Baby’s Breath

Chapter 4.2: What are you thinking about! (2)

Title: Baby’s Breath

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 4 What are you thinking about!

“Can this be true, is it for real?” Hu Pi asked a bunch of details about the operation, approached Xue Youka and came close to him, smelling the faint fragrance of his body, and said with some wonder:”How can your body have such a sweet, milk-like smell? It is like my mother’s.”


“You’re a mother, this is my cousin’s dress!” Xue Youka denied displeasedly, “She likes to spray perfume.”

Fang Liqing liked perfumes very much. When Xue Youka got stuck in her house, he accidentally saw a cabinet full of exquisite perfume bottles. The whole room was very fragrant, and the wardrobe was naturally full of various scents too. It was also present on the dress currently worn by Xue Youka. The smell was his cousin’s favorite, Givenchy baby bear, a warm and soft scent, like that of a baby.

Xue Youka was so flustered that he couldn’t even bear to look up: “I’ll go up and change my clothes.”

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Gqvla prlyjkdt, bl vssj swv y cyt sq IWU vsxyvs pywnl qasx bkp pxyzz rsnjlv.  

“I will divide it in half for you.”  


Hu Pi: “…”  

“Forget it, you can keep it for yourself.” Hu Pi looked at him with sympathy.  

“I bought a pail of ketchup from the family restaurant yesterday. I picked up a pack of ketchup and left after that.” Xue Youka opened the package and sighed, “My mother won’t let me eat snacks, saying that I have tooth decay.”  

Xue Youka loved eating. Then, Hu Pi saw that his mouth was scarlett when he was eating, and he pulled out a bottle of Vitamin C from under the coffee table.  

“This is delicious and sweet.” Hu Pi poured a bit of powder in his palm, “Here, this is more expensive than sugar.”  

Citrus-flavored vitamin C, crumpled with a few clicks, the sweet and sour taste melted in their mouth.

The two of them took one lick after another. Just in a while, they ate half a bottle. Hu Pi shook the bottle and kept the vitamin C bottle back in its place: “We can’t finish it all. If my mother found out about it later… By the way, there are many mulberries grown by my second brother’s family recently, so I will take you over to pick them up.”  

“No, there is a dog in their house.” Xue Youka had a bitter experience of getting bitten by his dog.  

“Let’s go to his home, the dog is going to be on a leash, and my second master’s home lives alone. He went to the litchi base to accompany the tourists, there was no one at all.” Hu Pi said and lowered his voice, “Do you know how much mulberries can sell for? “  

How much?”  

“We sell it for ten yuan a catty in the market…” Hu Pi conspired a few words in his ear, “What do you think? We will divide the profit equally, do you really not want to go?”

Xue Youka immediately started to calculate in his mind: “Go!”


In the countryside, people did not fence their gardens, and they reached the mulberry garden by cutting in between through the bushes.

Hu Pi lifted two baskets and passed one to Xue Youka. The two of them went in and saw a two-meter-high mulberry forest. The lush branches and leaves were filled with clusters of red and black mulberry fruits, densely packed together. Xue Youka picked up a red one and ate it. It was so sour that he lost his teeth and wrinkled his face: “This is not ripe.”  

“You stupid! Eat black, black ones are ripe.”  


The two picked mulberries for a while, and their baskets were half full. Xue Youka asked him: “How much more should we pick? Will your second master find out…”

“He doesn’t find a fart at home! Today we will make some money. Let’s go to the street market after lunch, and if it’s sold out, we will come back tomorrow.” Hu Pi looked at his good brother who wore a dress, “You look so cute, they must be sold out soon.”

One catty sells for ten yuan, four – five catties would bring about forty to fifty, and dividing it into half, each could earn around twenty to thirty yuan.  

In an instant, Xue Youka’s eyes brightened, as if he could see renminbi

1Renminbi is the name of the currency while yuan is the name of the primary unit of renminbi.

falling from the sky. 

Here, lychees were not uncommon, so they could not be sold at a high price. There were fewer mulberries, and thus the price was higher.  

The two of them, like monkeys, stole a few from each tree, Hu Pi sneaked around, and said that his second master would not find this. Just as work was about to end, there were sudden movements in the garden.

“Not good!” Hu Pi’s ears perked up, and his face changed. “My second master is back!”


If you let the adults know that the two children were going to pick the fruits of someone else’s house and sell them by themselves, they will have to be disciplined.

“Xue Youka, flash mob!”  

