someone sneezing.”  

Hearing this, Wei Bo and Grandpa laughed and explained that it was their parrot in the family.  

Xue Youka opened his eyes slightly and touched his nose a little depressed.

As a result, Cheng Ziwei suddenly said: “Cheng Yu is really good, you don’t have to care about a dollar like this with my little brother.”  

Grandpa Cheng glanced at him and said: “It’s because she is too cute and was teased by him.” Grandpa Cheng could only think of this probable reason.


Cheng Yu had a perverse temperament. He teased the child yesterday. Who knew the child would come to pay back the money today. Moreover, when Cheng Ziwei came today, there was no early notice at all. They went to the downtown area of ​​Qingzhou to play, and only received a call halfway through, saying that Cheng Yu’s cousin, Ziwei, had come to the countryside of Qingzhou to accompany him to recuperate.

So, Cheng Yu could only temporarily drive to Beihai and pick him up at the airport.  

Unexpectedly, the flight was delayed and Cheng Yu was forced to wait at the airport. He was not patient, nor did he show any interest in the drama of his brothers, friends and brothers. After a while, he couldn’t stand it anymore, thus he took a taxi and left.

So when Cheng Yu came back, he might have been full of anger, and didn’t give the girl a good face.

The car arrived outside Grandpa’s courtyard and stopped. Wei Bo got out of the car and opened the car door for the back seat. Then, he helped Cheng Ziwei take the suitcase: “Master Ziwei, the room has not been cleaned up for you. I will send that kid back to you later. Then you can unpack later.”  

“It’s okay. Wei Bo.” Cheng Ziwei smiled politely. “I can also clean up the room by myself. I won’t bother you.”  

Wei Bo replied, “I will help you carry your luggage first. “He pointed at Xue Youka, “Child, wait for uncle for a while, you should come in, sit down and eat some biscuits.”  

“No need for that uncle, I can sit in the car and wait.”  

Cheng Ziwei bent over to look at him, and said, “Your welcome, come in for a while, I brought some delicious food. Are you a local? What’s so fun about you staying here?”  

This brother is better than the one just now.  

Xue Youka thought to himself.

“We… there is nothing fun here.” He thought for a while and said, “I have a tea field at home, where I can play hide and seek.”


Cheng Ziwei nodded and said they could play together another day.  

Soon, Wei Bo put all the luggage out and took a few packets of biscuits and snacks to Xue Youka.

He then drove Xue Youka to his house.  

Cheng Ziwei entered the door and changed his shoes before asking, “Grandpa, which room do I live in?”  

Grandpa Cheng had to take him to the vacant room on the second floor. He knew that his grandson and Cheng Ziwei did not get well along with each other. Although they were brothers, Cheng Ziwei was only two months older than Cheng Yu, and their relationship was no better than ordinary brothers. For a wealthy family like the Cheng family, there must be a fight between the brothers. Cheng Yu didn’t like him nor did the other like him back, thus Cheng Yu didn’t bother to pretend. However, Cheng Ziwei always loved to play the role of a good brother, especially in front of the elders, it seemed like a performance.  

Cheng Ziwei knocked on the door next door.  

“Want something?” The door opened a bit.  

He grinned: “Cheng Yu, I just arrived and moved to the room next to you, so I just came to see you.”  

“Yeah.” He said hello.  

Cheng Yu was about to close the door, but Cheng Ziwei said again: “By the way, when I just came back, I ran into a little girl who was injured. She said she was here to pay you back.”  

Cheng Ziwei sighed, “She is so pitiful. And was crying in fright.”  

Cheng Yu then completely closed the door.

Blocked at the door, Cheng Ziwei touched his nose: “Oh, you do not even have a little bit of empathy” 


When Xue Youka got home, his grandparents were asleep, he quietly sneaked back in his room.

Early in the morning, after getting up for breakfast, he went to the orchard with his grandfather to play.

However, playing was said only in name, it was actually him helping his grandpa to cut lychees and peaches.

Shanling County was rich in growing lychees, and the Xue family also planted some. In addition to lychees, the orchard also had a few planted peach trees. There was also a huge fig tree in the yard. Xue Youka’s small base has his tree house and Swings, and seesaws made for him by his grandfather.  

Before moving from here, Xue Youka spent his childhood in this place.

“Mimi, Pihu came over to play with you!”  

Xue Youka immediately jumped up from the swing, and began to shout from a long distance away: “Hey! Hey! Hu Pi!”

Hu Pi, popularly known as Pihu, lived in the yard next door, Xue Youka’s childhood friend, who was also the same age as him.  

The moment Hu Pi saw him, he was stunned. Those eyes that were getting smaller and smaller by the swelling face stopped on him for several seconds, as if what he saw was extremely incredible. After that, he laughed: “Xue Youka , You really are wearing a dress! I heard my mother say, but I still didn’t believe it!”  


Xue Youka wore a black dress with an umbrella skirt today, with two bow knots tied around his shoulders. The skirt was already covered in yarn. The hook was broken – it was a dress that his cousin Fang Liqing didn’t want. It was a little small on him. Xue Youka looked in the mirror in the morning and felt that he was not as damned as he had imagined. In addition, the skirt was more comfortable than the pants, and it was in his own home. There were no outsiders at all, so he had no scruples.  

Who knew that Hu PI was coming.

I might as well laugh at myself.  

“What are you laughing at? Stop laughing!”

Hu Pi smiled, and straightened up for a while, coughing and glanced at him embarrassedly and said: “It looks… pretty… if you have long hair, I don’t dare to look at you.”  

This was the truth.

The little boy of this age did not have a change in his voice and turned into a deeper tone and his Adam’s apple was not obvious. With Xue Youka’s red lips and white teeth, his eyes looked smart, he especially appeared like a pretty girl.  

Xue Youka was a little unhappy: “You will have to cut it sooner or later, and you have to wear a dress too! You just wait!”  

“What did you cut?” Hu Pi walked over to him, “What’s the use?”  

“It can turn bigger…”

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