After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 42

It was Friday night, a night when many people gathered with friends to relax and have fun.

Wen Yu brought Sun Yaxian to his friend’s gathering. The party was centered around men, but of course, there were also young and beautiful girls present to add charm.

Sun Yaxian dressed up specially, thinking she looked pretty good, but as soon as she entered the private room, she felt inferior.

How could her few hundred yuan bracelet and sparkling diamonds compare? How could her Korean trendy brand compare with Chanel? The fast-fashion brands on her body were shining conspicuously in this room, as if they were marked with the word “cheap.”

Sun Yaxian lost her confidence as a pretty girl and felt a bit anxious, always worried that she was embarrassing Wen Yu.


After all, she appeared as Wen Yu’s companion.

Fortunately, the men present seemed to pay no attention to her attire. Someone handed her a drink, and she hurriedly thanked and accepted it.

However, as the person’s wrist moved, a shiny wristwatch was revealed, and it was close enough for Sun Yaxian to see clearly.

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Even within the same circle of second-generation elites, there were naturally formed small groups.


The dandies mingled together, indulging in extravagance, while the elites watched out for and helped or competed with each other, preferably achieving a win-win situation.

Wen Yu and his friends naturally belonged to the latter group.

Wen Yu lit a cigarette and sat on the other side of the sofa, squinting his eyes as he watched Sun Yaxian being led in conversation by one of his friends. She had a rich range of expressions, occasionally showing a hint of surprise, happiness, curiosity, shyness, and coyness.

Indeed, she had a natural talent for socializing, but she was still inexperienced. Anyone in this room could see through her at a glance.

A friend came over and jokingly asked, “Is that the extraordinary girl you were talking about?”

Wen Yu chuckled, “Do you think she looks like one?”

Although Sun Yaxian was beautiful, Wen Yu and his friends were never lacking in attractive girls around them.

Although this girl still had a hint of naivety, her gaze lingered on other girls’ handbags, jewelry, and men’s wristwatches. Her heavy materialistic desires weighed her down, preventing her from rising to the level of an extraordinary girl.

The men could tell at a glance.

It turned out she wasn’t the one Wen Yu had mentioned before. The friend took a glance over there while holding his cigarette and chuckled, “Qian Haoran, huh? He’s interested in her?”

Qian Haoran, who was chatting with Sun Yaxian, had already changed seats with someone else and was now sitting next to her, close to her.

It was not uncommon for a beautiful girl to enter this circle and have a few encounters within the circle. However, men had an unwritten rule: if someone deliberately brought her into the circle, that person had sovereignty over her.


“It’s fine,” Wen Yu said, “He asked me earlier, and I told him it’s up to him.”

That meant Wen Yu didn’t care.

The friend glanced at her a few more times, puzzled, and asked, “Is she a virgin?”

Wen Yu glanced and said affirmatively, “Probably.”

They thought she was someone Wen Yu had been with before, but it turned out she was a virgin. The friend was even more puzzled, wondering why he bothered bringing her if he wasn’t interested.

Wen Yu flicked the cigarette ash and looked coldly.

[Even though she’s a needy student, didn’t she already hook up with a rich second-generation? Why is she still applying for scholarships?]

[She works at a bar just to meet wealthy people, right?]

[Don’t be fooled by her shabby appearance. How could she be broke? She’s just pretending to be poor, playing the victim! It’s all an act!]

“I just want her to experience it,” he said indifferently and coldly.

In this extravagant and seductive circle, what would an ordinary girl from an average family become?

A smirk formed at the corner of Wen Yu’s mouth, filled with malice.


The friend brought his thoughts back and asked, “What about that ‘special fairy’ you mentioned?”

Wen Yu hesitated and said, “That one…”

“Huh?” The friend asked in surprise, “You haven’t made a move on her yet?”

Wen Yu felt his face lose its luster, but saying “I’ve already made a move” didn’t seem to quite match reality either. He was a little annoyed and replied, “Mind your own business!”

“Damn!” The friend got angry and swung his hand to slap Wen Yu’s head. “Got too big for your boots? Can’t be controlled anymore? It’s not like the old days when your brother used to take care of you?”

Most of these friends were old acquaintances, many of whom had known each other since childhood and grew up together. When they started teasing each other, there were no restraints.

Wen Yu evaded his friend’s attack and they laughed and joked for a while. Then the friend asked, “Is your high and mighty goddess still being arrogant?”

“Annoying, being both poor and proud,” he exhaled a puff of smoke, flicked the cigarette ash. “I’m telling you, with this kind of girl, you just keep spending money. If she’s not moved, it means you haven’t spent enough, so don’t stop, keep spending. Eventually, she’ll be weak in the knees. Treat her to good food, drinks, fun, and when she gets used to it and you’re tired of playing, that’s when you dump her. It’s the most fun.”

As for how the girl would face the sudden drop from a consumption level she couldn’t afford but had been forcibly elevated to, whether she could maintain her mentality without breaking down, whether she would suffer unbearable pain, whether she would return to a simple life or embark on a path of relying on one wealthy man after another…

…What did they care?


This was a common method in the circle to deal with ordinary girls, but when the friend casually talked about Ji Anning, Wen Yu looked at the mocking smile on his friend’s face and an indescribable feeling of discomfort arose in his heart.


From the beginning, Ji Anning had ordered him not to use money as a tactic on her, not only because she was afraid of gossip, but Wen Yu had vaguely felt that Ji Anning was afraid of this situation happening.

