After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 68

Ji Anning bit her lip, ultimately realizing what was important, and once again refused Wen Yu. The excuse she used was, of course, her grandmother.

In truth, it wasn’t merely an excuse. She couldn’t stay out all night for real.

Although Wen Yu made an attempt, he wasn’t surprised by her rejection. After all, he understood the kind of person Ji Anning was, and he understood her circumstances.

But he didn’t hide his disappointment; these emotions didn’t need to be concealed; they should be communicated.

Sure enough, there was a hint of reluctance in Ji Anning’s eyes. She whispered, “How about finding a place to park, and I… take care of you?”


“Forget it, it’s too late, go back and rest early,” Wen Yu said with a smile as he pinched her cheek.

He displayed his emotions; what he wanted was her attitude. Just like many girls who get angry and ignore their boyfriends after a fight, deep down, they want their boyfriend to come and coax them.

Ji Anning’s attitude still satisfied Wen Yu.

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Although he hadn’t been drinking, he had smoked. His tongue was slightly rough as it skillfully entangled, teased, and stirred the depths of Ji Anning’s soul.


Ji Anning was pressed against the wall, their bodies so close that they seemed to merge together.

After a while, he released her lips and held her, burying his face in her hair.

His physical response was so evident, impossible to ignore. Ji Anning didn’t dare to move, fearing that she might trigger him further and make it uncontrollable.

However, Wen Yu wasn’t impulsive. He held her in the dim light, letting his physical response slowly subside. His intense and passionate desire for her had turned into something gentle and continuous, like a quiet stream.

This broad chest, these dependable shoulders, this embrace that couldn’t be expressed in words, all felt so comfortable.

Feeling Wen Yu’s response gradually calming down, Ji Anning sighed contentedly and wrapped her arms around his strong and powerful waist, not wanting to let go.

The two of them embraced each other in the dim light, while the television screen continued to change colors in the room.

This was the longest and deepest embrace they had shared since they first met.

The tranquility was broken by a cough from Ji Anning’s grandmother in the bedroom.

Wen Yu suddenly remembered why he had come upstairs. He let go of his arms and whispered, “Let me tell you something.”

Ji Anning leaned against his chest, reluctant to move. She made a soft “Hmm” sound and said, “Go ahead.”

Wen Yu gently pushed her shoulder to lift her up and said, “Turn on the lights.”


Ji Anning hesitated for a moment before leaving the warm and comfortable embrace. She went to the doorway, turned on the lights, and then turned off the TV.

Wen Yu avoided the sunken part of the sofa and found a sturdy spot to sit. He took out some documents from the envelope and beckoned to Ji Anning, saying, “Take a look at this.”

Ji Anning was curious, asking, “What is it?” She walked over and took the documents, sitting down beside Wen Yu.

After just a quick glance, her expression changed abruptly, and she raised her eyes, looking at Wen Yu with suspicion. “What do you mean by this?”

“Listen to me,” Wen Yu explained in detail, “The ‘Great Love Nursing Home’ project is run by a company under my family. It’s a high-end elderly care project specializing in comprehensive care for seniors with conditions like dementia, stroke, heart attack, partial paralysis, and other special cases. I can assure you that if your grandmother moves there, her quality of life will see a significant improvement.”

Wen Yu had clearly done his homework and was prepared to convince Ji Anning.

Ji Anning felt bound to her grandmother like a chain, and Wen Yu wanted to be with her. He was taking gradual steps to change Ji Anning’s life, with her grandmother being the final and most crucial step.

In truth, her grandmother’s current quality of life wasn’t great, and the conditions he was offering were far better than what Ji Anning could provide. Wen Yu believed that with Ji Anning’s rationality and composure, she could make the right choice.

Ji Anning understood Wen Yu’s intention now. He wanted her to send her grandmother to a nursing home!

Ji Anning knew about the “Great Love Nursing Home.” In her previous life, after her unfortunate accident, Wen Yu had placed her grandmother in this nursing home. What he said was true; the nursing home did provide excellent care for her grandmother.


