Baby’s Breath

Chapter 3: “I can’t get up, it hurts a bit.”

Title: Baby’s Breath

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 3 “I can’t get up, it hurts a bit.”  

Xue Tianliang arrived only in the afternoon, and the house seemed to be full of people. The old house had been renovated in the last two years, the old wooden table was paired with European-style sofa set, on one of the snow-white wall hung a Kong Ming fan1, the air conditioner and old rotating electric fan were fixed next to each other, the style of the house was not unusual.


Xue Youka was forced to read books helplessly in the small living room.

They were the junior high school textbooks and workbooks borrowed by He Xiaoyou from his cousin Fang Liqing.

He Xiaoyou also assigned him homework and asked Xue Youka to preview the first unit of Chinese and Mathematics in the afternoon, so that he couldn’t find any time if he wanted to go out.

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Another relative didn’t care, and rushed forward to the crowd: “The lottery is addictive, don’t you agree?” I also love to buy them these years. In the end, I won nothing, only with Hai Ming’s luck, I only won a thousand dollars at most! ”


“Hai Ming, you tell everyone about your experience, how were you able to win 700,000 yuan?”

Through the blue window, Xue Youka saw his uncle Fang Haiming fighting the landlord, holding a poker card in his hand, and the table was full of big and small money.

He remembered that his uncle won the lottery when he was very young. Later, the adults always mentioned it, and my uncle used to just smile and say, “That is to say, I was very lucky at that time.”  

“You’re not only lucky!” A few people can be like you, not only did you not spend a penny, but relied on the seven million as a turn over, and opened a leather factory! How much do you have now? I heard you are going to send Qingqing to Beijing for further studies, am I right? I also heard the house has already been bought…”

“Handsome little guy, are you studying?” Xue Tianliang stood under the light at the door, his clothes a bit dusty with a plastered grin on his face, which gave his father’s eyebrows a deep look and made him appear more handsome.

He was a tour guide, working most of the day in Beihai, and could only come home once or twice a month, not long after he had to leave.

“Dad…” Xue Youka wanted to ask him why he bought lottery tickets again, not that he would stop buying even if he was against it, however he could not bring himself to question.

Xue Tianliang was obsessed with lottery tickets, and did not just casually buy them as he had claimed outside, no one could stop him to buy the tickets daily, even thunder, ten to twenty yuan notes were used to buy them, and if he lost the lottery, he threw them into a black pocket, in less than a month they could accumulate a full bag filled with them.  

For this reason, Xue Youka did not know how many fights he got into with He Xiaoyou because of this.  

Xue Tianliang sat next to him and flipped through the textbook: “Is this Qingqing’s textbook?” ”  



“Did your mother borrow it for you?”  

“Yes…” He felt incompetent.  

Xue Tianliang looked at the notes written on it, and then saw his son’s listless appearance, and his heart twitched: “A few days ago you had a surgery, is it still painful now?”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

His well-behaved and cute look made Xue Tianliang feel very distressed, and said softly: “I am sorry Mimi, it is dad’s fault that dad couldn’t make it back home on your birthday.”

Xue Youka’s 11th birthday was last week, when Xue Tianliang had to take tourists to Beihai and be with them.

“It doesn’t matter.” Xue Youka looked up and said, “I know, you are busy at work, my uncle bought me a cake and also took me to the playground to have fun.”

Xue Tianliang felt bitter in his heart, and softly called his son: “Mimi.”


“In two days daddy will go to Weizhou Island. Will you go with me?” I will take you to the seaside by boat. ” 

“I’m… No, thank you Dad, but I’m going to the hospital in a few days to unwrap the bandages. We’ll go to the beach together when Mom’s on vacation, shall we? ”  

“Okay, Dad promises you.” Xue Tianliang touched his hair: “Your hair is a little long, do you want to cut it?”  


Xue Youka shook his head and hesitated for a while.

He stopped and opened his mouth: “Dad, can you give me a dollar.”  

Xue Tianliang paused, and then looked around and fished out a few changes: “I am giving you a hundred, spend them slowly.”  

“I don’t want that much, you keep it… Just give me one, uh, one and a change of five yuan.” He also wanted to go to the snack store to buy a bag of sweet and sour candies.  

Looking down into his son’s clear eyes, Xue Tianliang’s heart seemed to be dripping with blood and ached.  

Mimi is too sensible.

Xue Youka found a chance to go out after having dinner with everyone. As a result, he wore pants and could not even stand to go a bit far. He was also caught by his grandpa who was going to the field to pick tomatoes: “Little boy!” You’re still hurt, what are you doing outside, where do you want to go?”

“I’m… I’m going to go and play with Hu Pi.”

Hu Pi was the kid from the neighbouring family.

Hu Pi was not at home, he had to come back, and had to remove his pants – his wound hurt really bad. His grandpa took him back home, thus Xue Youka never found a suitable opportunity to go out and pay back the money.

In the evening, the adults continued to play cards. After the break, the already asleep on the sofa Xue Youka entered his dreamland.


