After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 67

Perhaps because her self-recommendation for modeling work failed even if Ji Anning’s name was mentioned, Yu Xia never harassed Ji Anning again. Apart from both of them knowing Meng Xinyu, they had little interaction.

Ji Anning told Meng Xinyu about the modeling incident, and Meng Xinyu was a bit puzzled: “How could she do that? I’ll talk to her!”

Ji Anning deliberately told Meng Xinyu about what Yu Xia did. Yu Xia was not a good person, while Meng Xinyu was a very good girl. She hoped that Meng Xinyu could distance herself from Yu Xia in the future.

Christmas was just around the corner.

A group of girls in the class gathered to chat and plan to go shopping to buy clothes. Of course, Meng Xinyu was among them, as she was the class monitor, and her relationship with her classmates was good.


She and Bai Lu called Ji Anning, “Want to come with us?”

Ji Anning’s interpersonal relationships in this life were much better than in her previous life. She originally had some reservations and resistance, but she gradually integrated into the group under the influence of Meng Xinyu and Bai Lu.

The girls found a time when they didn’t have classes and went to the nearest mall to the school. Many people bought things, and even Meng Xinyu bought a new cashmere sweater for her dad and mom, as well as one for herself, all with the money she earned from her part-time job.

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Bai Lu asked, “Why don’t you buy some clothes for yourself? Christmas is coming soon.”


“No,” Ji Anning said, “I’ve spent quite a bit recently.”

Bai Lu asked curiously, “Didn’t you earn a lot?”

Ji Anning said, “My grandmother might need surgery.”

In this life, the doctor still recommended traction for her grandmother. Ji Anning didn’t dare to go against the doctor’s advice, after all, she wasn’t a medical professional. But in her previous life, traction didn’t have much effect on her grandmother, and she eventually had to have surgery.

The surgery would cost twenty thousand yuan. Ji Anning had started saving money a few days ago, and apart from buying some discounted sample clothes because she couldn’t resist going on a date with Wen Yu, she hadn’t had much extra spending.

She was used to making do and being thrifty, and she didn’t have much sense of ceremony about holidays like Christmas. She didn’t feel the need to buy new clothes just for the occasion.

“Oh,” Bai Lu gave Ji Anning advice, saying, “Then let your boyfriend, Wen Yu, buy it for you!”

“You stop that,” Meng Xinyu scolded Bai Lu, “Don’t come up with crazy ideas!”

“What’s wrong with that?” Bai Lu muttered, “Isn’t that what boyfriends are supposed to do?”

After saying that, she happily added, “I’ve already talked to Chen Hao. There must be a gift, a red envelope, and a big meal, no exceptions.”

The topic of discussion was the male lead, Chen Hao, who was feeling financially strained.

As soon as Wen Yu arrived at school in the morning, Chen Hao rushed over and said, “Bro, bro, got any cigarettes?”


Wen Yu felt his pockets and pulled out a pack.

Huada University had a comprehensive smoking ban, and smoking was not allowed on campus. Chen Hao opened the cigarette pack and deeply sniffed it, saying, “Ah, the fragrance.”

He didn’t know if his nose had touched the filter, but it made Wen Yu feel disgusted, “Take it, take it!”

Chen Hao chuckled and put it in his own pocket, gratefully saying, “You saved my life!”

As for what, Wen Yu was speechless and asked, “What’s wrong? Can’t afford cigarettes anymore?”

“I’m broke,” Chen Hao said. He looked ashen from being financially strained. “It’s Christmas, I need gifts, a big meal, and damn it, a 520 red envelope! That’s 520 yuan! How much is my monthly allowance!”

Chen Hao came from an ordinary family, and his parents gave him a monthly allowance of two thousand yuan. In the past, he didn’t have many other hobbies aside from smoking. The club had a big benefactor like Wen Yu, with good benefits and occasional gatherings with feasts, making his life pretty good.

He originally thought having a girlfriend would make it even better.

Little did he know that the financial pressure would suddenly increase.

“I think I’ll have to find a part-time job too,” Chen Hao said. “Don’t worry, even if I need money, I won’t touch the club’s funds. Lao Wu can vouch for me.”

Wen Yu had established the combat sports club and later handed it over to Chen Hao to manage. He also gave him a bank card for club activities, but it didn’t mean he washed his hands of it. Although the club was small, it had sound rules. The card was in Chen Hao’s hands, but the accounts were managed by another male student, reconciled at the end of the month.