“No!” Ji Anning refused firmly and decisively.


Her resolute tone surprised Wen Yu. He had never seen her use such a strong tone before.

“Don’t rush to reject it; first, understand the specific details,” Wen Yu said.

But Ji Anning didn’t want to understand anything. She gave an excuse, saying, “I can’t afford such high-end elderly care.”

Wen Yu squinted his eyes, carefully observing Ji Anning’s expression. Ji Anning avoided making eye contact with him and looked to the side.

“Anning, if you use this as an excuse, you’re not being honest,” Wen Yu said, “You know exactly what bringing this up means.”

“I know,” Ji Anning pressed her forehead with her hand, her arm casting a shadow over her face. “You want to take care of my grandmother for me. That’s not going to happen.”

Wen Yu said, “You always distance yourself from me. Fine, I won’t take care of her for you. Just because you can’t afford it now doesn’t mean you won’t be able to in the future. But before you can afford it, you have me. I won’t take care of your grandmother, but I can provide the financial support. You can slowly repay me later, but first, let’s ensure your grandmother has a good life, okay?”1Wen Yu often makes a lot of sense to me. Maybe because I like generous people. But in this case, Anning should just listen to him because locking up grandma is not conducive to grandma’s well-being.

Ji Anning began nibbling on her fingers. When she felt conflicted and troubled, she unconsciously did this.

Wen Yu gave her some time to think, but Ji Anning quickly stopped and firmly said, “No need, I can take care of her myself.”

Wen Yu furrowed his brows. “How can you take care of her? Just by keeping her locked up in this dark and rundown little house day by day?” he questioned.

Ji Anning’s expression changed. She stood up, hugged her arms, and paced around the room, turning in place.

Suddenly, she stopped and said to Wen Yu, “Don’t worry about it. I have my own plans.”


Wen Yu rolled his eyes, using a sarcastic tone he hadn’t used on Ji Anning in a while, taunting, “Oh, you have plans? Tell me about them.”

Ji Anning said, “I’ve talked to Ma Ge, and he assured me that my income will become stable and gradually increase. When I have more financial flexibility, I’ll hire a caregiver to take care of my grandmother. It will be better than the current situation.”

Wen Yu chuckled and said, “Oh, in this tiny house of yours, are you planning to let the caregiver sleep on the sofa or the floor? If you want to hire a proper caregiver, you should consider getting at least a two-bedroom apartment. The school may provide you with a place to stay, but they’re not obligated to improve your quality of life. Have you budgeted for the caregiver’s salary and the rent?”

Ji Anning started nibbling on her fingers again.

After a while, she looked up and said, “I can’t afford to hire a live-in caregiver.”

Is she… being stubborn?

Wen Yu furrowed his brow. He tilted his head slightly and studied her for a moment.

“Anning,” Wen Yu stood up and said, “Tell me the truth. Don’t always use money as an excuse. What are you really thinking? Why are you so unwilling to send your grandmother to a better place?”

Ji Anning looked at him and said, “Wen Yu, even if I can afford it someday in the future, there will still be a long period in between. You’re in a relationship with me now and willing to spend money on me. But what if we break up? What if we break up before I can afford it? What then? Since we’re already separated, you definitely won’t like me anymore, and naturally, you won’t be willing to spend money on me. So, what about my grandmother? Do we have to kick her out of such a good place?”

She spoke rapidly, and Wen Yu caught the words “break up.”

He chuckled, “What are you saying? Why talk about breaking up? Don’t you know how I feel about you?”

Ji Anning bit her lip and asked, “Wen Yu, how many girlfriends have you had before, and what’s the longest relationship you’ve been in?”

She hit the nail on the head with that question. Wen Yu was momentarily speechless.

Ji Anning had never brought up the “before.” Emotionally, she was a person without a history. She had never inquired about Wen Yu’s past, never felt jealous or envious of his previous relationships, and Wen Yu appreciated that.