The next morning, Xue Youka swallowed the scrambled eggs, ready to go out to pay back the money, the result, Xue Tianliang drove over and brought some school supplies for his son, and loaded them into two school bags: “Your mother wanted you to clean up, here is your toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, and clothes…” Xue Tianliang took out some clothes, and then paused for a few seconds.  

Xue Youka, who also saw what his dad was holding, let out a cry: “How could my mother pack me a bunch of dresses!”  

“Well, I’m not sure about that. However these belong to your cousin, the quality is also very good, it has only been a few days since you have done your surgery, wearing pants will not be convenient for you, you will wear them, right? Or Dad will have to run again to go back and get you some other clothes. ”

“No dad, don’t go, anyway… There is no one else here anyway. Xue Youka looked at the pile of dresses with a wry look, and then opened another bulging bag. He thought it would be some snacks, but as soon as he opened it,  what appeared in front of him were the extensive seventh-grade textbooks, even the textbooks about the right thoughts and character were present in there, also a CD-ROM of learning phonetic signs sat at the top.  

“Your mother did not know you wanted to live at your grandma’s house for a few days, so she sent all of these, she said to once in a while to check your homework, you cannot slack off, you know – but, your dad knows how you feel, don’t worry, we can balance the time to learn and play, it can work out together, you can’t always learn, and also can’t always play, do you understand?”

“Hmm!” He nodded heavily, Xue Tianliang asked him if he needed anything else, Xue Youka shook his head, thus Xue Tianliang said: “Dad will be here till the afternoon to play with you, I will have to go again in the evening.” ”

“Are you going to go to Beihai again?”

“I have to leave at six o’clock tomorrow morning.”

When Xue Tianliang left, Xue Youka chased out and hugged him. He almost could not hold back and let out his tears. In fact, he did not like to cry, but since the operation, these two days had become particularly sentimental for him, Xue Youka had been aware of this, not only did he cut that, but also had to wear a dress in front of everyone, he was also laughed at by people who knew his mother, because of this he became more and more shy.

When Xue Tianliang left, it was already seven o’clock in the afternoon. His grandparents, who were already lost in watching TV, did not notice that their grandson had changed his clothes secretly and ran out.

He used to be with the kid next door – Hu Pi, all the time, it was nothing for him to ride a bicycle around, these ten miles and eight townships, Xue Youka recognized every road, not to mention he owed money to the family who lived across the river bank, the house was said to be bought by the rich people who liked to buy land to build things, there were many local rumours, that no one lived there. Xue Youka had played there a few times before.

However, for now, it was not very convenient for him to move, even in a skirt. He slowly walked for forty minutes, from the sunset to when the sky almost turned all dark, then Xue Youka finally found the house.

Standing at the door, he gently knocked and rang the doorbell: “Is anyone at home?” ”

There was no response.

“Is there anyone present?” Xue Youka stood outside and shouted a few times, but still did not hear any response.

Just as he was ready to leave, he suddenly heard a cry inside: ” Sneeze!” ”

Hey? Isn’t that someone?

Why won’t you open the door…

Xue Youka knocked again on the door, and from time to time he heard the sound of sneezing, but no one came to open the door. He sat down on the steps of the house, watching the sun set completely underground, the moon rose, he was once again ready to get up and walk away, when he walked a little distance away, Xue Youka appeared in front of two dazzling light, blinded by it, he raised his arm to block the bright light, the sound of cars running over the cement road was evident.

As the bright light faded, Xue Youka heard a “bang” that was unique to the sound of closing a door, which was loud and sounded like the door was not in a bad condition.

Then came the sound of the car starting and the car drove away once again.

Xue Youka was a little dazed and was ready to stand up, only to find that his legs were a little weak.  

Cheng Yu gave the money to the taxi driver, into the outer courtyard of the old house, as the light of the ground lamp shone, Cheng Yu could see an individual sitting on the door steps.

It was a child.  

A girl.

Cheng Yu walked over.

“Why are you here?” He asked with a tone filled with ego and superiority.  

“I came to pay your money back.” Xue Youka, who was wearing a dress with pockets, took out the coin he had asked his father for yesterday, he looked up and saw the young man’s whole face was covered in shadows, the deep outline which could be vaguely seen was particularly cold, Xue Youka did not even dare to speak too loudly, and timidly said, “You, yesterday afternoon told me to pay back the money. I had said, I will certainly return it back to you, I am a person of credit, thank you for lending me money to ride in the car. ”

Cheng Yu who was in a terrible mood, smelled the coin, holding the key to open the lock on the door, he spoke with a very cold voice: “Your debt is clear, you can go.”


Cheng Yu opened the door and found him still sitting without budging, he looked down at him coldly: “Still not going?”

“I can’t get up, it hurts a little bit. Don’t push me, I know when to go.” Xi Youka hand held the stone lantern in front of the door, slowly getting up, his expression a little aggrieved, “and I did not eat your rice.”

Cheng Yu gently frowned, he recalled the day the first time he saw this little girl, she was crying on the bridge, her expression was as if she wanted to jump into the river, as if she was badly hurt.

“What hurts?”

“Chicken… Legs, my legs hurt. ”

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