Human nature is something better left untested.


“Then break up if it doesn’t work out?” Wen Yu raised an eyebrow.

Because they often ate together, Wen Yu was more familiar with Bai Lu than with Meng Xinyu. He thought Meng Xinyu was an okay girl. And it could be seen that Ji Anning had a better relationship with Meng Xinyu than with Bai Lu. She could be considered her best friend in college.

Bai Lu only got closer to them because she became Chen Hao’s girlfriend.

This girl talked too much, was too gossipy, and you could even see from her eyes that she had some ulterior motives. Wen Yu didn’t feel much of a connection with her.

Chen Hao sighed, “How can we break up? Having a girlfriend is not easy at all.”

In their early twenties, these strong young men were at the peak of their hormones. They thought about their girlfriends so much that they couldn’t sleep at night, and their hand skills improved rapidly.

He envied Wen Yu and said, “If only I had your luck, a girlfriend who is both beautiful and independent.”

Chen Hao was also Wen Yu’s best friend in college and had more contact with Ji Anning. Wen Yu had occasionally complained to him that the pile of cards in his wallet was useless when it came to Ji Anning.

Love was a burden, but it was the direction of the troubles that differed.

Chen Hao said, “I heard from Bai Lu that Anning isn’t even buying new clothes for Christmas.”

That was truly frugal, and Chen Hao openly admired it.

Wen Yu was surprised and said, “Really? She shouldn’t be short of money recently.”


“Didn’t she say her grandmother might need surgery? I heard she’s saving up for it,” Chen Hao said, “I mean, don’t tell me you didn’t know about this?”

Wen Yu paused and said, “She didn’t tell me.” He had only mentioned the traction for now, and if it didn’t work, they might consider surgery in the future.

But Wen Yu didn’t know she was already saving up for the surgery.

Chen Hao understood. It wasn’t that Wen Yu was an inadequate boyfriend; it was that Ji Anning didn’t intend for Wen Yu to shoulder the burden. She intended to carry it herself.

If it were his own girlfriend who had financial difficulties, she probably would have complained a hundred and eighty times by now.


Money matters could stump Chen Hao, but for Wen Yu, it was the simplest thing.

“Wen Yu said to Ji Anning, ‘Li He is hosting a party on Christmas Eve, and you have to come with me.'”

Normally, Ji Anning would decline when they went out on weekends. But attending some formal events together was part of being a boyfriend and girlfriend, and there was no way to avoid it. Ji Anning agreed.

Wen Yu turned and brought out a bunch of paper bags from the trunk.

Ji Anning asked, “Do I need to dress up?”

Wen Yu said, “Unless you want to go against the tide and become the center of attention.”

Of course, Ji Anning didn’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons because of inappropriate attire.

Wen Yu playfully kissed her, finally uttering a line he had been holding back for a long time: “Dressing up a girlfriend beautifully is the responsibility of a boyfriend.”

His eyes revealed a smile, with a glint of charm, and at this moment, he was no different from any other boy in love.

Ji Anning smiled.

When the day arrived, she understood Wen Yu’s arrangements even more. It wasn’t a formal social party; it was just young people gathering to have fun. However, every girl was dressed to impress, trying to outshine each other.

Ji Anning even saw Sun Yaxian.

Sun Yaxian approached her with a beaming smile, greeted her, and started a conversation. With their changed roles, the previous hostility was nowhere to be found, and their attitudes were as friendly as if they were friends.

Sun Yaxian considered herself Qian Haoran’s girlfriend, while Ji Anning was Wen Yu’s girlfriend. There was no longer any competition between them, and they should get along, exchange information, and support each other. After all, both Qian Haoran and Wen Yu were the kind of men who make their girlfriends worry.

But Ji Anning was still as indifferent to Sun Yaxian as ever. Sun Yaxian found her quite boring.

She complained to Qian Haoran, “Ji Anning is really clueless. Look at her, she doesn’t know how to greet anyone in this circle.”

Qian Haoran responded with a couple of nods, smiling in silence.