She didn’t expect her to bring this up now.

Wen Yu’s gaze wandered, looking elsewhere. “There’s no need to dwell on the past,” he said.

Then, he turned his gaze back to her, expressing his sincerity. “In any case, you’re different.”

Ji Anning stared at him and asked, “How am I different? I’m just like anyone else, just pretty.”

Wen Yu raised an eyebrow.

“You, a wealthy young master, when you see a pretty girl, your first thought isn’t about her as a person, it’s about your physiological reaction, right?” Ji Anning stated as if recounting something unrelated to herself, her tone calm but with a hint of sharpness, like puncturing a layer of paper.

“Then you spend money pursuing her, with the ultimate goal of wanting to sleep with her, right?”

“And after sleeping with her? No long-term commitment. Wen Yu, you don’t even have a long-term girlfriend.”

It was a fact that Wen Yu couldn’t deny; she got nearly everything right.

But how did Ji Anning know all this? She wasn’t the type to gossip or inquire about such things. Someone must have carelessly spilled the beans in front of her.

Wen Yu really wanted to kick that bastard’s ass right now.

However, first, he had to deal with Ji Anning.

He couldn’t have imagined that today’s topic of a nursing home would lead to Ji Anning sharing her inner thoughts. He was equally surprised.

“So Ji Anning,” he pinched her chin, “you’ve been resisting me spending money on you all along, never allowing me to buy you luxury items. Is it because you’ve been preparing for a future breakup?”

A fierce glint appeared in Wen Yu’s eyes.

While it was true that he had only been focused on their present happiness and hadn’t thought too far ahead, it was because they were still young. They hadn’t even finished university yet! It was too early to be thinking about those things.

Just because he hadn’t considered the future yet didn’t mean Ji Anning could contemplate a “possible future breakup” right now!

He bared his heart and soul to her. He had never been this good to anyone in his life.

And what did all this genuine care and affection get him?

It was utterly infuriating! Wen Yu’s patience was wearing thin!

Sansukini: When the relationship just started and your partner is already getting ready for a break-up. I kinda feel sorry for Wen Yu, but I also admire his patience and persistence.

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  1. Annie_Anne

    Poor Wen Yu, but i also can’t blame Anning… Or i’m just insecure because someone like wen yu being in a long tern relationship with you is too good to be true 😅😅😅

    1. sansukini
      sansukini [Translator]

      I mean, I would like a Wen Yu in my life. She can see it herself how he is devoted to her, and how does she reciprocate? I understand how she would think that he never had any long-term relationships before, but in her previous life, he risked a lot for her eventhough they weren’t even in a relationship then. Even at the present, he has been so tolerant and patient. That should be more than enough for her to risk her feelings too.

  2. Melicow

    Gurl ! I can’t agree more to what Anning said. A relationship without a clear goal has no future. Feelings is not enough. Feelings changes and people changes…. how to be sure that tomorrow, your loved one don’t turn his or her back on you?
    Thank you for the update.

    1. sansukini
      sansukini [Translator]

      But that’s just it, some people become a couple with the goal of marriage, but still failed to become harmonious. People will change, but you don’t need to be pessimistic about a relationship because of it. All those negativity and you won’t even allow yourself to be happy and in love.

      1. Melicow

        True ! That is why she is still trying even if she is scare and worried.

    2. mamaBear01

      Wow! Love seeing the discussion on this… curious on what everyone thinks – what do you see as preferable, having a pessimistic attitude towards a relationship or going into every relationship with a “forever” mindset?

      1. sansukini
        sansukini [Translator]

        I think you should just go with the flow with relationships. But also, don’t give your everything with a forever mindset, leave something for yourself, whether the relationship succeeds or not.

  3. Melicow

    Uncertainty is the risk you need to take in a relationship. You can reduce it by working together to make it work. First step share your feelings and listen to your mate feelings. Give them time to adjust. Rome was not built in one day.