Desire is a natural thing, and no one is a saint.

Clearly, Ji Anning had been desperately restraining her materialistic desires.

Wen Yu just didn’t know that in his previous life, Ji Anning was afraid of being destroyed by materialism, yet he actually used the most common method in the circle—spending money—on her.

Her strong aversion and stubborn resistance towards him were largely because she saw him as the source of temptation.

Deep down, she knew very well that even though this wealthy young master seemed determined to have her, there was a high probability that their relationship wouldn’t last long. She feared that once she tasted the easy life and enjoyed the pleasures of luxury, she would no longer be able to bear the hardships of life on her own.

She was actually well aware that this wealthy young master, although showing strong interest in her, most likely wouldn’t be with her for the long term. She feared that once she experienced the taste of an easy life and enjoyed the pleasures of good things, she would no longer be able to endure the hardships of life on her own.

She feared that one day she would truly become the kind of girl talked about in rumors.

Amidst the smoke-filled room, with its fragrant and lively atmosphere, Wen Yu vaguely grasped Jia Anning’s concerns. He couldn’t help but feel a little heartbroken and sympathetic.

This gathering tonight bored him. Various activities he used to enjoy now seemed uninteresting without Ji Anning’s presence.

He extinguished his cigarette and asked, “Are you close to Yang Bo?”

This friend of his was named Li He, the mutual friend Yang Bo had mentioned as being “quite close.” Tomorrow’s basketball game was organized by him.

“It’s alright,” Li He said, “He was my junior in college. His family has been doing quite well in recent years.”

“He has a good impression of you. When I bumped into him the other day, he kept praising you. So I said we should all play basketball together this weekend.” After saying that, Li He suddenly remembered something and gestured towards Sun Yaxian with his mouth, “What about bringing a girl? Are you bringing her?”

“No, someone else,” Wen Yu denied.

Li He asked casually, “Who?”

Wen Yu just smiled and didn’t answer. Li He suddenly realized, “Oh! The fairy!”

“She’s mine,” Wen Yu stated firmly.

Don’t you fucking touch her!

Li He burst into laughter, “You’re so possessive, like a little chick!”

Laughing, he glanced at Sun Yaxian.

It was clear as day whether someone cared or not. One person brought her along and left her in the crowd, while another, who hadn’t even shown up yet, had already declared his ownership.

Sun Yaxian had been chatting with Qian Haoran the whole time.

Although Qian Haoran was very witty and engaging, she still had Wen Yu on her mind. However, since Wen Yu had been sitting far away, talking to someone else, she didn’t want to be impolite and leave, nor did she want to rashly interrupt him. So she continued to sit there.

Fortunately, Qian Haoran wasn’t boring, and their conversation remained interesting.

When they talked about their school days, Sun Yaxian was somewhat surprised, “Cambridge? You graduated from Cambridge?”

Qian Haoran smiled slightly.

Men are more than just looks, physique, and family background. Educational and professional achievements are also significant factors.

“I went to Cambridge, Li He went to Princeton, Zhang Xuebin went to Boston College…” He listed them one by one and said, “Only Xiao Yu had a rough time studying at a domestic university.”

Sun Yaxian had also heard that wealthy families often send their children abroad for education. Elite children enjoy excellent educational resources from a young age and often go to top-notch schools when they grow up. However, this was her first time being exposed to such a circle.

She couldn’t help but feel excited and nervous at the same time. Curiously, she asked, “Why didn’t Wen Yu go abroad to study?”

“He had it rough,” Qian Haoran sympathized with Wen Yu. “He’s a latecomer. Look, he’s younger than all of us, but his father is much older than our fathers. His dad was anxious and felt that he couldn’t let Wen Yu spend several years studying abroad and not contributing to the family business. So he made him study domestically while managing the business at the same time, hoping he would inherit the family business early. It’s tough!”

In Qian Haoran’s view, the years in college were a period of pure joy when one could break free from parental control. Wen Yu was pressed by his family to study alongside them, which meant he missed out on several years of happy times in life. It was truly unfortunate.

Inheriting a family business and such… It was a distant world for ordinary people. Sun Yaxian felt that Wen Yu had opened a door for her today, allowing her to glimpse a completely different and glamorous world.

She felt a bit dizzy in her head.

“Are you okay?” Qian Haoran asked.

“I’m fine,” Sun Yaxian replied, realizing her reaction. “Just… a little dizzy.”

Qian Haoran laughed and asked, “Are you not used to drinking?”

Sun Yaxian was surprised, “Is this alcohol?”

It was colorful and sweet, and she drank it with a straw. She thought it was some kind of juice.

“It’s alcohol,” Qian Haoran found this girl quite cute in her ignorance.

Superficial and unable to hide her thoughts, thinking she was clever, yet still a naive bird who hadn’t truly entered society.

Although Sun Yaxian had various small thoughts, in reality, it had only been a month since she transitioned from high school to university.

Even in terms of handling others and being wary of them in this kind of lively and bustling place, her vigilance was far less than Ji Anning’s.

Qian Haoran wasn’t to the extent of drugging her drink or anything like that. For people like them, amateur girls like Sun Yaxian, who had obvious vanity, were the easiest targets.

They were even the cheapest and most affordable kind, a small favor or gesture, and they would come running.

He understood that as soon as Wen Yu said “whatever” to him.

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