Wen Yu kept Ji Anning by his side, never leaving her for a moment, taking care of her attentively. He had already greeted everyone, and people in the circle knew that he cherished this girlfriend who rarely came out to socialize. Why did Ji Anning need to initiate anything with others? As soon as she arrived, Li He came over to greet her, even Feng Jinhai approached her with a warm and friendly attitude, clearly acknowledging her presence.

That was enough.

On the contrary, after having a couple of drinks and chatting with others for a while, Wen Yu turned around, and it seemed like Sun Yaxian was greeting people everywhere like a social butterfly.

She seemed to consider herself a part of the circle.

Christmas Eve was indeed a special day, and even Wen Yu, in tune with the occasion, didn’t drive any of his off-road vehicles but instead drove a sports car.

Ji Anning thought it was commendable that he didn’t drink and drive. It was said that he had been strictly disciplined by his father in this regard.

Li He’s group of friends also had a sense of style. While they enjoyed drinking at their own gatherings, they didn’t force the girls to drink, nor did they bring the common drinking culture from society into their gatherings.

Ji Anning was having a great time as well.

But perhaps because the atmosphere at the party was too lively, and everyone was having a wild time, she couldn’t help but notice how bright Wen Yu’s eyes seemed.

Around eleven o’clock, Ji Anning suggested they go back.

“We still have class tomorrow,” she said.

Christmas Eve that year fell on a Tuesday, and the school didn’t give students a day off for such a Western holiday. Classes would proceed as usual, but there was already an expectation that many students would be feeling sluggish.

Wen Yu greeted Li He and left with Ji Anning.

Back in the car, he kissed her. As she responded to his affection, he caressed her cheek and asked, “Can we stay a little longer tonight?”

His strong jawline and pronounced Adam’s apple exuded a kind of irresistible allure for Ji Anning.

His thumb traced her lips, and the question, “Can we stay?” carried a hidden meaning in his hoarse voice that sent shivers down her spine.

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Casting Nets to Catch a Husband

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With her rebirth, there was one urgent matter at hand.
Within a month, she had to find a good husband for herself, escape from the Liu family, and avoid the fate of being sold in her previous life.

She took all the money she could spare, knocked on the door of the matchmaker’s house in Changfeng Town. And as soon as she left the matchmaker’s house, she met a young man. The matchmaker whispered to her, “Lu Chengxiao, the third son of the Lu family, the owner of the Lu Feng Cloth Shop.”

Liu Yu understood; he was her third target.

Recently, Lu Chengxiao had encountered a beautiful woman several times and admired her. He was thinking it was a match destined for marriage.

It wasn’t until one day when they met in the mountains, the beautiful woman twisted her foot and couldn’t move so he carried her all the way.

When he returned to deliver the medicine, he saw the beautiful woman walking lightly, with no sign of a twisted foot. The heat behind his ears receded, and his eyes grew colder. He turned and went back to Changfeng Town.

Several days later, the beautiful woman shyly handed him a purse, thanking him for his help.

Lu Chengxiao sneered, “Thanking me for helping? That day, I turned back and saw the lady walking normally. Why would I need to help?”

“I can’t accept this purse. If we privately exchange gifts, it might be hard to explain later. It’s better for the lady to keep her dignity.”

Alright, this one couldn’t work. Liu Yu took back the purse, curtsied, and walked away…

Lu Chengxiao thought it was a decisive rejection, until several days later, he saw Liu Yu drop an embroidered handkerchief in front of the bookshop where the young man, Chen Sheng, worked. The gentleman picked up the scented handkerchief, and the beautiful woman blushed and thanked him. What a beautiful encounter.

Lu Chengxiao: “…”

A wave of frustration welled up in his chest, and he clenched his teeth as he tossed and turned in his dreams.

Until later, when he saw Liu Yu about to stage a falling-into-the-water scene, Lu Chengxiao panicked. He jumped into the river before Chen Sheng, pulled her ashore, held her slender waist, and couldn’t help but feel both angry and pained. He didn’t even want to ask more questions. He just held her in his arms and almost begged, “Don’t you want a good marriage? I’ll marry you!”

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“Congratulations on your successful lottery! We have matched you with the most genetically compatible parenting partner!”

“Congratulations! Your parenting partner has agreed to artificial insemination!”

“Congratulations! Your parenting partner has agreed to carry the fetus and give birth!”

“Congratulations! Your parenting partner has agreed to give the child to you!”

Jiang Miao: Absolutely perfect!

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