Hu Pi ran away after speaking, running so fast that the other didn’t know where to go.  

Xue Youka was unfamiliar with his friend’s second master’s garden, turned his head and couldn’t find Hu Pi anywhere, Xue Youka felt lost.

How can this little fat man be so flexible?

“Hu Pi?” he whispered.  

Xue Youka relied on his luck to move in one direction, and soon saw the hedge, and when he was about to go through, suddenly he heard the voice of an adult.

“This is the only mulberry garden. There are not many plants, only this one.”

The voice belonged to Hu Pi’s second master.

Xue Youka was so scared that he immersed himself deeply in the hedge, but was dragged by some force, and couldn’t walk anymore. Looking back, the chain decorations on the dress he wore, were entangled by the branches.  

There was a rustling sound in the garden, it was the friction of the dress fabric rubbing against the branches.

He was even more anxious when he heard someone coming. He pulled the dress’s bottom hard. The basket accidentally fell off from the palm of his hand. The mulberries fell all over the ground. Xue Youka felt his heart ache as he saw this, and hurriedly bent over to pick up the mulberries on the ground while pulling the dress at the same time.



After leaving the lychee yard, Cheng Yu followed his grandfather to the mulberry garden. Grandpa Cheng was talking about tea with the owner of the mulberry yard, saying that the hand-picked tea here was very good, and you couldn’t buy this kind of tea outside.

Cheng Yu didn’t wait for Cheng Ziwei and didn’t bother going with them either. He heard a movement similar to a small animal and thought that there was a squirrel, so he was curious to go around and see it.  

Passing through a row of abundant mulberry trees, on the periphery of the garden, mature black mulberries fell all over the ground, and the fruit basket fell beside her feet. The girl in the black dress looked flushed and embarrassed, her dress was hooked between branches, and her short hair was messy with leaves stuck in them.

This scene couldn’t be more obvious, it was a thief.  

“Stealing things?”

“Our home is the only yard in Shanling that grows mulberries on such a large scale. We never use pesticides…” Hu Pi’s second master’s voice got closer, accompanied by a dog’s bark.

Seeing that the young man was about to speak, Xue Youka became anxious. He tugged his dress with his left hand, and directly raised his right hand to cover Cheng Yu’s mouth: “Shhhh…”

The leaves rustled down and fell on his shoulders. Xue Youka was afraid of death, his palms a bit sweaty. They were all trembling: “Don’t make a sound!”

Cheng Yu became stiff.  

The two of them were very close, her soft palms carrying a sweet scent of mulberry fruit, and a faint smell of harmless milk loomed on her body.

Cheng Yu lowered his eyes, frowned, and his long eyelashes trembled inadvertently.

Xue Youka tilted his head back, crossed his shoulders, and looked nervously at the source of the dog barking.  

“Let’s go.” Xue Youka heard the footsteps of the second master go away, and exhaled in relief. He slowly loosened the force on his sweaty palm. 

Cheng Yu quickly grabbed his wrist and flicked his hand away.  

Cheng Yu lowered his head to look at him, with a smirk at the corner of his mouth: “Were you injured that day because you stole something and were beaten up by someone?”

“…I didn’t steal anything! You fart! This…this is my garden!” He believed talking nonsense would buy him some time. He buried his head and suddenly found the mulberries on the ground that had been trampled on by his shoes.

Xue Youka’s entire face wrinkled aggrievedly, her long eyelashes fluttering, trembling gently, as if about to cry.  

Cheng Yu was a little baffled. How could this be like… he had bullied her.  

“You only stole a few mulberries and got caught. Why are you crying?” A cold face, coupled with an impatient tone, was quite threatening, “Afraid I would call the police?”  

“I didn’t steal them!” Xue Youka glared at him, her eyes moist, not aggressive at all, and she didn’t dare to speak loudly. Instead, she looked like a cat with teeth and claws: “I will pay you some money for ruined mulberries. You are, what are you thinking about! I will pay you with interest!”

Cheng Yu rarely met his peers, let alone girls, and was a little speechless. Seeing her like this, he wanted to comfort the little girl and tell her not to cry, saying that he would pay him for the mulberries.

But before he could speak more, she saw the little girl forcibly tear off the corners of her dress from the branches, and swiftly drilled out of the hedge, and quickly ran away.

After a long while, Cheng Yu came back to his senses.  

Only the smell of rotten leaves and rotten mulberries on the ground being stepped into the mud reminded him that the little thief who stole the fruits had escaped.

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